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Beauty, fashion and lifestyle YouTuber Lizzie Barnett began uploading videos to her self-titled YouTube channel at the end of 2015. With an ever-increasing YouTube following, Lizzie continues uploading her videos on a weekly basis. Recently talking to us, we find out makeup tips, her plans for her channel over Christmas and whose Vlogmas she’s enjoying this year.

How did you first get into YouTube?

I think around 2013-2014 was when I first started really watching YouTube, I would watch more comedy videos to begin with but then I found Zoella’s channel and I was so interested in the idea of creating videos myself! (I even had a Zoella fan account and baked cakes with her once!)

Have you always been interested in fashion and beauty?

I never really was too interested in the fashion side of things until I was around twelve/thirteen, that’s when I started to try (and fail) to expand my outfit choices. As for the beauty side of things, I always loved trying out new hairstyles, and since the age of nine I was trying out makeup! (Nothing too heavy – just a blusher eight shades too dark and a lip gloss haha)

Where do you buy most of your clothes?

I tend to get a lot of my clothes from either New Look or Topshop – sometimes I find a gem or two in Primark also!

Which makeup brand do you wear the most?

It varies a lot – I think the majority of my makeup is from the drugstore, so probably either Maybelline or L’Oréal.


How do you decide what to film?

Usually, I’ll ask my viewers to tweet me some videos that they would like to see, or types of videos that they enjoy most but sometimes ideas just spring to mind at random points.

What’s the best thing you have gained from YouTube so far?

Definitely the friends that I’ve made through it! Some of my best friends now have been made from doing something I love – it’s crazy! Also the amazing viewers, of course, it’s insane to see that people are actually interested in your life and that they come back week after week to watch more!

What has been your favourite video to film?

Some of my favourite videos have been with my YouTube friends. One of which probably being my “Messy Friendship Challenge” with Molly (Beauty Spectrum), we had such a laugh filming it although cleaning up the aftermath wasn’t so enjoyable haha.


Whose Vlogmas are you enjoying this year?

There are so many I’m watching this year, one of which would probably have to be my friend Byron’s (TBHBYRON) – he’s so creative! Another would obviously have to be Zoella’s as they always make me feel SO festive! And of course one of my close friends Molly (Beauty Spectrum).

What have you got planned for your YouTube channel over Christmas?

I’m planning to upload a lot of festive videos such as Christmas makeup looks, pamper routines, maybe even some collabs!


What’s a simple tip for someone starting to experiment with makeup?

I would probably say to not feel like you have to use makeup to cover up or to hide your skin, makeup should be fun and you should enjoy putting on makeup and testing new products. Just have fun with it!

Who would you most like to collab with?

Honestly, just all of my YouTube friends haha! I have so much fun with them and I feel like if I were to collab with someone other than someone I’m friends with, the video wouldn’t be as enjoyable for us to film, or for the viewers to watch.

How was Summer In The City?

It was insane, I still cannot process that people actually came up and wanted a chat or to take pictures! Everyone that I met was so, so lovely and it’s so nice to finally put faces to the numbers behind the screen. It definitely was a very motivating weekend and one that I won’t forget.


Do you enjoy music, and what artists do you listen to?

I LOVE music – I obviously adore Harry Styles (who is incredible live may I add) I also love Sam Smith, Ariana Grande and so many more.

Do you have any events in the new year where people can see you at?

I have no set in stone plans for anything as of right now, but I would love to attend Summer In The City again and it is definitely something that I’m looking into!

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