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For Ruby Evans’ first year as a senior, she competed earlier this year at the British Championships, qualifying for the Vault and Floor finals, which saw her achieve 6th All-Around and announced as the British Vault champion, and she won Silver on Vault and Bronze on Floor at the Cottbus World Cup. As a junior gymnast, Ruby represented Team GB at the Junior European Championships last year, finishing 4th in the Team event alongside Abigail Martin, Grace Davies, Tiegan Trafford and Evie Flage-Donovan in Munich, as well as making the Floor final for her European Championships debut, and she had her first major competition for Team GB at the 2022 European Youth Olympic Festival, coming away with the Silver medal on the Vault. Having become the junior British champion in 2021, Ruby defended her All-Around title last year, making all four event finals, also being announced as Uneven Bars champion and winning Silver on Vault. Ruby represented Team Wales at last year’s Northern Europeans, achieving Gold on Vault and for the Team event, and she is hoping to be selected for the World Championships and Northern Europeans later this year. Recently talking with Ruby, she told us about competing as a senior gymnast at this year’s British Championships and Cottbus World Cup, becoming the British Vault champion and her successful junior career.

How did you find the experience competing at your first senior British Championships this year and qualifying for the Vault and Floor finals?

This British was a very different British to usual as it was in a different arena and also my first year senior. This senior British for me went really well and I was very pleased with my results. I became senior British Vault champion and 6th AA, and to achieve that at my first year senior was amazing to me.

📷 : Welsh Gymnastics

What was it like competing in the Vault final and how was it collecting your medal as the British Vault champion?

For the Vault final at British, it was a very good environment and a lot of people in the crowd. Being one of the last ones up to compete my Vault definitely got my nerves going but I stayed calm and just did my job. Walking out to get my medal for Vault was definitely a highlight of British for me, it felt amazing to get my medal and I was very proud.

Earlier this year, you competed at the Cottbus World Cup, what was it like winning Silver on Vault and Bronze on Floor?

Cottbus this year was definitely one of my best competitions and a good way to start my senior career. Going out there just for some experience competing against seniors and getting the Silver medal for Vault was definitely an amazing bonus and I was very happy with the result. Also, winning a Bronze on Floor gave me a lot of reassurance and hope for the future.

📷 : Welsh Gymnastics

In August 2022, you represented Team GB at the Junior European Championships, where Great Britain came 4th in the Team event, how was it competing in Munich at the Olympiahalle alongside your teammates Abigail Martin, Grace Davies, Tiegan Trafford and Evie Flage-Donovan?

Last year was a very busy year for me and to have been selected by GB to compete at the Europeans was amazing. For me, as a second year junior, it was very nerve-racking to be in such a big arena, but it was amazing to go out there with my teammates and we were all very proud to come 4th as a team.

What did you enjoy most about competing in the Floor final and making your European Championships debut?

The thing I enjoyed most about competing in the Floor final was definitely the loud crowds. They were definitely a good adrenaline boost to perform the best I could. Also, having the experience to be in a final and warming up with different gymnasts and coaches was great.

📷 : Welsh Gymnastics

You were part of the team competing at the European Youth Olympic Festival in Slovakia last summer, how did you feel winning Silver on Vault?

Winning the Silver medal was definitely a highlight of my whole year. I was very happy as it was my first major competition and it was my first time competing my DTY. It was a very proud moment for me collecting my medal.

What was it like finding out you’d been selected to represent Team GB at EYOF and how did you prepare for the competition?

After hearing I was selected to compete at EYOF for GB, I was very happy but it also wasn’t easy to prepare for as I had a broken finger at the time. After patiently waiting for it to heal, it took a lot of hard work to get my routines all back together in time to compete in Slovakia. I just dedicated everything to my routines and they were all ready by the time we were ready to walk out.

📷 : Welsh Gymnastics

At last year’s Junior British Championships, you defended your All-Around title from 2021, made all four event finals, became Uneven Bars champion and won Silver on Vault, what was this like?

Last year’s British was another very good British for me, and defending my junior British title was a very proud moment for me. Also, becoming junior Bars champion was kind of a shock as I didn’t think I would have ever got that title but I did and I was very pleased with it and it was amazing grabbing another medal and coming second on Vault.

Can you tell us about some of the other competitions you’ve been part of over the years and what do you enjoy most about being an artistic gymnast?

At the end of last year, I competed in the Northern Europeans for Wales. That was definitely another highlight of mine, and to travel with Welsh Gymnastics and all the Welsh team was so fun. We also had a great Team result as Team Wales came Team first, which was amazing, and I also took a Gold on Vault. The things I enjoy most about being an artistic gymnast is performing and being competitive and showing people what I and my team can do. Another thing I enjoy is having an amazing team and doing this career with the best people.

📷 : Welsh Gymnastics

Do you remember how you felt representing Team GB and Team Wales for the first time and how is it representing your country at an international level?

I first represented Team GB in the Massilia competition in France. This competition was very nerve-racking for me as it was my first time, but it was an amazing experience to go out there. I’ve been representing Team Wales for a very long time, but when competing for my home country it’s definitely an amazing feeling.

Where does your love of gymnastics come from and how did you get into it?

I first started gymnastics at the age of five as I was a very hyper child and my mum and dad decided to put me into some classes at my first gymnastics club – Cardiff Olympic – to calm me down. They also put me into swimming lessons but then Welsh Gymnastics offered me to train with them full-time and that’s when I had to choose. My love for gymnastics definitely came when I chose gym.

📷 : Welsh Gymnastics

Can you tell us about your training and how has it changed over time?

When I first started at Welsh, I did it five days a week for about 25 hours but, as I grew up, the times have increased much more now. I still do five days a week at Welsh, but since leaving school, we do more hours throughout the daytime, each day being four to seven hours.

How have you found transitioning from junior to senior level?

Transitioning from junior to senior has been good. The only thing that has changed for me is just seeing the high level of gymnasts and upgrading to senior routines. I still try and stay just as calm and do my routines the best I can.

📷 : Welsh Gymnastics

How do you like to spend your time away from the gym?

I like to spend my free time going out with my friends. I try to make time for my school friends when I’m free. I also like to spend it with my family and making time for them as well.

Do you have any competitions coming up that you can tell us about or that you are targeting?

The next comp would be Worlds, which would be great to go and have that experience but if not then just carry on as usual. At the end of the year, there will be British Teams and Northern Euros, if I am selected.

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