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📷 : Katie Parker / Styling : Nicole Omuteku / MUA : Jenny Lova

Madison Skye Validum stars as Bean in the screen adaptation of the Annie Barrows books Ivy & Bean alongside Keslee Blalock as Ivy, and the film series, which is made up of Ivy & Bean, Ivy & Bean: Doomed to Dance and Ivy & Bean: The Ghost That Had to Go, had a worldwide premiere release on Netflix in September. In 2023, Madison Skye is set to appear in Best. Christmas. Ever. as Beatrix, and Dashing Through the Snow, which she has recently been filming for Disney+. Catching up with Madison Skye, she told us about working on the screen adaptation of Ivy & Bean for Netflix, starring as Bean in the film series and her upcoming project Best. Christmas. Ever., in which she’ll be playing Beatrix.

Can you tell us about your starring role as Bean in the new Netflix film series Ivy & Bean?

Starring in the role was an amazing experience. I got to play the role of an adventurous girl who, once she sets her mind to something, she executes it. And that is me for sure!!

What was it like getting into character for the first time and learning your scripts?

It was easy to get into character since Bean and I share similar character traits. I like to create new things and use my imagination. And, once I have something in my mind to get done, I won’t stop until it’s completed.

What did you know about the Annie Barrows books before auditioning and how did it feel booking one of the lead roles in the screen adaptation?

I’d never heard of Annie Barrows’ series of books until I was asked to audition for the role of Bean. Once I was asked to audition, I listened to some of the audiobooks to learn more about Bean and I learned a lot.

Was there anything that drew you to the film series and can you say more about it?

I always wanted to act and by completing three movies at once it gave me the edge while filming one movie at a time. That experience has prepared me to do my very best.

How did you find the experience being on set and meeting the rest of the cast, which includes Keslee Blalock as Ivy?

It was a great experience meeting everyone on set. We filmed during COVID when schools were closed and we could not see our friends. So, being around other kids on set made me feel like everything was back to normal. When I met Keslee on set, it was like we’d known each other for a longer period of time. We had a lot of fun off and on set.

What did you enjoy most about working on a Netflix film series and playing Bean?

I enjoyed being around all the kids on set and all the stunts I had to perform.

Why would you recommend watching Ivy & Bean?

I would recommend watching Ivy & Bean because it is mostly about friendships. And friendships can occur any time in your life young or old.

It teaches never to judge a book by its cover. And to learn about someone or something before passing judgment. The very thing that you think you would not like, could turn into something that you love very much!

📷 : Katie Parker / Styling : Nicole Omuteku / MUA : Jenny Lova

Ivy & Bean had a worldwide Netflix premiere in September, how did you feel seeing the completed screen adaptation?

I felt elated and surprised at seeing the finished product that all of us worked so hard on.

Next year, you’ll be playing Beatrix in Best. Christmas. Ever., what can you tell us about it?

Beatrix was a totally different role for me, which I loved. It will show another side of my acting skills by playing a ten-year-old Harvard student. She meets her parents’ college friends and kids to find out what each other have been up to during the years.

How has it been working alongside the cast including Heather Graham, Brandy Norwood and Jason Biggs?

It was fantastic working alongside these great actors. We had a lot of fun and tons of laughs on set.

Where does your love of acting come from and how did you get into the industry?

I would always watch my two older brothers act and sometimes tag along on set as a baby. And I knew I, too, wanted to act. My first acting gig was at the age of three and I had a blast. And everyone around me knew it too so they continued my journey.

What are some of your favourite TV shows and films to watch?

My fave shows to watch are Victorious and Raven’s Home.

We understand you love to swim and dance and are an animal lover, how else do you like to spend your free time?

I love to play video games with my friends and travel.

What upcoming projects do you have that you can tell us about and what are you hoping the upcoming year brings for your career?

I am currently finishing up Dashing Through the Snow, a Disney+ movie. I would love to be in a Marvel movie or a really scary movie.

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