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Today sees the release of Lockyer Boys’ new single DRIVE!, which was co-written with their friend from These Kids Wear Crowns – Alan Poettcker in December 2022. Lockyer Boys is made up of brothers Will and Charlie Lockyer, with their sound being self-described as uplifting pop, and they have previously released their single FEEL earlier this year. Recently, Lockyer Boys have performed live shows on their school tour, and are planning on releasing many more singles next year, and their first EP. Ahead of today’s release, Will and Charlie of Lockyer Boys chatted to us about their new single DRIVE!, co-writing their music with Alan Poettcker and what they’re hoping 2024 brings for the duo.

Can you tell us about your new single DRIVE!, releasing today – November 10th?

The song is all about ignoring your fears and shooting your shot. The fear of being rejected, either in a relationship or career/life in general, is so strong and common among everyone including us, so it was really easy getting it out into song lyrics. We wrote the song with our friend/producer Alan Poettcker back in December 2022 and the song was basically complete in less than a day.

Where did you get the inspiration from for the lyrics and what do you hope listeners take from the single?

DRIVE! was always going to be a single even before we wrote it. The first thing we did when we got to the studio was turn on the metronome and crank it to 185bpm. We didn’t know what we were going to do but we wanted it to be fast and fun. I think we achieved that with DRIVE!. We want to make people happy and inspire people to live a more positive life, so hopefully songs like DRIVE! can do that.

How was it working with Alan Poettcker on the release and what was the song like to write and record?

Alan is one of our favourite people to work with. He’s always open to letting us try things and understands our message of fun and positivity (coming from a pop boyband himself with These Kids Wear Crowns). We had such a great time making this song and think it turned out really well!

📷 : Chad Kirvan

How long was DRIVE! in the making and how was it hearing the completed version for the first time?

The plan was to do two songs in two days with Alan at his studio. We made DRIVE! the first day in the studio, and we were so excited about it that on day two we gave up on writing anything else and just decided to finish DRIVE!. After that, we had some final touches to do with vocal recording (done remotely) and it was ready to go! Once it was finished, we knew we wanted it released as soon as possible.

What was it like releasing FEEL earlier this year?

Releasing FEEL was cool because we tried a couple of different things and learnt a lot from it! Instead of releasing an upbeat song with a fun and exciting message, we took a more serious approach with a more heartfelt music video and theme. We were definitely amazed by the amount of love FEEL received and we love hearing our fans singing along to every word when we play it live. However, in the future, we plan to release more positive music because we feel it suits us much better. We definitely have a lot of serious ballads in our unreleased repertoire that we hope to release someday though.

How would you describe your sound and who do you think will enjoy listening to your music?

Our sound is very uplifting as a whole and, of course, pop! We find our image is very boyband-esque and, with that, our fan base is very similar to the fan base of One Direction. We’re just trying to bring fun and positive vibes to whoever needs them!

You’ve recently performed on a school tour, how did you find the experience?

Performing on a school tour is very unique. The idea happened by accident when we got asked to do a presentation at a school where a family friend of ours taught. We assumed it was going to be very formal and “boring” but as soon as we walked into the gym, the atmosphere was electric. Kids were cheering and singing along to every song including our originals – which had never happened before. That’s when we knew we had to do as many school shows as possible. Now we’re expanding our school tour to more cities including Toronto, Winnipeg and hopefully California in January.

📷 : Chad Kirvan

What can fans expect from your live performances and can you say about some of your other recent shows?

Fans can expect an “experience” at our shows. Playing live is one of our favourite things to do and we try to give our fans the most uplifting and memorable experience. Our live sound is very pop with a mix of rock and electronic, thanks to our DJ, and we’re constantly finding easy and fun ways for the crowd to sing along to our music – even if they’ve never heard of us. We don’t want to play for the crowd, but with the crowd. We have so much fun up on stage every time and we want our fans to have even more fun.

What do you enjoy most about working together as brothers in Lockyer Boys?

We spend almost every waking moment together and that can be hard if you don’t have the right person with you. As brothers, we have a lot of fun travelling and working. The best part is taking some time in a new city to go on a drive (no pun intended) or go eat. That’s when we can be brothers on vacation and not partners on a work trip!

Can you tell us about both band members and how did you each get into music?

We’re brothers (Will and Charlie Lockyer) and we grew up in a musical household. We started playing piano at around three and four and we’ve been immersed into music ever since. We started singing together around 10-12 and we quickly made a name for ourselves locally as ‘the Lockyer Boys’. After some time singing at events and recitals, we realised we needed to write our own material so our parents bought us an iMac with GarageBand and that changed everything.

📷 : Chad Kirvan

What do you feel you’ve learnt from your time in the music industry so far, and have you been given any stand-out advice that has stuck with you?

One thing we’ve learnt over the years is that no one is going to do things for you. If you want something, you have to work for it and that is what we continue to do.

What are some of your favourite music artists to listen to?

We listen to so many different artists, it’s insane! You’d expect both of us to listen to radio pop music but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re often listening to curated playlists from Spotify or Apple Music hunting for new artists and songs for new inspirations. But at the end of the day, Drake, Hozier, Harry Styles and Kamal seem to be names we always fall back to.

How do you both like to spend your free time?

We don’t really have much free time outside of music but we love hanging out with friends and watching sports like hockey or F1. We also like dining at neat or fancy restaurants with our family. We’re all huge foodies.

Do you have any upcoming plans that you can tell us about and what are you hoping the next few months bring for you?

We want 2024 to be the year where we release music. A lot of music. For three years, we’ve been writing and producing but we’ve barely released anything, but that’s not going to be the case anymore! DRIVE! is the first single of many and, hopefully by the end of 2024, we will release our first EP as a cherry on top, so follow us and stay tuned!

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