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From next month, La Voix will be playing the Fairy Godmother in the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre’s pantomime Cinderella alongside Gemma Naylor (Cinderella), Andy Collins (Buttons) and Mark Rhodes (Dandini), and the pantomime will run from 3rd December until 2nd January 2022. Recently, La Voix has been touring her own show, which she will bring back next year, and she has been announced for the new upcoming international drag-singing competition Queen of the Universe, launching on Paramount+ in December. La Voix is a host on BBC Three Counties Radio, and after being a Semi-Finalist on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014, she filmed for Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie. We found out from La Voix about playing the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella this Christmas, touring with her show and being announced for Queen of the Universe.

This year, you are set to play the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, what can audiences expect from your portrayal of the character?

The most magical fairy of them all! Cilla Black was the last fairy here at Aylesbury, so I have some big shoes to fill! The audience are going to be wowed when they see my wand too!

Why do you think families will enjoy watching Cinderella at Aylesbury this Christmas?

Cinderella is the ultimate magical pantomime. From magic pumpkins, to the spectacular Prince’s ball, every actor who performs in pantomime always wants to do Cinderella as it truly is the best!

How do you find the experience interacting with audience members?

Without an audience I wouldn’t be able to do what I do… literally it would be pointless. I adore speaking to the audience, including them in the show and giving them everything from fashion advice to hair style guidance. It’s empowering for them! The audience love being able to speak to me, it shows them I’m normal, just like them!

What are you looking forward to for being part of the pantomime cast?

I adore working as part of a company at Christmas as opposed to my usual one woman show. It’s always fun to feel part of a team, you can all share what’s happening on stage, the funny mishaps and equally come off stage and have someone to share a box of chocolates with! It’s going to be a lot of giggles!

Do you have a favourite aspect of performing in pantomimes?

For me, it’s that the Christmas magic gets stretched out for weeks. I adore all the glitter, sparkles, singing and dancing. To see all the children coming in fairy costumes and Santa hats. I mean, I get to live in a Christmas magical world for weeks! Who wouldn’t want that!

What’s it like reading a pantomime script for the first time and rehearsing for the show?

It’s nice to hear the jokes and the surprises for the first time, just like an audience will. It’s always so exciting knowing all the surprises we have in store for you! I sit reading the script and picturing how it is going to look on stage. As a comedian, creating the comedy is one of my favourite parts, we are crying with laughter at our own silliness sometimes!

Can you tell us about your tour and how has it been going so far?

This tour has been my favourite so far. I adore travelling with my show all over the UK, from Hull and back, I’ve been around. The audiences have been electric. I always say they are as bonkers as me and for that I love them. My live band and amazing lighting and sound team are in full prep for an even bigger year next year back on the road. I was officially labelled the UK’s Funniest Red Head by Prince Harry, so it was only right I went on tour, then I thought I wouldn’t tour in 2022, I would take a year off but I just received a call saying I have been recognised as the ‘Eighth wonder of the world!’. So naturally it is only right I go on tour and let you meet a real life icon!

What is it like being a host on BBC Three Counties Radio?

I love the radio, because I don’t have to do my hair! I also love music, and listening to lots of different music, I play an eclectic mix which my audience love and there is also a thrill going out live to the nation, it’s live radio, anything can and does happen!

You’ve been announced for Queen of the Universe, which will stream on Paramount+ next month, how is it being part of the series?

It is truly epic. It was such an honour to represent the UK and conquer the Cosmos, I can’t wait to share the show with the world!

What was the experience like filming for Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie and attending the film’s premiere?

Oh it was nothing but champagne and fabulousness every second. Jennifer Saunders said she needed some glamour in the movie so I was thrilled to come to her rescue. The premiere was amazing! The Bollinger was free but popcorn was £3. You can guess which I went for…

You were a Semi-Finalist on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014, how was the experience?

I adored that journey and to get to the live Semi-Finals was a dream, ITV Prime Time – it’s where I am meant to be!

How did you first get into music and drag and are they both something you always wanted to do?

I adore the magic of live theatre. To sing with live musicians and wear spectacular costumes whilst doing it never feels like work. I dreamt as a child to be doing what I do now. In fact, when I was a little girl I had my own band called “missing cat”… you might have seen my posters around?

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