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Since the screen adaptation of Malory Towers began airing last year in the UK on BBC iPlayer/CBBC, Minti Gorne has been seen playing Felicity Rivers, the sister of Darrell played by Ella Bright, with all episodes of the new Series 2 being released today. Minti has previously starred in an episode of Creeped Out as Max, and appeared in the 2017 release of Transformers: The Last Knight, playing the role of Young Viviane (Laura Haddock). Earlier this year, Minti filmed for the Pokémon Unite commercial and she has worked on a feature film with a release date not yet announced. We spoke to Minti about her role of Felicity Rivers in Malory Towers, her episode of Creeped Out and her experience on set of Transformers: The Last Knight.

How did it feel booking your role of Felicity Rivers in Malory Towers and what is she like to play?

I was so excited to know I would be playing Felicity Rivers in Malory Towers! My mum and my sister read all the books when they were younger, so to be able to bring Felicity alive on screen is such a privilege. Felicity is a kind-hearted and confident girl, and I like to think I am that kind of person. She is also mischievous which I definitely am! I was also so excited to know I was going to be in a new TV show especially as it’s Malory Towers!

What’s it like working with the rest of the cast which includes your on-screen family played by Rob Carter, Flora Dawson and Ella Bright?

I don’t even know where to begin to describe these guys… They are such legends. Ella made me feel like I was her real little sister. I had so much fun with Rob and Flora behind the scenes. Rob is the cleverest, funniest person to be around, and Flora and I had so many laughs together with him.

Can you say how you found the experience filming on location and do you have any stand-out highlights from filming Series 1?

I remember my first scene being on the beach… I had never met any of the cast before and they had already been together for months in Canada. All the girls immediately made me feel so welcome and part of the family. The highlight was being at Hartland Abbey, surrounded by the most talented, like-minded people, and all the fun of doing TikToks and singing being the scenes.

How has it been returning to set to film the next two series during the pandemic and reuniting with the cast?

It was the highlight of the year returning to the cast. Especially after not being at school or seeing friends for so long. It felt so good to be back with everyone, doing the thing that I love the most and just felt so normal.

What are you looking forward to for the release of the new series on BBC iPlayer?

Everything. Watching it and seeing all the hard work of everyone involved coming together is really exciting. There are so many beautiful scenes and stories which come alive, and I love the fact I am part of it.

Is there anything you enjoy most about playing Felicity and being part of the Malory Towers franchise?

I love being part of the Rivers family, and especially being Darrell’s little sister. Felicity has not joined Malory Towers yet as she is too young, so there is so much more of Felicity to grow as a character. I feel so proud to be part of Malory Towers – it is a dream job in every way.

What can you tell us about the unreleased film you’ve worked on as Ruby?

I can’t say too much at the moment, however, I play Ruby who is a young, streetwise girl that has had a tough upbringing. Ruby is put into the care of somebody, who could impact her life for better or worse… Making this film was the most incredible experience I have ever had. I have made friends for life and they taught me so much, I love them all!

How was it filming your episode of Creeped Out and how was your character Max involved with the storyline?

Filming Creeped Out was so much fun. Hannah Saxby and Alex Warburton were great on-screen siblings. Max is the annoying little sister who presses all the buttons in the elevator, which causes chaos for the rest of the episode. I loved playing her. Hannah and Alex were so amazing and they are both so talented! We had a lot of fun.

What do you remember most from playing Young Viviane in Transformers: The Last Knight?

The whole experience was unreal. We got picked up from our house and driven to a big mansion outside London where we filmed my scene. I have never seen so many cameras and crew, but I guess that’s Hollywood. Michael Bay kept calling me Rinti instead of Minti which I found hilarious. I loved every minute of being on such a big production and wished I could have stayed on there forever!

This year, you filmed the Pokémon Unite commercial, how was this?

I remember getting this audition, and I was so happy because I love Pokémon. It was so exciting booking this job. I loved meeting Tyler Michael Davis, my on-screen brother. We had so much fun filming this and, again, the whole team were so kind and helpful. The set was amazing because it was a virtual production with a massive screen which literally moved behind you instead of a green screen. It was an amazing experience and very futuristic!

Do you have any favourite TV shows or films to watch?

Gilmore Girls and Friends are my two favourites. I love Friends because it has my favourite actress in it, Jennifer Aniston. I love The Greatest Showman and Mamma Mia! because I adore the music and I am also Harry Potter obsessed!

We understand you’re involved with music and dance, can you say more about it?

I taught myself how to play the guitar in lockdown, and I have now written a few songs. I have always just loved singing and dancing since I could walk and talk. I would fill all my days with singing and dancing if I could.

Where does your love of acting, singing and dance come from and how did you start in each?

At the age of four I joined Stagecoach, and at the age of seven, my principal Maya Sprigg advised my mum to get me an agent. My mum asked me, and I immediately said YES! It paid off because I have had some amazing opportunities and experiences. My dream is just to go on and on… My granny was also in amateur theatre productions when she was young, and has a love of singing, so I guess some of it has rubbed off on me.

What do you enjoy doing away from your career?

I am lucky to live near the sea, so on the weekends I love surfing, paddleboarding and bodyboarding. I will always find somewhere to do a dance, song and TikTok while I am there!

What are you hoping the upcoming year brings for you?

My dream would be to work on a long-term project so I get to do the thing that I love, every single day for as long as possible. I also always try to be the best person I can be!

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