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Having originally released Cross My Heart I Hope U Die in 2021, reaching 11 million streams, Meg Smith released a special Halloween version last month, when she collaborated with Chandler Leighton, also filming a new music video. Cross My Heart I Hope U Die is the theme song for the LGBTQ+ vampire series EZRA, with Meg flying out to Toronto to film for an episode of the show. Further single releases for Meg this year have included Emotional Punching Bag, Joni and Breakup With a Friend, as well as an EP Rom Com Pop in February. Meg recently performed some shows on The Astronomers’ Looking Forward Tour and previously opened for the band Betcha in New York City. Upcoming for Meg will see a further song release …but i’d miss you too much! on November 9th, and she will be performing a New York City show on December 7th. We caught up with Meg about her new version of Cross My Heart I Hope U Die with Chandler Leighton, having her song on the LGBTQ+ vampire series EZRA and performing live.

On October 6th, you released Cross My Heart I Hope U Die with Chandler Leighton, how did you feel on release day?

It was such a surreal release day! When I wrote the song years ago, I never expected it to get this big. So being able to release a special version for Halloween was really exciting.

What was it like working with Chandler Leighton on the single and how did the collaboration come about?

I reached out to Chandler over Instagram and didn’t think she’d respond. So, when she did, I was shocked! She brought a really cool, dark edge to the song that I love. She’s very meticulous in her process and that was really cool to watch.

Can you tell us about Cross My Heart I Hope U Die and how was it recording a new version of the song?

I originally wrote Cross My Heart I Hope U Die after getting broken up with on Halloween. Me and my friends thought it would be funny to Google how to cast a spell on him that night. It was silly and cathartic and therapeutic. It was fun to revisit the song and think about who I was when I wrote it, versus who I am now. I’ve definitely grown a lot and feel more confident in who I am.

What was it like filming the new music video for the release?

Filming the music video was the most fun part of the project. I’d worked with Voodoo Visuals, the production company, before and have gotten really close to that team. So we felt like we could relax and just have a lot of fun with this video. It was also really exciting to work with my sister, who is an amazing costume designer. Everyone who worked on the video was so passionate and excited to be there. Our prop designer even made a doll that looked like a mini me!

How was it seeing the response to the 2021 release of Cross My Heart I Hope U Die and having it reach 11 million streams?

Genuinely shocking. I originally released the song as a fully independent artist with no budget. I remember being quarantined in the suburbs of Texas with my family and having no idea what I was doing. I was just releasing music and making DIY music videos with my sister to pass the time. When the song blew up, it was such a surprise.

What is it like having Cross My Heart I Hope U Die as the theme song for the LGBTQ+ vampire series EZRA?

So cool!!! I love Luke Hutchie, who created the series, and think it’s such a fun show. He found the song through TikTok and, when he DM’d me, I thought it was fake. Like, who gets their song on a TV show through TikTok? So, when I realised how cool the project was, it felt really rewarding. When they flew me out to Toronto to be in an episode, it was so surreal.

Your other single releases this year have included Emotional Punching Bag, Joni and Breakup With a Friend, can you tell us about some of them?

Joni is my favourite song I’ve released in a long time. Writing that song was overwhelming. I’d never been that vulnerable and honest with myself. Joni is a letter to a best friend who decided they didn’t want to be in my life anymore, and refused to give me answers. It’s hard not to try and fill in the blanks and blame yourself.

How was it releasing your EP Rom Com Pop in February?

I love that EP so much! I worked on the project with my friend and producer Will Dailey. Rom Com Pop felt like a representation of who I was at that point in time. I was falling in love for the first time, and feeling pulled between extreme optimism and pessimism about the world.

You’ve recently performed at shows on The Astronomers’ Looking Forward Tour, what was this like?

The Astronomers are such an amazing band – I learned so much from going on tour with them. They are such kind, talented guys. It was really special being able to watch them perform at those shows. They take their music very seriously, but also aren’t afraid to have a good time on stage and really entertain. I feel really lucky I got to open for them.

What are some of your favourite highlights of your music career so far?

Being on the cover of a Spotify playlist is always a big highlight for me. Me and Chandler were on the cover of SALT, which was amazing! Another highlight was opening up for the band Betcha in New York City. The crowd was amazing and I had such an amazing time on stage.

How did you get into music and was it something you always wanted to do?

I grew up in a very musical household, so I always knew I wanted to make music. I started writing songs when I was 12 and making my parents drive me to open mics around LA.

Do you have any favourite music artists to listen to?

Chappell Roan, Holly Humberstone, Petey, Maude Latour and Devon Again are some of my favourites.

How do you like to spend your free time?

When I’m not making music, I’m a full-time nanny, so I rarely have free time! But when I do, I like to read (right now I’m reading Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin), I like to cook and watch reality TV.

What are you hoping the next few months bring you and do you have any upcoming events or release plans that you can tell us about?

I have a new song coming out November 9th called …but i’d miss you too much! and I have a show in NYC on December 7th!

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