Molly Jackson

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Young actress Molly Jackson has been working in TV & film, most recently being seen in Disney series Andi Mack in the role of Iris. Molly also starred in the 2015 psychological thriller Circle which can currently be watched on Netflix. Talking to us recently about her ever-growing career, we find out about how she started in acting, her love of animals and what it’s like at a red carpet event.

What made you decide to go into acting?

As soon as I watched The Sound of Music I knew acting was what I wanted to do. I started at an acting summer camp when I was five, and never stopped.

Do you have to get into character when doing voiceovers?

It depends on the role. Sometimes it’s my voice and personality, but other times it’s a total character.

What’s it like on set of Andi Mack?

It is a lot of fun. I love being on location and getting to travel for work. The crew is so nice and brings a really upbeat attitude to set.

It’s been announced a character in Andi Mack will come out as gay, how do you feel about being part of a very important topic?

I am honoured.

How long did it take to film Circle and was it fun to do?

It took two weeks. It was a lot of fun getting to work with all adults.

American Vandal is shown on Netflix, what can you tell us about your character, Paige?

She’s your average teenager. She likes to get into the gossip.

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Were you a fan of Austin & Ally before you filmed it?

I had watched it a bit before I was on it. I really enjoyed the singing concept involved. It was a fun set to be a part of.

What would you say has been your most challenging role?

Katie from Circle. It was one of my first dramatic roles, so it was a challenge pulling from that range of emotions, at the time.

What’s it like appearing on the red carpet at events?

I have done about two dozen red carpets by now, and I think I have gotten even more awkward. They are fun after you have finished the carpet, but the carpet itself is a lot of pressure. Hopefully it gets easier, haha.

Have you done any, or would you like to do any, stage shows?

I started on stage for about two years, and did about a dozen shows. It was so much fun, and I would LOVE to do more in the future.

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Have you always loved animals?

Yes I have. I have always had a dog in my life, and at one point I had six. We have had reptiles, spiders, fish, crabs, birds, rabbits, and dogs. I really want a cat.

Do you enjoy music?

I really love music. Up until five months ago I never listened to it or was up to date on it, but then all of a sudden a flip switched. I realised that it really helped with my anxiety, so now if I don’t have it playing I feel weird. I have been playing the ukulele for about a year, and plan on learning the guitar soon.

What TV shows do you enjoy watching?

All sorts, but currently it is The Vampire Diaries. My all time favourite is The Office, US version.

Have you ever visited the UK?

I visited London when I was six. I loved it, and want to go back soon.

Do you have any acting roles coming up which you can tell us about?

I am currently waiting to hear if a pilot I filmed gets picked up, so as soon as I can share anything, I will!

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