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With over 70,000 subscribers, Beauty Spectrum’s channel is growing by the day and the person behind the channel, Molly Thompson is no stranger to YouTube fans around the world. Having already been to events such as Summer In The City and collaborating with Mark Ferris, Molly is becoming more and more popular. We spoke to her about YouTube, launching a product range and the Cosmopolitan Awards!

How did you get into vlogging, and what made you decide on beauty and fashion? 

I actually ended up getting into vlogging when one of my friends showed me the channel O2L (which doesn’t actually exist anymore) and she suggested we give it a try! It wasn’t until the summer of 2014 that I branched out into Beauty and Fashion though, this was after watching Tanya Burr quite a lot. Her passion for makeup and clothes really inspired me to start something similar!

Did it take you long to come up with the name Beauty Spectrum? 

Not too long no, I knew I wanted to make a beauty-themed Instagram account, so the word ‘beauty’ kind of came naturally. I’m not too sure where Spectrum really came from, I think it was mainly from a physics lesson I had (where I wasn’t really listening) and I was doodling in my textbook and the word spectrum just really stood out to me. I played around with it in my head for quite a while and thought that it fitted quite well alongside ‘Beauty’ and here we are.

Would you like to launch your own product range? 

DEFINITELY YES. Watch this space 😉.

You enjoy travelling, is there somewhere you would like to visit that you haven’t yet been? 

I loveeee travelling! I’d love to travel more within the UK. I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m to and from London fairly often (I’m actually sat on the train on the way there now) but I’d love to see more of Devon / Cornwall / Bristol and that kind of area as I’ve never been! Further afield I’d love to tour Europe, that’s a definite goal. I’d also love to tour the west coast of America! LA, San Francisco etc!

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How was it filming a video with Mark Ferris for Childline, and do you have any more charity work coming up? 

It was really, really good! Although the day itself was a bit of a fail as it was late November so the weather was REALLY not on my side! By the time I turned up I looked like I’d been dragged through a hedge and Mark was there looking pristine! But he was super funny and it wasn’t awkward at all! I didn’t even know I was filming alongside him until I actually got to YouTube HQ so it was a bit of a shock! I don’t have anything else lined up as it stands at the moment but it is something I’d definitely do again!

Is it strange that you were once a fan of YouTubers and now you are a YouTuber with fans? 

Kind of! I was actually thinking about this last night! I used to be a HUGE fangirl of Eve Bennett! Mainly because I thought it was insane the things that she was achieving and she was the same age as me! Now I’m going on holiday to New York with her in a few months so it’s definitely a weird feeling (secretly still a huge fangirl).

What do your family and friends think when you are out with them and you are stopped for a fan photo? 

They’re kind of used to it now, most of them offer to take the photo! It is a weird feeling when it happens for the first time though. I remember the first ever date I went on with Tom (my boyfriend), I hadn’t fully explained to him what it was I did, I knew he didn’t really watch YouTube and I didn’t want it to scare him off. We got the train into Hull and when we arrived I heard a little voice be like ‘omg Beauty Spectrum’. They were lovely and they asked for a photo but Tom’s reaction was priceless because he had no idea what was going on at all! Sometimes it is a bit of a shock! It still surprises me!

Do you enjoy attending Summer In The City? 

Yesssss!!!! I loved it last year and I’m super excited to attend this year! I love meeting people in real life and putting a face to a number, it makes it seem so much more real!

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What was your experience like at the awards ceremony where you were shortlisted for Best Vlogger for Cosmopolitan? 

It was SO surreal!! I have honestly no idea how or why I ended up on that list but I somehow ended up at a party in Kensington Palace with a room full of people I’d been watching for YEARS and I was on the same list as them?? It was so weird and it didn’t really sink in until a few days later but I honestly loved it! Definitely up there with my favourite events!

Is there any piece of advice that you have been given that has stuck by you? 

Not that I can think of off the top of my head! Other than ‘if you can imagine it, you can make it happen’ which is something I told myself when I first started. This is something I stick by because I genuinely do believe that if you want something badly enough the ball is in your court.

Is there any advice you can give to anyone wanting to start a YouTube channel? 

Just go for it! And stick at it, I did YouTube for two and a half years before I reached 1000 subscribers, and then it was kind of exponential from there! Just keep at it and make content you love! You have to get yourself out there too! Don’t be afraid of a little self promo!

Are there any new YouTube channels you have been watching recently? 

I absolutely love Sophdoesnails and Sophie Foster (have a thing for Sophies clearly)! They’re my go-to makeup girls, I also love their vlogs! My all-time favourites that I watch without fail though are WillNE and Shane Dawson, which are maybe choices you wouldn’t expect but I just LOVE their content!

What’s the most challenging part of being a YouTuber? 

Probably going to school. The people I surround myself with, so my friends, my family, my boyfriend, are all super supportive. People in school that don’t really know me aren’t so much and I’ve had a pretty rough time with it in Year 12. It doesn’t bother me as such, because I love doing it and it’s honestly made THE BEST memories, but in those moments where people are taking the mick, or assuming things about me without getting to know me at all it can be really difficult to see the positives.

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Is there anyone you would like to film with and what video would you film? 

I would absolutely love to film with Sophdoesnails, even though I don’t know her that well I just think she’s my kinda gal, I’d also love to film with VelvetGh0st, she’s been a long-term favourite and I’m so glad I’ve got to know her a little bit over the last year or so, even if it’s not very well.

If you were approached for a book deal, would you accept it and what would your book be about? 

Absolutely YES! I write anyway, mainly just for myself and just for fun, I’ve written stories ever since I could hold a pen, I have so many of them tucked away under my bed or shoved in drawers, I’d definitely want to write something fiction, but something based on truth. That’s the route I usually go down if I’m writing for myself! It’s super fun writing about yourself but slightly different!

Do you have any events this year where people will be able to meet you? 

Only really Summer in the City, which has obviously passed now by the time this has been ‘published’! Other than that not really, although I do always tweet whenever I’m out and about so I’d just tell people to keep an eye on my socials!

Do you feel vlogging could be your full-time job, or once you’ve finished education, is there something else you’d like to do? 

I don’t think so no, I love vlogging and I would carry it on definitely, even if I wasn’t making ‘main’ videos anymore, just because I love being able to watch things back! I’d love to do something similar though. I LOVE doing photography in school and would love to go into some kind of Creative Advertising with photography alongside it, or maybe work in film or television, I’m not too sure yet, but something along those lines.

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