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With The Really Loud House premiering last week on Nickelodeon and Paramount+ in the United States, Eva Carlton plays Leni Loud in the show, with the series being a live-action version of Nickelodeon’s cartoon The Loud House. For Eva’s first major voiceover role, she voiced regular character Odlulu in Where’s Waldo?, and in 2019, she appeared as Caren Greene / Jasmine in the feature film Little. Answering our questions, Eva spoke to us about filming as Leni Loud in The Really Loud House, voicing Odlulu in Where’s Waldo? and playing Caren Greene / Jasmine in Little in 2019.

Can you tell us about your character Leni Loud in the new TV series The Really Loud House and do you remember how you felt finding out you’d booked the role?

Leni Loud is a bubbly, kind, and a bit ditzy character who loves fashion! She always believes the best in people and has a genuine love for the world. Booking this show was absolutely incredible! I was actually in line at a bowl place getting dinner when I got the call. At this point in my career, I think the best, most validating aspect of acting is that phone call! There’s so much rejection in this industry, so it’s amazing to learn that your hard work paid off!

How much did you know about the animated series The Loud House before auditioning for the live-action series and was there anything that drew you to the character of Leni?

I actually hadn’t seen any of The Loud House before auditioning. The script for this show is hilarious, which is what initially drew me to this show. I was drawn to Leni because of her loving personality, her love for fashion, and her humour. Leni gets some of the best jokes in this show, and it has been so much fun playing her.

How did you prepare for taking on the role and what is Leni like to play?

I prepared by trying to get into her mindset – Leni is super bubbly and sometimes a bit oblivious, so before going on set, I try to view my surroundings like she would! As for playing her, I love to mimic her mannerisms from the cartoon (like the way she runs) as well as create some of my own! She’s a super fun character who is not always fully aware of her surroundings, so I find myself frequently looking around, touching my hair, and looking a bit confused. Leni smiles a lot and is sort of always happy, so I do that as well.

📷 : Storm Santos

What was it like getting into character for the first time and meeting and working with the rest of the cast?

It was crazy to see Leni come together! So much of Leni’s character is comprised of her appearance, so costumes, makeup, and hair are very important. I have naturally very dark hair, so seeing myself blonde really made me feel like Leni!

How did you find your time on set of the show and is there anything you enjoy most about being part of a Nickelodeon/Paramount+ series?

I love being on set! It’s a very supportive environment, and I love talking to our PAs and other crew members about their lives! What I enjoy the most about being on Nickelodeon is knowing that so many young kids are going to watch and look up to me, just like I did when I was younger!

Why would you recommend watching The Really Loud House and who do you think it will appeal to?

The Really Loud House is hilarious to people of all ages – not just kids! This is definitely a family show with jam-packed episodes of humour and sentimentality. There are jokes and references for parents, as well as kids too.

You voiced the regular role of Odlulu in the animated series Where’s Waldo?, what was the show like to work on?

Where’s Waldo? was amazing to work on! I got to maintain a fairly normal life while also going to record a TV show! Everyone on that team was so incredibly kind and made me feel comfortable. One person working at the studio even got me a signed headshot of Ian Somerhalder (my #1 celebrity crush at the time).

📷 : Storm Santos

How was it seeing the completed series for the first time and what was it like having Odlulu as your first major voiceover role?

It was definitely weird; I started recording that show when I was 13, and it didn’t air until I was 15, so I sounded really different in the first few episodes. Voicing Odlulu as my first voiceover job was such a great experience too. We had some very talented voice actors on this show who I really look up to. I got to learn a lot while also having so much fun!

What are some of your favourite memories from working on Where’s Waldo? and how did you find the experience developing the character over the years?

Anytime I got to do ADR was a favourite day; I loved getting to see a final-ish version of the show. I even had a little series I would send to my friends of Odlulu’s lines out of context. As for developing the character, at this point, I was kind of type-casted to play a villain/mean girl, so it came to me naturally (not that I’m a mean girl in real life, because I’m not).

What do you remember most from playing Caren Greene / Jasmine in the 2019 feature film Little?

I remember feeling so in awe of the film industry. That was my first live-action job, and I had been acting for four or five years at this point. That is what truly showed me what goes on behind the scenes, and I loved every second of it.

How did you get into acting and is it something you always wanted to do?

I always did theatre camps growing up because I loved to sing. Then, one day, when I was eight or nine, I told my dad I wanted to be on TV, to which he responded “then let’s make that happen”. I’ve been acting ever since.

📷 : Storm Santos

Have you been given any advice over your time as an actor so far that has stuck with you and what advice would you give a new actor starting out?

Get thick skin and be confident in yourself – there is so much rejection in this industry, and you really have to know how to tough it out.

Do you have any favourite films and TV shows to watch and how do you like to spend your time away from your career?

My favourite movie is Little Women (2019), and my favourite TV shows are Community, Psych, New Girl, Glee and Parks and Recreation. I love to watch TV, sing, write, draw, and hang out with my friends in my free time.

What are you hoping the upcoming year brings for you?

I’m hoping the upcoming year brings many opportunities for me! I would love to act in more and more projects, as well as maybe start releasing music!

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