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Next summer, Cillian O’Connor will be performing his first-ever live magic stage show when he tours the UK and Ireland for his headline My World of Magic Tour, with special guest Ryland Petty from America’s Got Talent. The tour is set to start on 19th July 2024 at Newbury, continuing around the UK, with the final date on the 5th August 2024 at Cheltenham. Cillian was a contestant on this year’s Britain’s Got Talent, receiving four yeses from the judges to go through to the live shows, and he became one of the Finalists, finishing in third place. Since his appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, Cillian has been a guest on shows such as The Six O’Clock Show and Saturday Mash-Up, and he was in attendance with his fellow finalists Lillianna Clifton and Viggo Venn at the National Reality TV Awards when Britain’s Got Talent won Best Reality Competition Show. As a Junior Ambassador for Marvin’s Magic, Cillian has performed in places such as Hamleys, and he is a member of The Society of Irish Magicians and The Young Magicians Club. Currently, Cillian is preparing for a USA show later this year, and has already filmed an unannounced project, and he will be turning on the Christmas Lights in his hometown of Drogheda. Catching up with Cillian, he talks about his 2024 My World of Magic Tour, the experience of finishing third place in this year’s Britain’s Got Talent Final and seeing the response to his time as a contestant on the show.

You have recently announced that you will be heading out on your UK and Ireland headline tour next summer, what are you looking forward to for touring with your first ever live stage show?

I am really looking forward to learning new magic for the tour, travelling around the UK, and I’m super excited to be able to hang out with my fellow young magician Ryland Petty. I will also have the chance to meet the people who have supported me through my magic journey.

What can audiences expect from your performance and who do you think will enjoy attending the My World of Magic Tour?

The tour is for everyone, there will be something that suits all ages. They can expect me to bring them into my world of magic, and for them to see things the way I see them. We are planning something really amazing. If you enjoyed my performances on Britain’s Got Talent, you will love the tour.

How do you think you’ll feel performing your own magic show live on tour for the first time?

My BGT experience helped me grow so much, once I had the courage to perform in front of the judges and when I saw the reaction from the audience, it was unbelievable. I loved the whole experience and cannot wait to get back on the stage again. It really is magical.

You finished in third place on this year’s series of Britain’s Got Talent, how did you find the experience competing in the live Final?

It was an amazing experience, with a very friendly, relaxed environment. All the contestants were hanging out lots and basically having a good time.

What was it like hearing the judges’ comments to your performances on the show and how was it seeing the social media fan response?

It was UNBELIEVABLE. I was so happy that everyone liked my performance, and that I finally got my dream. It wasn’t until I watched the audition on TV for the first time that I realised the response I got from the audience and the judges. I cried (happy tears) again when I was watching it. The response on social media has been huge. I have over 500 million views so far just on my audition and hope that I have helped some people face their fears.

Was there anything that encouraged you to audition for Britain’s Got Talent and how did you prepare for your performances?

It has been my dream since 2017 when I first saw Issy Simpson’s jaw-dropping performance. Issy was the one who inspired me to get into magic and to be on BGT. I had applied every year since 2018, by sending in videos with different routines. When I was lucky enough to be shortlisted, BGT put me in touch with their magic consultant Russ Stevens, who I have known since 2017, and he helped me a lot. I practiced the tricks first, then put them into a routine, we would do regular Zoom calls to see how the performance was coming on, and to assist with staging etc. I also had my friend and fellow magician Jasper Cherry backstage with me, which helped keep me calm before going on stage.

What did you enjoy most about being a contestant on Series 16 and do you have any favourite memories from your time filming the series?

There are so many. The reaction from the audience after my audition and when I got four yeses from the judges. Another one was getting the call to say I had made it through to the live shows. I also loved hanging out and talking to the other contestants, meeting Ant & Dec and the judges. One special memory too was in the rehearsals for the Final, they chose me as the winner.

How was it attending the National Reality TV Awards, where Britain’s Got Talent won the Best Reality Competition Show?

It was amazing seeing celebrities from shows such as The Chase, The Apprentice, Loose Women, Gogglebox and many more. I even got to perform some magic for them. I also had the opportunity to hang out with Lillianna (Clifton) and Viggo (Venn), which was cool.

Can you tell us about some of the recent projects, events and shows you’ve been part of, which have included being a guest on The Six O’Clock Show and Saturday Mash-Up?

I was lucky enough to be invited onto these shows. Before BGT, I would have found it difficult to talk in public, but now I am more comfortable sharing my story and hope that I can inspire other kids like me to focus on the good things they can do, and use these skills to help them in their life. I also get to perform some magic, which makes me happy and others happy too.

Where does your love of magic come from and how did you get into it?

My uncle showed me a trick when I was around seven, but my main inspiration came from seeing Issy Simpson’s performance on BGT. It was like a light switch going on inside my head, I became obsessed. I joined The Society of Irish Magicians, and The Young Magicians Club and they provide lots of advice on what, how and where you can get information on magic.

Do you have any favourite magicians to watch and have you been given any advice over your time in magic so far that has stuck with you?

I love watching Penn & Teller. The best advice would be practice, practice, and practice, and also never to reveal the secrets of magic.

is there anything you enjoy most about being a magician?

It brings me from the outside in and helps me interact with others. I love seeing people’s reactions and there is always something new to learn. I am also a Junior Ambassador of Marvin’s Magic, which means I get to perform regularly in the most amazing places, like Arnott’s, Brown Thomas and Hamleys.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I spend my free time playing chess, football, practicing Rubik’s cubes and watching wrestling such as WWE and AEW.

What are you hoping the rest of the year brings for your career and do you have any projects coming up that you can tell us about?

Other than my tour, yes, there are some exciting projects ahead. I have a very tight schedule right up until the end of February 2024, and then I will be focusing on final preparations for my tour. Later this year, I travel to the United States for a show which I am currently rehearsing for. I also have just filmed something which will be revealed early next year. I would also love to be on The Late Late Show (this is another dream of mine since I was six). I am turning on the Christmas Lights in my town Drogheda, which is a real honour.

Cillian’s My World of Magic Tour starts July 2024. Book tickets HERE.

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