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For her first major screen role, Ava Grace will be seen in the role of Charlie in Honey Girls alongside Aliyah Mastin (Maya) and Frankie McNellis (Alex), with the film directed by Trey Fanjoy and based upon a top-selling line from Build-A-Bear Workshop, and it will have a worldwide release on the 19th October both digitally and on DVD. As a recording artist, Ava started writing music at just ten years old and she is set to release her new single Kite around the same time as the Honey Girls film. Ahead of the release, we talked to Ava about booking the role of Charlie, working alongside the rest of the cast of Honey Girls and releasing music.

What can you tell us about your character in the upcoming release of Honey Girls?

My character, Charlie, is definitely the most reserved and quiet one of the Honey Girls. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to music, she writes songs and spends her time listening and learning about musical artists.

The film is based upon a top-selling product line from Build-A-Bear Workshop, how was it booking the film and what’s it like working with them?

I was so excited when I got the role. It’s such a huge brand. I have several Build-A-Bears that I grew up with myself, so I was so happy to get to participate in this film. Getting to work with Trey Fanjoy as well was a really cool experience. She’s a great person, and I still talk to her!

Who do you think Honey Girls will appeal to and can you say more about it?

Honey Girls is a family-friendly film, about friendship and working together, and I believe it’s a movie anyone can enjoy!

What was it like getting into character for the first time and performing the music?

Aliyah (Mastin), Frankie (McNellis) and I all had a two-week quarantine before we could film in Vancouver, so I was ecstatic when I got on set for the first time. Getting to finally be Charlie was relieving!

How was it on set and working with the rest of the cast?

I really couldn’t have been luckier with the cast. Everyone was incredibly loving and it felt like we were all a big family. Fun fact – Aliyah, Frankie and I all knew each other before we were cast in Honey Girls! So, we were already comfortable with one another, and I think you can actually see our true friendship on screen. All of the other girls I met on set were super hilarious, fun to hang out with and so kind. It just made the experience really incredible.

Do you have any promotional events in the lead-up to the release and what plans do you have for release day?

For release day, I’m planning on watching the movie with my family, and celebrating with Aliyah and Frankie on FaceTime!

Is there anything you’ve enjoyed most about working on Honey Girls and what are some of your favourite memories from filming?

Some of my favourite memories, would have to be when Frankie’s mom would make dinner for all of the girls, and we’d play games together on the Apple TV, and sing karaoke.

We understand you are also a musician, how long have you been writing your own music?

I wrote my first full song when I was ten, and loved it so much, that the first thing I’d do after school every day was write a new song.

Can you tell us what release plans you have in the upcoming months?

I have a single called Kite coming out around the time of Honey Girls, and I can’t wait for people to hear what I’ve been working on.

How did you first get into music and can you say more about your music career?

I have always been into music. My mom says when I was a toddler, I was obsessed with nursery rhymes and would get mad if anyone tried to sing along with me. She found a piano teacher for me when I was five. I’ve been in choirs, musical theatre shows, and starting playing around with guitar at ten. Now I’m mostly into writing songs and, most recently, poetry.

Do you have any favourite films or TV shows to watch and which music artists do you enjoy listening to?

Some of my favourite films and TV shows are Little Women, Stranger Things, Ponyo, Edward Scissorhands, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. A few of my favourite artists include Fiona Apple, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Lauryn Hill, and many more.

Where does your love of acting and performing come from and what was it like combining both in Honey Girls?

When I was seven, I did my first musical theatre show. I continued and did several more after that. That was the beginning of my love for performing. I started studying film acting afterwards, taking a class with some of my friends.

Getting to combine them, and perform and sing in Honey Girls was really cool.

How does it feel knowing Honey Girls will have a worldwide release and what are you looking forward to most for viewers to watch the completed film?

It’s exhilarating knowing Honey Girls will have a worldwide release. I can’t wait for people to see what we all worked hard on, our close friendship with each other and to see all of the feel-good moments in the film.

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