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Triple Charm released their new song No Problema on September 15th, and filmed their music video on location in Puerto Rico, with the group being made up of sisters Raena, Amalia and Gabriella. No Problema and their previous single Don’t Need a Reason were both released for Hispanic Heritage Month, with both songs being bilingual, and Triple Charm have collaborated with Latin-Grammy-winning producer-songwriter Andrø Pop on a number of occassions, including co-writing No Problema together. Previous music releases for Triple Charm have included their singles Tough Boy and Thrive, with the latter having a music video being shot in one continuous take, and the group choreograph their own dance routines. Having performed for the first time live for their sell-out show in May, Triple Charm are headlining The Roxy in Los Angeles and The Gramercy Theatre in New York City this coming January. Upcoming plans for the group include further music releases and long-form YouTube videos for their 10 million subscribers on the platform. Talking to Triple Charm, they told us about their new single No Problema, working with Latin-Grammy winner Andrø Pop and their upcoming headline shows.

Your new song No Problema was released on September 15th, can you tell us about the single and how was it to record?

Our new single No Problema is all about finding your own paradise and leaving your worries behind. It is our second bilingual single and has a reggaeton-meets-house-meets-Caribbean vibe. This single was super fun to create and was actually the first single we recorded in our home studio. We usually co-write on Zoom from our home studio, but this was the first time we laid down the vocals at our house!

What was it like writing No Problema and where did the inspiration come from for the lyrics?

We wrote No Problema earlier this year, right before our first-ever live show (which sold out)! We knew we wanted to perform an unreleased single and the idea for No Problema had come to us. With this song, we wanted to create a fantasy world that emulates the feeling of a daydream. This fantasy world is a place you go to when you’re going through a hard time, and you can’t be affected by the world around you. Our paradise and where we escape is through dancing, so we wanted to incorporate that into the lyrics as well. The track has a blend of tropical vibes while still being super upbeat and danceable. It’s unlike any song we’ve ever written, and it really pushed us to go outside the box!

The music video was filmed on location in Puerto Rico, what did you enjoy most about filming the video there?

Filming the music video for No Problema in Puerto Rico was the most incredible and memorable experience. Our grandparents grew up on the island and getting to experience a part of their history was so special. We got to film in Old San Juan, where our abuelo was from, and the architecture, scenery and people were just so amazing. It really is called La Isla del Encanto for a reason! Getting to connect with our roots on an even deeper level was probably the greatest and most beautiful part about filming our music video in Puerto Rico, and those memories are going to stick with us forever.

How was it releasing No Problema and your previous single Don’t Need a Reason in honour of Hispanic Heritage Month and what is it like working on bilingual music?

Getting to release both of our bilingual singles during Hispanic Heritage Month was super important to us. Writing these songs has been an amazing way for us to connect with our culture and we wanted to celebrate that and inspire others to connect more with their heritage. We are 50% Puerto Rican and grew up dancing to Latin music in the living room with our abuela. Dance has been a big part of our lives and it’s also a big part of Hispanic culture. It’s definitely a theme in our music, especially these two songs. Writing bilingual music has been such a great way for us to learn even more Spanish. We aren’t 100% fluent yet, but it is actually super fun to write in another language!

You’ve collaborated with Latin-Grammy-winning producer-songwriter Andrø Pop on a number of occasions, with him co-writing your most recent single, what is it like writing together?

Andrø Pop is an amazing collaborator and someone we truly love getting to work with. We’ve written a lot with him in these past two years. With each song we create, we learn more, get to explore our style and fine-tune our process. We’ve been able to work closely with him on the production side for our tracks as well, and he really helps us bring our vision to life! We like to push each other creatively and try to level up with each song we write together.

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Can you tell us about your other recent singles Tough Boy and Thrive, and how was it filming the Thrive music video in one continuous take?

Thrive and Tough Boy are two of our recent singles and they both have very different vibes. With each song we write we really like to explore different subgenres and styles. Thrive is a more doo-wop inspired track and it is about living life to the fullest and doing more than just going through the motions. Tough Boy is a burlesque-inspired song with super powerful vocals, and it is all about speaking up for yourself. Both of the music videos were super fun to shoot, but Thrive in particular was one of the most unique concepts we’ve done. It was shot all in one continuous take and that was a journey LOL. We rehearsed on the trail we filmed at a few days before the shoot, so we knew how to space out the pianos where we start and finish the song. The day of the shoot, we hauled two pianos down the trail. We didn’t have a crew; it was just the three of us and our dad behind the camera. We got the video on the sixth take, and we knew it was the one! We definitely have some funny bloopers though.

