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Vancouver-based band daysormay released their latest single Ego in May, which they recorded with Steve Bays, and a few days later, they released their music video for the track which currently has over 160k views. daysormay is made up of Aidan Andrews and twin brothers Nolan and Carson Bassett and they have supported music artists such as Walk Off the Earth, performed in the UK at The Great Escape Festival, and later this year, they will be returning to live music at Westward Music Fest. Last year, after touring with Tessa Violet, they released a single together and the band are currently working on their upcoming debut album. Answering our questions, daysormay chat about their latest release of Ego, working on their album and playing live shows.

How has it been seeing the response to your latest release Ego?

Aidan – It’s been really cool to see something that was such an experiment get such a positive reaction. It’s kind of validating for me, it means I can trust my gut with songs.

Nolan – It’s the best. It’s the song we were most excited to put out so it’s definitely super validating like Aidan said. Seeing something we felt was such a true expression of ourselves being received extremely well is so cool.

Carson – It’s been incredible. We didn’t make any compromises to make the song fit in anywhere, we just followed our gut and what made us feel something. So it feels extra special that people love this one as much as we do.

Can you tell us about the single and what was it like recording with Steve Bays?

Aidan – Yeah! So Carson sent me the beat in the summer of 2018, with a bunch of chords over it in a totally different feel. I took everything out except the drums and then gradually added something every day until there was enough to bring to the rest of the guys. We “finalised” it, but then toured it for almost a year before recording it, which I think gave us a different insight into it and allowed us to bring that live energy into the studio process. Working with Steve was sick, it was probably the best session we’ve done together. I think we spent a week with him on the song, and it was mainly detail work at that point. I’m super proud of the sound design and the production on it.

How was it working on the music video and seeing the finished project?

Nolan – It’s always great working with Christian and Titouan who have been doing our videos with us recently because the videos have always been one of the hardest parts for us so it’s amazing having people we can trust creatively who have more experience making really amazing visuals. It was so cool seeing the hours of shooting come together into something really cohesive and really representative of the song/era of our music.

Aidan – It was very run and gun, and we improvised a lot of the shots, so it was kind of a relief to see it work in the edit. Definitely one of my favourites. Smashing the speakers was super cathartic, I loved that.

What can you tell us about your upcoming album and how is it coming along?

Nolan – Well, it really feels like a long time coming. We’ve written so much music that just wasn’t the right thing over the past five years so it feels amazing to be confident about the songs we have on it and feel like everything’s finally falling into place. The new album is pretty much a summary of our lives over the last few years and it’s finally almost done.

Aidan – Agreed. It’s like we started writing the album at a certain level and are finishing it a couple levels up.

Where do you get the inspiration for your music?

Nolan – I don’t know if I totally know but I just love music. It definitely helps to live with two other super passionate people as well.

Carson – It comes from anything for me. I think there can be a feeling in anything, small or big, it just has to relate to the human experience. We are all going through similar things as we grow into the people we want to be, and capturing that is the point of music for me, so inspiration can come from anywhere.

Aidan – Usually something visual. Like trying to recreate the feeling of a photo as sound. Movies are a big deal for me, because they have so much fuel in them. Colour, soundtrack, emotion, fashion, scenery, etc. If you get the right one at the right time it’s an overload of creative fuel.

How do you find the experience supporting music artists such as Walk Off the Earth?

Aidan – That was our first time playing outside of our province, and it was also probably one of the biggest crowds we’d ever played to. It was insane, I was riding that high for like two weeks afterwards. WOTE are all super welcoming and kind, I learned a lot from them.

Nolan – It’s really fun being an opening band because people really have no expectations for you and that was our first big opening show. Couldn’t have asked for a better first experience in that world.

We understand you performed in the UK at The Great Escape Festival, how did this go and what are some of your favourite memories from being in the UK?

Aidan – I got to spend some time living around London when I was younger, and I’m convinced it was the catalyst for me getting into music. So it was kind of surreal to come back to the UK and play for people. I think the venue was called Latest Music Bar, we played in the basement to a way bigger crowd than we expected. I don’t think they had any idea who we were, but they were so into it. I loved the energy from that one, it was one of those classic sweaty and hype basement shows I’ve always wanted to play.

