Cameron Lynn

📷 : Team Scotland / Ewan Bootman

At the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, Cameron Lynn made his Commonwealth debut competing for Team Scotland’s artistic gymnastics squad, alongside Frank Baines, Hamish Carter, David Weir and Pavel Karnejenko. Cameron was selected for his first international competition for Team GB at the 2022 Osijek Challenge Cup in June and, at the British Championships earlier this year, he qualified for the finals of All-Around (which saw him achieve his personal best), Floor, Vault and Horizontal Bar. Other competitions for Cameron have included being a guest at the English Championships and he was very successful at his first senior Scottish Championships at this year’s competition, where he won Silver in the All-Around, Bronze on Floor, Pommel Horse and Vault and Gold on Parallel Bars. Currently, Cameron is aiming to compete at the Northern European Championships at the end of the year and he is coached by John Campbell and trains at West Lothian Artistic Gymnastics Club. Speaking with Cameron, he chats about competing for Team Scotland at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, his first international Team GB selection at the 2022 Osijek Challenge Cup and his success at this year’s Scottish Championships.

What was it like making your Commonwealth Games debut this summer in Birmingham and how did it feel representing Team Scotland?

Making the team and competing for Team Scotland this summer was such an honour for me as it has been a dream of mine since I started gymnastics when I was younger. To have the flag on my chest competing for my country is one of the best feelings I’ve ever had, especially at a Commonwealth Games.

📷 : Team Scotland / Ewan Bootman

Can you tell us about how you prepared for the Games and what did you enjoy most about staying in the athletes village?

I prepared for the Games with a number of camps with the squad of boys in the team and reserves. We trained alongside the home nations at Lilleshall National Sports Centre, which was such a great environment to be in and around with such high class gymnastics. We also trained in South Essex Gymnastics Club, which was a great few weeks of training before going into the village.

Staying in the village was so fun and a different experience for me. The food and entertainment throughout the village was great and I loved seeing all of the different countries and sports walking around and chatting to them asking about their stories of their sport and journeys.

How was it competing with your Scottish teammates and how did you find the experience competing at the Arena Birmingham?

The group of boys I competed with are amazing in the way they helped me out with my prep and understanding of the big event. Most of them were role models to me when I was younger but very happy now to call them my close friends after these Games, and even though it wasn’t the result we were looking for, we still stuck together as a team and enjoyed our experience together at the Games.

Competing in Arena Birmingham was definitely the biggest and loudest crowd I have competed in front of. If I could do it again tomorrow, I would do it in an instant.

📷 : Team Scotland / Ewan Bootman

Do you have any stand-out highlights from your time competing at this year’s Commonwealth Games?

My highlight from the Games personally was my Pommel routine that I did, where I was first up at my first ever major event. All I could think of before the routine was stay calm and stay on the pommel.

But the crowd was another highlight of mine as well.

📷 : Team Scotland / Ewan Bootman

In June, you were in the Great Britain team at the 2022 Osijek Challenge Cup, what was this competition like to be part of?

The Osijek Challenge Cup was my first ever international for GB, so that was a big honour for myself even being sent away to that competition.

But it was such a high level competition and I loved it and it was such a good experience that I would love to have again.

You competed at the British Championships earlier this year, how was it competing in the All-Around, Floor, Vault and Horizontal Bar finals?

This year’s British was amazing I hit a PB in the All-Around competition, which also helped with my selection to the Commonwealth Games. For the apparatus finals, I was just happy to be out there competing with such a high class of gymnasts on the floor. I was so close to a medal on High Bar as well, which I was very happy with but I’m still hungry for that medal next year.

What’s it like competing as a guest at the English Championships and can you tell us about your time competing there in March?

Competing at English Champs was just fun for me and my coach, we were there to try and hit our scores for the Games. It was really nice to compete there as well as I didn’t have any pressure on me as such but still felt good to compete as a guest and hit the scores that I did.

📷 : Team Scotland / Ewan Bootman

How was it winning Silver in the All-Around, Bronze on the Floor, Pommel Horse and Vault and Gold on the Parallel Bars at this year’s Scottish Championships and how is it winning medals in front of a home crowd?

Scottish Championships this year was amazing, winning as many medals as I did, it was such a proud moment for me and my coach, especially since it was my first ever Scottish Champs as a senior.

Winning the medals in front of my home crowd is always an added bonus, and having most of my family and friends there as well was just the cherry on top.

Do you remember how you felt finding out you’d be representing Team Scotland and Team GB for the first time?

The first time I competed for GB wasn’t too long ago, as I said, but it was a massive honour and privilege to me as it is something that I dreamed of as a junior and as a young boy watching on the TV.

I first represented Scotland in 2018 as a junior, which, again, was such a great feeling and something that I take a lot of pride in, being able to represent my country.

📷 : Team Scotland / Ewan Bootman

What has it been like getting back to competitions now they have returned after COVID cancellations?

It was a bit of a let down not having comps as often as I did but I think it gave me a chance to upgrade my routines and get better stamina. I also loved getting back to competition, I really feel like it’s somewhere I can thrive and have fun.

How are you finding the experience training and competing as a senior gymnast and what has it been like transitioning from junior level?

My transition wasn’t as quick and hard as others, as when COVID hit I was going into my first year as an U18 but didn’t get to compete because of COVID.

So, when my second year came around, I decided to compete senior instead as that was the routines I had been training throughout COVID and gave me a better understanding of how senior comps work.

📷 : Team Scotland / Ewan Bootman

Where does your love of gymnastics come from and how did you start?

I started from a young age, as most do, but the love for it came when I moved to my home club West Lothian. My coach John Campbell really helped me and drove me to be the best I can be and still does.

But I would say the love comes from him showing me the ups and downs of the amazing sport.

📷 : Team Scotland / Ewan Bootman

How do you like to spend your free time?

I like to spend my free time chilling out, eating and spending time with my friends and family. Not a very exciting life but it does me just fine. 👍🏼

What advice would you give someone hoping to have a career as an elite gymnast?

Never give up. I wasn’t selected for my first international until I was 15. I didn’t get selected to represent GB until I was 19, so the advice I would give to anyone aspiring to be an elite gymnast is don’t give up, trust the process and everything will work out alright.

📷 : Team Scotland / Ewan Bootman

Do you have any competitions coming up that you can tell us about or that you are targeting?

I am aiming for the Northern Euros at the back end of this year, and above and beyond next year. I’m working my hardest to get selected for more international competitions and become the best gymnast I can be.

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