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After putting his headline show on hold due to the pandemic, Samuel Jack is now preparing for the rescheduled date at the London Omeara on the 14th September at 7pm, and he has previously performed at festivals including Glastonbury and toured with artists such as Passenger and Jack Savoretti. Samuel re-released his single Feels Like Summer, which has amassed over ten million streams worldwide, along with a new music video with the song going viral on Instagram Reels and TikTok, and it also made a number of Spotify charts. Having already an EP trilogy, Empty Pockets, Crowded Heart, Samuel continues to work on his original music and has signed a new deal with Arista/Columbia Records. Answering our questions, Samuel talks about his upcoming headline show, having Feels Like Summer streamed worldwide and signing his new record deal.

How does it feel having Feels Like Summer listened to around the world with over ten million streams?

Amazing! It’s always an incredible feeling when an audience of any size connects with something you’ve created. It’s allowing me the opportunity to tell my story to more people, all over the world, and for that I feel very, very grateful.

The song went viral via Instagram Reels and then TikTok, and also appeared on a number of Spotify charts, what was this like to see?

Again, absolutely brilliant – the sheer amount of people using and connecting with the song was phenomenal to see. Really incredible after a year of basically being shut indoors through the pandemic, seeing people in every corner of the world using Feels Like Summer for their adventure videos was stunning. The volume and speed of the spread was insane, and when we started seeing over 10,000 videos per day being uploaded to Instagram, it kind of felt like a movement was happening. Very weird yet wonderful at the same time. Same with Spotify, every few days popping up in another Viral chart in another country… and just three months later, here we are.

Can you tell us about the single and the new music video?

In line with the feeling of the song, we wanted to create a feel good uplifting video, that similar to the lyric, brought a nostalgic feeling. Partly inspired after we saw an Instagram Reel using Feels Like Summer uploaded by this incredible roller skater, Amy Rainbow, we reached to see what country she was based in, and as if serendipitous she was just North of London. We were planning to shoot in London, capture some park life, London summertime vibes, despite the weather initially saying otherwise, and with director Lee Jones in town, we ended up landing on a glorious summer’s day mid-July in Victoria Park. Busy day running around, lots of fun, and loved the way it turned out.

How long were you working on Feels Like Summer and where did you get the inspiration from for it?

I actually wrote the song pretty quickly. It doesn’t always happen like that – but on this occasion I was inspired to write it after a chat with a friend at the pub; we were reminiscing about the summers of our youth when it dawned on me that you can get that warm ‘feeling of summer’ from just being with people you love, being together.

📷 : Joe Magowan

You’ve recently signed a new deal with Arista/Columbia Records, how did this feel and what are you most excited about for working with them?

They’ve got a great vision for where my music can go and how it can travel and although in our infancy it’s been a pleasure working with and getting to know the UK team. Hoping to get back out to the US very shortly.

What can you say about your EP trilogy Empty Pockets, Crowded Heart?

The Empty Pockets, Crowded Heart album is very close to my heart. It’s a collection of stories that I’ve collected on my journey about love, loss, hope and working out who I am. I wrote some of these songs in LA, some in London, some in a caravan in the English countryside – I think I wrote one on a bunk bed in Holland. COVID-19 meant that my touring opportunities were put on hold – so rather than releasing one whole body of work and taking it on the road, we broke it into three volumes, all of which independently took on a life of their own.

Is there anything you are looking forward to most for your rescheduled headline show at London Omeara on 14th September?

The people! Real life actual humans. I just can’t wait for it, the energy of the room, there really is nothing quite like it.

What can the audience expect from the evening?

The biggest and best yet. Foot stomping, anthem banging, singalong full of energy, soul and all the good stuff.

What do you enjoy about playing festivals like Glastonbury and touring with artists including Passenger and Jack Savoretti?

Every festival, gig and show is different and unique in its own way – but the truly amazing part is the people. I’ve played some shows in tiny bars that are equally as beautiful as the ones I’ve played to thousands, all because of the people. Music brings us all together, and no matter the size of the venue I’m really proud and overjoyed to be a part of that.

📷 : Joe Magowan

Do you have any favourite music artists to listen to?

I listen to all sorts. Heavily inspired by blues, roots, pop and hip hop over the years. Right now I’m well into Griff, Flyte, Honne and I’m actually really digging Maisie Peters’ new album.

How do you like to spend your time away from music?

Football. Mega fan. I love to cook, especially from friends with wine and the tunes on too, I love a good hike and a good movie.

Having started releasing music in 2016, what do you feel you’ve learnt from being in the industry over the years?

Surround yourself with good people, and know when to remove them when they’re not good for you. I’ve come to learn that perseverance is the key to most things, and anything can change in the blink of an eye.

What upcoming music release plans do you have that you can tell us about?

I’d tell you, but I’d have to kill you… Lots in the works.

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