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For Kieran Logendra’s first on-screen regular role, he plays co-lead character Spencer in the BBC sitcom Avoidance, which was released last year, alongside a cast including Romesh Ranganathan as his on-screen father Jonathan, with the BBC announcing a second series, due to be filmed in upcoming months. In the ITV/ITVX series Changing Ends, Kieran played Tarek in the first episode, and attended the show’s screening ahead of the premiere on ITVX in June, and he has previously been a co-host for Nick’s Guide To… for Nickelodeon and was part of the Zara Kids Halloween advert. Kieran recently answered our questions about having his first on-screen regular role in Avoidance for BBC, playing the co-lead character Spencer opposite Romesh Ranganathan and his time on set of Changing Ends.

Can you tell us about your co-lead character Spencer in the BBC sitcom Avoidance and what is he like to play?

Spencer is a kind, curious boy who tries his best at school, even though he’s quite bad at spelling (which comes out in episode 1)! He does like drama though, like me, and one of my favourite scenes to film was when Spencer was on stage and had chicken nuggets thrown at him. They were real, but thankfully the ketchup wasn’t!

How did you feel finding out you’d booked the role for your first on-screen regular character?

I screamed. Literally. The auditions with Romesh (Ranganathan) and the director were so fun, which is why I really wanted the part. When my agent told me I got the part I couldn’t believe it.

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How is it filming alongside Romesh Ranganathan and the rest of the cast and what is it like on set of the show?

Romesh and the rest of the cast were really nice, and although I was one of the only children on set, they always made sure I was looked after and part of the team. We made up songs and raps, and they genuinely made me laugh so much!

What do you enjoy most about filming as Spencer and have you had a favourite scene to film?

The thing I most enjoyed about filming as Spencer was seeing the behind the scenes of the show. I’ve always loved filming and editing my own skits, but watching them do it was like a dream! Between shooting, I asked some of the crew about their jobs, although they were so complicated it was like they were speaking another language! My favourite scene to film was the laser quest scene in episode 2. I got to know (and am still in touch with) some of the other kids in the show, and even though there were cameras filming us, it was like we were in a real heated game of laser quest!

How was it seeing the viewers’ response to the release and hearing the news that BBC had commissioned a second series?

It was amazing to see how many people watched Avoidance, and when I saw reviews of the show in the newspapers, I couldn’t help but think, “Wow. I was in that”. When my parents first told me about the news of a second series, I was over the moon. I remember the last day of filming the first series was so sad, so I can’t wait to do it all over again!

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How did you feel watching Avoidance when it was released on BBC One and iPlayer last year and who do you think will enjoy watching it?

My whole family came to my house, and we had a mini screening of the first two episodes. It was surreal seeing myself on television, but I think it was even stranger for the rest of my family! I was so happy, because I’ve always wanted to be an actor, so it was amazing to see myself on screen and the finished product that the team put together. There is a lot of swearing in the show, but I think that anyone above the age of 12 would enjoy it thoroughly as the script is great.

You play Tarek in the new ITV/ITVX series Changing Ends, what was this like to work on?

I was only in the first episode, but it was fun to be in a scene with other kids, especially as most of the time we were just playing football! The cast and crew were so lovely.

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How was it attending the show’s screening earlier this year?

I went to the screening in London with my parents and we got to watch the first two episodes. It was great to watch it with the cast and crew, and hear their reactions too. I couldn’t wait to watch the rest of the show when it aired on TV.

We understand you’ve worked as a co-host for Nick’s Guide To… for Nickelodeon, can you tell us about this?

We filmed over a week in London last summer, and it was probably my favourite week of the summer holidays! I had some great co-hosts, so between shoots we got to hang out. The crew made sure there were always loads of amazing snacks, and the scenes were so fun to shoot, especially the one where they brought loads of animals on set. The sets were all really kid-friendly, with fake arms, a tent and a couch!

What was it like being part of the Zara Kids Halloween advert?

The advert was about trying to find out who ate the cake, so it was filmed like a detective mystery. There were great costumes, makeup, food and even a disco, which was filmed! Again, the advert had lots of other kids, so between shoots there was always someone to play a game with, or chat to.

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How did you get into acting and was it something you always wanted to do?

My parents tell me I’ve been putting on shows for them since I was four! I’ve always loved performing and have been doing drama lessons since I was about six. It was at Stagecoach that I got scouted by my agent, and I’ve loved all the acting experiences I’ve had since!

What are some of your favourite films and TV shows to watch?

Recently I have loved watching Wednesday and Cruella. I’m also a big Harry Potter fan, and have read the books and watched the films loads of times.

How do you like to spend your time away from acting?

I like to make my own little skits with my friends and sister. I also love making YouTube videos, which usually involve pranking someone! I enjoy making music too, and have just started drum lessons.

📷 : BBC / RangaBee Productions / Colin Hutton

Have you been given any advice over your time as an actor so far that has stuck with you?

My parents always say that if acting becomes boring or I stop enjoying it, that I should stop. But I can’t ever imagine that happening because acting makes me so happy. So I would say just keep doing what you love, and it won’t feel like a chore.

Do you have any upcoming plans that you can tell us about and what are you hoping 2023 brings for your career?

I’ll be filming the second series of Avoidance for the BBC at the end of the year. I’m also auditioning for a few really interesting roles at the moment, so we’ll see what happens there!

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