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After reaching the final of Britain’s Got Talent in 2013 at the age of just fourteen, Gabz has now released her debut EP Up containing original music. Ahead of University, Gabz is continuing to perform at many events along with releasing music. Speaking to us, we find out from Gabz about what’s coming up, her time on Britain’s Got Talent and what it was like appearing on Now 85.

Last year, you released your debut EP Up, how was the experience?

It was so cool! It was self-released so I decided on the songs and artwork and things like that! It was so much fun being part of the whole process and seeing how to do things myself.

What’s the response been like to the release?

It’s been really good and what’s really great is that when I perform I sometimes see people singing along to the songs from the EP and that’s the best feeling ever!

We noticed you’ve been filming a music video, what can you tell us about it and when will it be released?

Yeah! I recorded a music video for my new song Losing No Sleep and I’ve entered it into the Salute songwriting competition. You can actually watch it now and hopefully, if I make it into the Top 100 tracks picked by a panel, you’ll be able to vote for me to get to the top six! The voting stage actually starts later this month but you can watch it here now:

How long did it take to record?

The actual recording process didn’t take that long as I had quite a good idea of what I wanted the track to sound like so I made a demo version on GarageBand so it was easier for my producer to get a clear idea of how to produce it. The video shoot was a one-day shoot which was really quick because Chris Brooker, who filmed and edited, is such a talented guy and I worked with some really lovely people.

Have you enjoyed your recent radio visits?

Yes, it’s always fun to talk about my music and get feedback on my songs, especially when it’s an exclusive and nobody has heard a song that I may have recorded quite a while ago.

How did you feel seeing your song Lighters on the Now 85 album?

It was the coolest thing ever!! I’ve always listened to the Now albums and it was really awesome to be featured alongside some of my favourite artists!

You were a finalist on Series 7 of Britain’s Got Talent in 2013, did you enjoy your time on the show?

Yes, I had a really amazing experience on the show. I never expected it to go as well as it did and I was so happy and surprised to get all the way to the final! The staff, contestants and all the judges were really lovely as well.

If you hadn’t already appeared on the show, do you think you would apply for it now?

Maybe. Without the show I have no idea what I’d be doing right now as it really opened up a lot of doors and gave me a lot of opportunities. I’ve learnt so much from it. I probably would, but I’m sure it would be a really different experience as I’m that bit older.

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What’s your favourite song to perform live?

That’s a good question! It definitely depends on the audience as I love performing slower songs like Counting Scars but also it’s really fun if an audience is up for it and we all start jumping during Best Night! Lighters is also one of my favourites live because a lot of people sing along and get the flashlights on their phones and it looks so pretty from the stage! 😃

How do you come up with your songwriting ideas?

Every time I write it’s a different experience but most times it’ll either be something that’s happened to me that I want to write about or I’ll get the idea from something I’ve heard about or seen on TV.

Do you prefer singing or rapping?

That’s such a hard question as I love both, but if I had to pick I think I’d say singing as I do that more than rapping.

What instruments can you play?

I play the piano, violin and occasionally drums, guitar and ukulele 😃.

Do you have any events coming up?

Yes, all of my upcoming events can be seen on my events page on my website, definitely come along if you’re free 😃 :

Are you going to continue with your YouTube channel?

Yes! I’ve been very busy with my A-Levels but in the last couple of weeks I’ve recorded quite a few videos as I’d love to start posting more frequently, especially more original music, so very soon there’ll be some new videos:

As a fan of Fifth Harmony, how did you feel about Camila leaving the group?

Haha, everyone who knows me knows my obsession with Fifth Harmony and, at first, I was very upset and worried about the future of the band. It’s actually turned out really well though as both Fifth Harmony and Camila are releasing some amazing music so it’s like getting double the amount of bangers!!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love to hang out with my friends, watch a lot of YouTube and, also, recently I’ve been playing pool which I’m starting to get pretty good at!

What are your future plans?

I’m just about to start University next week where I’ll be studying vocals and songwriting so I’ll hopefully get a lot more opportunities to write and perform more and just start to put some more music out there! I’d love to release some more music really soon to show everyone what I’ve been working on!

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