Carson – It was so much fun and I think we would all agree it is one of our favourite festivals we have played so far. Just the whole city was turning up to shows and supporting local culture and also culture from around the world. I had never been to the UK so it was really amazing to experience it for the first time while playing music.

Nolan – I think that might be my favourite festival I’ve ever played. That was my first time in the UK and taking the train from London to Brighton was such a cool experience since we don’t really have that kind of thing so much in Canada. Everyone we met was so welcoming and it just felt like a really cool community of musicians and music fans.

Last year, you released a single with Tessa Violet, how did this come about and what was it like to do?

Aidan – She was looking for an opener on Twitter back in 2019 and Morgan, one of our fans (@darkersidetessa), replied to her with our stuff. She liked what we were doing and through that we started talking with her label (TAG Music) and eventually went on tour with her, as openers. Towards the end of the tour we were learning each other’s songs and playing them in the van acoustically, and it just kind of went from there. She came to Vancouver, we recorded her vocals, and then shot the video the next day. It all happened really fast.

Can you tell us about each of the group’s members and how would you describe your music?

Aidan – We’re originally from Vernon, BC, Canada. Carson and Nolan are twin brothers, and I’m the honorary third brother. We just make what we want to make, and we’re very lucky to be able to do that consistently. I think we get bored really quickly, so we’re always looking for the next shiny sound or style to explore.

Carson – We make the music we want to hear. It’s super collaborative and just a giant brainstorm of sound. Can’t fully describe the feeling, but it’s one of my favourites.

📷 : Eli Garlick

How has it been developing the band over the years and seeing your music grow?

Carson – At times it feels like nothing is happening, but it has been super cool to look back on moments and realise how much that single moment changed so much.

Aidan – Yeah, agreed. We’ve been playing together for over ten years now, but it feels like we’re only just now getting started. We talk about it as if we’ve like signed ourselves into a development deal with ourselves, it feels like the first eight years were training.

Nolan – It’s easy to only think about how you still aren’t where you want to be but it’s great to stop and think sometimes about how if you told your past self about what you were doing now how stoked they would be.

What do you enjoy most about being in a band?

Carson – It’s exactly what I want to be doing, so what’s not to enjoy.

Nolan – I really like that it feels like we’re all working towards this goal of success together and how, no matter what, I have the two other guys in the band as support. Definitely sounds cheesy but it’s true.

Aidan – It’s the only emotional outlet I’ve ever found that actually works for me. So I love it. It’s also a great career path for improving your stress management skills, because we’ve got an excess of that. I love how I get to be really loud and extroverted (like touring and music videos) but then also go inwards and be kind of out of the public eye for a while (writing, recording, editing, etc). The contrast is my favourite thing.

Do each of you have any favourite music artists to listen to?

Carson – We listen to so much music but some artists in my rotation right now are Johan Lenox, Tyler the Creator, and The Marias.

Nolan – I’ve never been a favourites kind of person but recently I’ve been loving Backxwash, Balming Tiger and underscores.

Aidan – I’ve been listening to the new Tyler album, The Life of Pablo, and Turnstile.

How do you like to spend your time away from music?

Carson – I haven’t spent much time away from music in a long time, it’s my place of peace where the world stops.

Aidan – I’m really into running and just being outside, so usually that. But most things usually lead back into the music anyway, so I try to just roll with it.

You are playing Westward Music Fest later this year, what are you most looking forward to when returning to live shows?

Carson – The give and take energy of the artist and the crowd is inexplicable, and I just can’t wait to rage with our friends again.

Nolan – I’m just really looking forward to that catharsis of a live show that nothing else can give me. I’m also looking forward to actually connecting with fans in person because that’s an unmatched feeling as well.

Aidan – I’m looking forward to that feeling I get in my stomach right before we go on stage, I miss it. I miss being loud and brash and being able to actually physically look people in the eyes. I can’t wait.

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