Taegen Burns

In The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, Taegen Burns began playing her first series regular character Maya Kasper for Disney+ when it released in 2021. Taegen filmed on location in Canada and reunited with the cast for Series 2, which premiered last week on September 28th. Another of Taegen’s projects started airing last month, with her playing Young Nicky (Anna Friel) in the new Fox series Monarch alongside Eva Amurri as Young Dottie. Talking to us, Taegen answered our questions about being in the cast of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers on Disney+, having Maya Kasper for her first series regular role and working on new Fox series Monarch.

What is Maya Kasper like to play in The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers and can you tell us about your character?

I would say Maya is a very dynamic character. In the first season, she spent a lot of time finding herself and determining where she felt she best fit in, especially as far as friends were concerned. In Season 2, we see Maya feel more confident amongst her friends. She has blossomed into a confident young person who is more firmly aware of who she is and what she wants.

Was there anything that drew you to the series and how much did you know about The Mighty Ducks franchise before auditioning?

If I’m being honest, I wasn’t super familiar with The Mighty Ducks franchise prior to auditioning. Just before I auditioned, I did watch the first movie to familiarise myself with some of the characters and the general plot of the movie. From there, I quickly binge-watched the second and third movies. I genuinely enjoyed watching the movies and I think watching them certainly helped me to prepare.

Do you remember how you felt finding out you’d booked the role and what’s it like filming for Disney+ as a series regular?

I was incredibly shocked to find out I had booked the role. I still vividly remember my family having me sit down at the kitchen table after school when they told me the news. Not only was it my very first role as a series regular in any TV series, but it would also be filming hundreds of miles away from my home, in Vancouver. This would also be my first time visiting Canada at all!

How is it working with the rest of the cast and crew and how do you find the experience on set of the show?

Working with the cast and crew on The Mighty Ducks for the past two years has been absolutely surreal. I was initially quite nervous but I was welcomed with open arms. We’ve all spent so much time together that we’re practically family at this point. I feel unexplainably grateful that I was able to have the chance to work with everyone both seasons and to experience this exciting and life-changing ride with my fellow castmates.

What are you enjoying most about being part of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers and why would you recommend watching Series 2, which premiered on Disney+ on September 28th?

I feel so fortunate to have a place in The Mighty Ducks franchise and being a part of telling this story. Playing Maya has been incredibly special to me and I’ve learned so much over the past two years. I loved my time on set being able to explore Maya and learning to play hockey. I would recommend the series to anyone who enjoyed the first season and anyone who is looking for a fun coming-of-age show with the perfect balance of comedy, hockey action, as well as the relatable growing pains of being a teenager.

You play Young Nicky in the new Fox series Monarch, what was it like filming for the series and how did you prepare for your role?

I absolutely loved being able to play a young Nicky in Fox’s series Monarch; it was an absolutely incredible experience and like no other character I have ever portrayed. I was surrounded by so many wonderfully talented actors and actresses who really helped me bring the character to life. To prepare for the role, I took a few singing lessons and I also worked with an on-set music coordinator to assist me in performing like the incredible singer Nicky is.

What can you tell us about Monarch and what are you looking forward to for the release of your episodes?

Although my role in the series is small, the scenes I filmed with Eva Amurri were absolutely enthralling. I can’t wait to see how our scenes in both Episodes 4 and 6 turn out on the screen.

How did you get into acting and is it something you always wanted to do?

I can genuinely say that originally acting really wasn’t a goal of mine. I followed in the footsteps of my older brothers by first doing some modelling and commercials and then I began a gradual shift into film. My very first role was a younger Shannon in the film I Can Only Imagine. This gave me my first taste of the acting world and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve found myself to be someone who loves to act and I really hope to continue.

What are some of your favourite films and TV shows to watch and how do you like to spend your time away from your career?

My current favourite movie, which I actually watched for the first time in the past year, is Dead Poets Society. A close second would have to be Ten Things I Hate About You. My favourite television show is hands down The Office. I’m also a big fan of Outer Banks and Broadchurch. When I’m not working or doing homework, I love to paint and read.

What are you hoping the next year brings for you?

Firstly, it would be a wonderful surprise to find out that The Mighty Ducks is returning for a third season. I’d also be ecstatic to hear that Monarch is renewed for another season and I am asked to portray Young Nicky once more. I also hope that in the next year I am able to explore a variety of other characters and genres. I love immersing myself in the characters I portray and truly challenging myself. It’s a particular dream of mine to be in any sort of coming of age film or even a psychological thriller. I know how much I enjoy watching them and I can only imagine it would be loads of fun to work on one.

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