With 5WEST’s debut single Stars About You releasing in 2019, the song went straight into the Top 30 Billboard Charts and Top 10 Music Week Charts and the band have recently released their latest single Anything Can Happen, which was remixed by Benny Benassi. Earlier this year, 5WEST’s music reached one million global streams and they previously supported Boyzone on their Thank You & Goodnight Tour in the UK. 5WEST is made up of Owen, Peet, Jon Paul and Caleb and during the pandemic, Peet started uploading videos to TikTok, with his channel amassing over six million followers. Speaking to us, 5WEST talk about their latest single Anything Can Happen with Benny Benassi, supporting Boyzone on tour and Peet’s TikTok account.

You recently released Anything Can Happen, can you say about the single and how has it been seeing the response?

This is for sure our biggest song to date. We love the song and to get Benny Benassi to remix the track was so amazing!

What was it like having Benny Benassi remix Anything Can Happen and how did it come about?

It’s our understanding Benny heard the track and loved it enough that he wanted to do a remix of it. We’re so lucky it happened like that, and now it’s out there in the world for everyone to enjoy.

How different did you find releasing Anything Can Happen to your previous singles Last Time, Collide, and One Shot?

Well, with this one we had the most momentum, and definitely the most hype surrounding the release. We were so excited to get it out there, it has such good energy!

You released your debut single in 2019, what was it like seeing Stars About You going straight into the Top 30 of the Billboard Charts and the Top 10 of the Music Week Charts?

Pretty amazing, we weren’t expecting anything of that sort for our very first song. It set us up well to continue releasing music, which we love to do.

In February this year, you reached one million global streams, how was it reaching this milestone?

Awesome! That was definitely one of our biggest goals when we first started out. Onwards and upwards!

What was the experience like supporting Boyzone on their Thank You & Goodnight UK Tour in 2019?

It was an invaluable experience. They’re a great group of guys and were so encouraging. We all really learned a lot from them.

Do you have any stand-out memories from your time supporting Boyzone and being in the UK?

Playing the Manchester Arena. It was the biggest show of the tour, the atmosphere was amazing there and our families had flown out to see us.

What do you enjoy most about performing for events such as the President’s Ball in Cape Town, Gran Canaria Pride, and Unlock Festival with The Prince’s Trust?

The rush you get right as you’re about to step out on stage, you really can’t beat it.

How did it feel signing to Marshall Arts agency?

Unbelievable, that after seeing just one performance, Kevin Moss believed in us enough to sign us.

Can you tell us about each of the band members and how did you come together as 5WEST?

Owen – I’m Owen, I’m from Carlsbad, California, but I grew up in Wellington, New Zealand. And I split my time between music and bodybuilding.

Peet – I’m Peet and I am originally from Seattle and now living in LA. Coming up with TikTok videos keeps me pretty busy when I’m not singing.

Jon Paul – I’m Jon Paul and I currently live in Nashville. Love the gym, playing piano, and video games.

Caleb – I’m Caleb and I was born and raised in the Nashville area. I love riding motorcycles and playing guitar.

Where does your love of music come from and had you always wanted to do it professionally?

We were all born with a passion for it, and always dreamed of doing this professionally.

What do you enjoy doing away from music and do you have any favourite music artists to listen to?

Owen – I draw a lot from K-pop, specifically Kai from Exo and Chenle from NCT Dream. And growing up I was a huge Panic! at the Disco fan.

Peet – Billie Eilish.

Jon Paul – Ed Sheeran and John Mayer.

Caleb – Tom Misch, The 1975, and John Mayer.

During the pandemic, Peet started regularly uploading videos to TikTok, amassing over six million followers, can you tell us about the account’s success?

Peet – During the pandemic, the music industry slowed down and I needed something to put my time into. I started making videos for fun and they really caught people’s attention, so I’ve kept it up!

Do you have any upcoming music/tour plans you can tell us about and what are you most looking forward to for getting back to live shows now the industry is returning?

We’re working on quite a lot, at the moment we’ve got to keep it under wraps, but it’s going to be big.

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