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Talented actor Darryl Dale has previously been seen in TV show Clique and a number of theatre roles. He is currently one of Jennifer Niven’s top picks to play lead character Theodore Finch in the movie version of All The Bright Places and has created quite the buzz on social media. Along with starting his career as an actor, Darryl also enjoys music on the side. Darryl recently spoke to us about his acting career, theatre and his love of music.

Have you always wanted to be an actor? 

Before deciding to do acting full time, I actually applied to study architecture at university and was accepted. I had acted a bit when I was younger and it had always been something I had hoped to do but never really knew how to make it happen. I realised shortly after being accepted into University that I had made a mistake, it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life and so I sat my parents down, told them that I couldn’t sit at a desk for the next seven years studying (they were super understanding), later that day I dropped out of my course and started to get in touch with agents. So I guess the answer is yes… I did, it just wasn’t always obvious to me.

Were there any actors who inspired you when you were growing up? 

There are so many actors who have inspired me over the years, there is nothing more exciting than watching someone really immerse themselves into a character, you forget that you are watching an actor playing a character and only see the person they are playing. When I was younger (and still now) I used to love any film with Tom Hanks in it. Cast Away is one of my favourite films, it really made me take notice of acting, the majority of the film focuses primarily on Tom Hanks’ character who is stranded on an island alone, therefore you really focus on him as a character, it takes a talented actor to keep an audience’s attention with just one character in a scene.

Since beginning my career as an actor, I have started to pay attention to acting a lot more, I really fell in love with the theatre last year after watching Denise Gough in People Places and Things. Viola Davis continues to inspire me as an actor, her performance in Fences was like watching a masterclass in acting.

Did you attend acting school? 

I haven’t had any formal acting training, I’m always learning as I go. I was so excited to just get into the world and start acting professionally that I decided to not go down that route.

What do you do when you are not auditioning or acting? 

I love going back home to Scotland when I am not acting or have some space in-between auditions and seeing my family and friends.

When I am in London, I love going to the theatre and try to go to as many gigs as possible.

How did you get into singing? 

I’m not too sure how I got into it really, I have been singing since I was really young, my little brother and I both got guitars for our Christmas one year and we both decided we were going to form a band (I can’t remember the name but I’m pretty sure it would be far too embarrassing to mention now). We used to put on shows for our parents we would both dress up in my Dad’s coolest clothes (probably a leather jacket of some sort) and pretend to be in a rock band.

My parents have always had an amazing taste in music, I grew up listening to Prince, Pink Floyd, Morrissey and Rufus Wainwright etc, I think listening to these artists really made me love music and love singing.

Would you like to release any music? 

I have definitely thought about it, however at the moment I am really focusing all of my time on acting, I would love to release some music when I have lived a little bit more and can make music that I know people might want to listen to.

How did you find filming Clique? 

I had such a great time filming Clique, I learned a great deal from the experience and got to work with some really talented actors.

The first scene we filmed was a massive food fight in superhero costumes, which was amazing to film because we could make as much mess as we wanted with absolutely no consequences, I had to pour an entire carton of milk over myself which was a first, the only downside was we had to film the scene quite a few times and our trailers were miles away so I had to spend the rest of that day walking about smelling like milk in a superhero costume.

How do you feel about being one of Jennifer Niven’s contenders to play Theodore Finch in All The Bright Places? 

Finch is an amazing character and it would be an absolute pleasure to play him, I read the book and I think it’s a fantastic piece of writing, it will lend itself to film beautifully.

Elle Fanning is a fantastic choice to play Violet and no matter who they choose to play Finch, I’m sure the film will be great.

Would you like to do more stage shows? 

I would love to do some more theatre, I started acting in plays when I was young and that’s really how I was introduced to the world of acting. There is no better feeling than standing on a stage and performing to a live audience. One of my acting goals is to perform a play at the National Theatre in London.

Have you seen any TV, films or stage shows that you have enjoyed recently? 

I was lucky enough to see Andrew Garfield and Denise Gough in Angels in America at the National Theatre a couple of months ago and it was a phenomenal production, the acting was some of the best I have seen live and both parts of the show were equally as exciting.

I am also making my way through all of the British Dramas on Netflix that I have missed over the years and I think Happy Valley is up there with some of the best acting I have watched all year. Sarah Lancashire is so captivating to watch and I hope that one day I get the opportunity to work with her.

What are your plans for 2018? 

I don’t have any specific plans for 2018, I would just like to continue to play fun and interesting characters that are challenging. I love my job and how much it can surprise you, I am excited for what 2018 might bring.

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