What is it like choreographing your own dance routines and how is it performing the choreography alongside your own music?

Choreographing for our own music videos and performances is such a cool opportunity. Just like writing music, dance is a creative outlet for us, so being able to create choreography is something we love. We get to choreograph all our music videos and then also our trends on social media. The coolest thing is being able to see other people doing your choreography on Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. We also love choreographing when we have a group of dancers with us for a video shoot. It really requires us to think in a new way and come up with unique formations and shapes, so it’s always amazing to see that vision come to life.

With almost 10 million subscribers on YouTube and over a million followers on Instagram, how is it interacting with your fans on social media and seeing the response to your songs and videos?

We love getting to engage with our fans every single day. We’ve been able to build such a strong relationship with our audience, so seeing their response and feedback on a song is always exciting. We reply to comments on each of our videos and like to see what our audience enjoys most and what they want to see more of. One of the most insane and exciting responses to our music so far is when our single Tough Boy started trending on YouTube and Instagram. Our audience started posting the dance trend we created to our single, and it has over 115,000 YouTube Shorts to it!

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You will be headlining shows in January at The Roxy in Los Angeles and The Gramercy Theatre in New York City, what are you looking forward to for the concerts?

We are so excited about our two shows coming up in January! We cannot wait for everyone to see the show we’ve put together. Performing is our favourite thing in the world, and we are just so ready to get back on stage. We are definitely looking forward to meeting everyone too. We’ve already seen comments from people saying they are traveling all the way from the UK and the Philippines to come to our show!

What can the audience expect from your live shows and why would you recommend booking tickets?

We have so many fun things planned for the shows! We’ll be performing all of our hits and some unreleased music, so anyone who comes to the show will have a preview of new music to come! We’ll also have some super cool merch available that will be exclusive to the shows. Tickets are selling out fast, and we are going to be doing meet and greets at both shows. You can definitely expect a night full of singing AND dancing!

How did you feel performing your own show live for the first time earlier this year and having it sell out?

Having our first show in May was the most unforgettable experience. Getting to feel the energy of the audience while you’re up on stage is really the most magical feeling. Performing for a sold-out crowd and hearing everyone sing along with us was just so surreal. It was the first time we headlined our own show and we loved every moment, from preparing to finally getting up on stage.

Where does your love of music come from and how did you all get into it?

Our love for music started for each of us when we were about two years old. We all grew up doing competitive dance and, through that, we fell in love with music. Through dance, we got to discover the power of music and the way it can connect to you so deeply, or just make you want to dance along. Dance definitely has helped us in our songwriting. While dancing, you have to pay attention to the intricate details of the music and rhythm, which plays a big part in writing music.

Can you tell us about each band member, and do you have a favourite aspect of working together as sisters in Triple Charm?

We are so lucky to get to work together as sisters. We really wouldn’t want it any other way! It’s also super convenient because we get to film, rehearse or write music anytime of the day. We just go into each other’s rooms or sit in the kitchen and start working. We are each very different and have different strengths, which is helpful when working together. Raena is very detail-oriented, so she is our editor. She edits every single one of our short-form and long-form videos, including music videos. Amalia is the oldest, so she has been dancing and singing the longest. She comes up with all our choreography and content we film on social media. Gabriella is definitely the glue that holds us together. She is super collaborative and finds the perfect middle ground. She is also super creative and helps design our merch and put together our outfits.

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How would you describe your sound and who do you think will enjoy listening to your songs?

We like to describe our sound as pop, upbeat, and danceable. Our music ranges and has inspiration from a lot of different sub-genres. With each song we write, we like to explore our sound and see what we and our audience gravitate towards most. At the core of every song though, is a positive message with a beat you can dance along to! We think anyone at any age will enjoy listening to our music. It sounds cliché, but it really is made for everyone.

What are some of your favourite music artists to listen to and how do you like to spend your free time?

Our favourite artists to listen to change often but right now we are loving this K-pop group called XG. Their choreography is awesome, and their songs are so addictive. We all love to spend our free time with family. We have the biggest and best support system! Raena also loves to go to the gym, Amalia loves to read, and Gabriella sews. On a good day off, you can definitely find us hanging out by the pool!

Do you have any upcoming plans that you can tell us about and what are you hoping the rest of 2023 brings for you?

We are so excited for everything we have coming up in the next few months. We may be releasing some more new music this year… and, of course, in the new year as well! Right now, we are rehearsing for our two live shows in January, which we cannot wait for. We are also planning to film more long-form YouTube videos, which our audience has been asking for, so be on the lookout for that! We hope to keep working hard through the rest of 2023 and continue to reach new people and have fun along the way!

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