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Earlier this month, Hunter Oliveri released his most recent single DUMB, along with a music video, which was directed by Nas Bogado. Previous single releases for Hunter have included Yank, Cold Girls and Kids, and he is set to release his second single of the year in late October/early November. Hunter’s songwriting process usually starts with the melody before adding the lyrics, and he has cut his first album with record label Spinefarm, who he has recently signed to. We caught up with Hunter about his recent single release DUMB, filming his music video and signing a record deal with Spinefarm.

On 6th September, you released your most recent single DUMB, what was it like to write and record?

I remember while writing DUMB, the room had sparks and instantly the song stood out. From the intro riff to the pre-chorus, just every section of the song got me more excited as it progressed on. There were some slight layout changes from the beginning of making it to the end but I remember being stoked.

What do you hope listeners will take from the single and who do you think will enjoy listening to it?

I hope listeners feel understood, especially young adults/teenagers. Sometimes things in life just feel stupid and I miss being a little kid and having no worries, just having fun.

How did you feel on release day and how was it having DUMB as your first single release of the year?

Release day was fun, I hung with my friends and we just chilled. It was nice having DUMB as the first single because that one had great energy and I thought it would be a perfect first song.

What was it like filming the music video and being directed by Nas Bogado?

The music video was super unexpected. I was familiar with the director Nas and how great they were, but going into that day I didn’t know how much I would actually love it. I came up with an idea of what I wanted the video to be but they took it to the next level and exceeded my expectations.

It’s just been announced that you have signed a record deal with Spinefarm, how was this and what are you looking forward to for working with them?

This was an awesome experience, I love the entire team and my A&R Darren was super excited and always saw my vision and always was the biggest supporter. I couldn’t imagine a harder working team, so super grateful for everyone. I cut the first album with them and that will be coming out soon so pretty excited to make more songs.

Can you tell us about your songwriting process and how much has it changed over time?

My songwriting process is usually always the same and always has been for the most part. I usually start with a guitar riff or sometimes will make a rough instrumental. Usually within the first minute of making a riff, I start humming or messing around with vocal melodies. I try not to focus on lyrics right away, usually just get the structure and all the melodies down and then add the lyrics – unless for some reason lyrics are flowing out of me effortlessly then I would take from that.

What is it like seeing the listeners’ response to your music, which has included your previous singles Yank, Cold Girls and Kids?

I love hearing what the listeners have to say about the music. I always love when people say it reminds them of a certain band/artist because I tend to never agree but it’s funny how people hear different influences; some I never even would have expected them to say.

Is there anything you enjoy most about working on your own music and have you had a favourite song to write?

I just love the feeling I get when I make something that I love. It’s like a certain high or adrenaline or something. I bet a lot of people who make music know what I’m talking about. It’s hard to explain but over time, as you grow as an artist, it gets even better. My favourite song I’ve written would probably have to be an unreleased track called “stranger”. It’s a bit different but I think it’s sick.

Where does your love of music come from and how did you get into it?

My dad got me into music and playing guitar at a young age. He taught me everything he knew and at around 12 or 13, I started writing songs and since then I just couldn’t stop.

Have you been given any advice over your music career so far that has stuck with you?

The best advice I’ve got was from my manager. He said something like the most successful artists act like they know nothing, the least successful act like they know everything because they’re so closed off from any help/advice etc. that they never get anywhere. It’s stuck with me because any situation I go into I probably am the least experienced or knowledgeable and there are people way more experienced out there and I have a lot to learn still.

What are some of your favourite music artists to listen to?

My current favourite bands/artists always change but right now I would say Silverchair, The Smashing Pumpkins, Pixies, The Vines, The Strokes, Nirvana, and Soundgarden.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I like spending my free time working on demos or with my friends. Pretty much every day you’d find us either at a skatepark, in my garage, or just hanging around somewhere.

Do you have any upcoming shows or release plans that you can tell us about and what are you hoping the rest of the year brings for you?

As of right right now, I don’t have any upcoming shows but I should before this year ends or early next year. As for releasing new music… I think the second single will be coming out sometime in late October/early November.

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