Sam Lavery


Having toured with The X Factor at the start of the year, Sam Lavery has been busy recording music having already released her debut single, Walk Away in May. She is now preparing for her 2018 headline tour set to take place in January. Sam has taken time to talk to us about what she’s been up to since appearing on The X Factor, filming her music video and her continuing plans for her YouTube channel.

How did you find travelling the country with The X Factor tour?

Travelling all over the country performing in massive arenas has always been a huge dream of mine and the fact I got to do it when I was only seventeen years old was insane. I absolutely loved every single show and it was amazing meeting so many different people who had supported me on the show. The whole experience was unreal.

Were you happy with your song choices on the show?

Some choices on the show suited me more than others but I believe you have to try things out and experiment to find your own sound. It’s not something that just happens it needs to be worked out and I think on the show I got the opportunity to sing songs I maybe never would have challenged my self to.

How was it living with the other contestants?

Living with the other contestants was amazing. We all became very close and just like a big family. Everyone got on really well and if we ever had free time we spent it together helping each other practise, we’d do fitness workouts together, go shopping or just chill and watch a film.  The atmosphere and vibe between everyone was amazing and I think that’s what made the whole experience even more amazing and memorable for us all.

How are you going to prepare for your 2018 tour?

I am SO excited for tour because my own headline shows where I can sing my own songs that I’ve been working on and it’s where I can really show people how I’ve changed, developed and grown since the show and the X Factor tour. For these shows I want the set to be perfect so the crowds can be involved and enjoy every single song. I just want the whole atmosphere to be massive and want the endless amounts of rehearsals to pay off to make an amazing show for everyone.

What can people expect from it?

For each show I really want them to feel personal so that the crowd feel connected and personally involved in each song. I will be singing my first two singles plus a variety of covers all mixed up and changed to my own song and style. It’s going to be like nothing anyone has ever seen from me before and I cant wait to just get on that stage!

What was it like releasing your debut single?

Before I released Walk Away, I was so excited but slightly nervous. This song was the first that anyone would be hearing from me since the show and tour, and because it was so different to the style people were used to from me, it was a risk to see what the reaction would be. However the reaction and feedback was all I ever wanted, people loved the new sound and style. I was so proud with doing the sound and style that I had released for my first single, it was like a first baby!

How long did it take to write?

Because it was my first single and such a different vibe and style that I was going for, I wanted to make sure I was 100% happy and everything was perfect. From beginning to end the song took around four months to be completed.

Do you have any new music being released soon?

My second single will be released in a couple of weeks and I’m so excited because it’s such a fun good vibe, it’s a carnival song!


Was it fun filming the video for Walk Away?

I had such a blast filming the video for Walk Away, the whole team was amazing and it all came together perfectly. In the video you see us laughing and having such a fun time but what makes it so great is that it was all natural. Me and the girls had such a funny day filming the full thing.

You’re involved with Metro Radio’s Dance Stars competition, how did this come about?

Metro Radio have always been amazing support for me throughout my full music career and when I heard about the competition I thought it would be amazing to have the winner come join for one show on tour. Not only would it great such a buzz in the crowd but I think it’d be such a special moment for me too having a talented young dancer/dancers perform beside me for one of my own songs.

You recently ran in the Great North Run, how did you find it?

I ran the Great North Run for the first time this year and I ran for Cash For Kids Charity which is Metro Radio’s charity. I absolutely loved the whole experience. The atmosphere was buzzing throughout the full day and coming across the finish line was quite emotional but such an amazing feeling.

What was the experience like at Blackpool Illuminations?

The whole show and crowd was amazing. From going to watch the show in previous years to then performing on it was amazing and being amongst an incredible line up.

If you hadn’t gone into singing, what do you think you would be doing now?

Music and singing has always been number one from being so young but if I never went into singing at all I’d probably have gone down the Law and Police route. I’ve always been really interested in Law so I probably would have studied more into that.

Did you study music in education?

I didn’t study music at school as I did vocal lessons and local competitions out of school. I always wanted music to be something I did my way, in my style and because I wanted to do it, not because it was a school routine.

Are there any plans to release merchandise?

We have some cool designs we have been working on for tour so I’m so excited to see people wearing the merchandise at the shows.

Do you plan to continue releasing covers on YouTube?

100%. I love changing up a well-known song and making it my own. I enjoy doing the covers and reading people’s feedback, it’s cool and it’s something for people to see of me whilst I’m working on original music in the studio.

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