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Previously, Indi Star was a member of Kidz Bop and has released original music, with her latest single Afterglow written with Jenna Productions and Sadye released earlier this month alongside her official music video. As an actor, Indi plays regular character Paris in the new Brat series Charmers, will appear in upcoming feature film The Hyperions and, amongst her other roles, she played Chloe in My Haunted House and Kimmy in Henry Danger. Indi has also been part of Netflix series Dead to Me as a dancer along with filming a number of commercials, working with companies such as Mattel and Hasbro. With over 2.5 million followers on her social media channels, Indi often uploads to her successful YouTube and TikTok accounts. We talked to Indi about her latest single Afterglow, playing Paris in Charmers and uploading videos online.

You’ve recently released your latest single Afterglow, can you tell us more about the song and how did you find the experience co-writing with Jenga Productions and Sadye?

Yes! It was such a fun experience! I have worked with Nicci and Shayon of Jenga Productions for six years, so we are super comfortable with each other. I had not written with Sadye before, but we had a strong connection right from the start and that really helps when writing with someone new. My new song Afterglow is about being in a new fun relationship and wanting to always be with the person you are with. It’s about that time before reality sets in and you start to notice reality.

📷 : Jessica Spohr

What’s it been like seeing the listeners’ response to your new music?

It’s been amazing! I have so many supporters that I am so incredibly grateful for. My supporters call themselves the stars in my galaxy and I love that so much! We all shine brighter together!

Can you tell us about filming the music video for Afterglow?

Filming my music video for Afterglow was so much fun! Prince (my dance partner) and I learned the choreography in a day and then filmed the next day. It was such a cute set and everyone vibed so well! It was actually a super chill shoot, and everything went very smooth. We had to eat Chinese food for the video, which was fun for me! I love all different kinds of food! We also got to play Go Fish and do some karaoke!

You’ve previously released other original music, what do you enjoy most about performing your own songs?

I love writing and performing my own music because I get to express my own thoughts and feelings. I find that I really connect with the song more when I have seen it transform from just a thought to an entire song.

Having previously been a member of Kidz Bop, what was it like to be part of?

It was fun! I loved meeting the group of people I got to work with plus learning how to perform at such a young age! We worked a lot! It was essentially a full-time job of choreography, voice lessons, recording and filming. I received so much training during Kidz Bop that really carried through to my personal music career.

What are some of your favourite memories from being in the group?

I loved filming the music videos and recording the music! The members really bonded, and it became like a little family. It’s nice when you are able to work with people who you actually enjoy spending time with.

📷 : Jessica Spohr

You play Paris in the new Brat series Charmers, what drew you to the role and can you say about the character?

What mainly drew me to the role of Paris was a chance to get to create my own character – a character that is different than who I am! I loved getting to know more about Paris and getting to use that in my acting! It’s strange in a way because I became Paris when acting and then I just kept her with me after the season wrapped. I’m hoping that I’ll get to continue playing Paris in another season!

What is the series like to work on and how is it being part of the cast?

It’s so much fun! It’s cool because there are quite a few special effects on this show and I don’t get to see those parts added in until I see the episode air! Everyone on set is amazing to work with. We all became so close in the time that we worked with each other.

Why would you recommend watching Charmers?

I recommend watching Charmers because it has fun drama, cute ships, and fun spells! There are really interesting storylines going on and there are so many different characters that, as a fan, you will definitely find one to be your favourite!

📷 : Jessica Spohr

Is there anything you can tell us about the upcoming feature film The Hyperions where you play Young Vista?

Yes! I play the younger version of Penelope Mitchell! My character is a superhero and that is literally a dream come true for me to play! I also got to work closely with Cary Elwes, which was so cool! He is such a kind man and an amazing actor! This movie will hit theaters in 2022!

Can you say anything about some of the other screen roles you’ve played?

Some of my first roles were when I was around nine years old and two of those I booked on the same day! They were both scary mystery roles. One was called My Haunted House. I also landed a co-starring role on one of my all-time favourite shows Henry Danger.

Had you always wanted to be an actor and music artist and how did you start?

Yes! I came out to LA to mainly pursue dancing and acting. When I arrived in Los Angeles and picked my dance studio, I found that they also offered voice lessons! The voice lessons were taught by Nicci and Shayon of Jenga Productions and they are actually still my producers today! I have known them since I moved to LA, and they are like family to me!

📷 : Jessica Spohr

Where does your love of dance come from and what was it like working on the Netflix show Dead to Me?

My love for dance started when I was three years old! I took dance classes at my local dance studio on the east coast. I’ve always loved every kind of dance and was super excited to work on Dead to Me! It was so much fun working with everyone on this show! I was on the show for three seasons, and it was always a great time to work with such a professional crew.

You’ve worked on a number of commercials including with Mattel and Hasbro, can you say more about this?

I was able to get a commercial agent pretty quickly once I moved to Los Angeles. I was lucky and started booking quite a few toy commercials. Commercial acting is fun because you really just get to play yourself in fun and interesting situations. I mean, what kid doesn’t want to be in toy commercials!

📷 : Jessica Spohr

What encouraged you to start your TikTok and YouTube channel and what do you enjoy most about filming your videos?

I had always loved making musical.lys with my friends! I stopped doing though when it transferred to TikTok, then my best friend encouraged me to start again. I started my YouTube channel for my music but then I found a great group of other kids who were into making content and my YouTube channel grew quicker and bigger than I thought it would!

With over 2.5 million followers on your social media channels, what are some of your highlights from having a successful online following?

One of my biggest highlights is just recently hitting 1M on Instagram!!! I am so proud of myself for working so hard and achieving an amazing milestone! Also, it was quite an accomplishment when I finally was able to get verified on Instagram and TikTok.

What do you enjoy doing away from your career and do you have any upcoming career plans you can tell us about?

I enjoy doing a bunch of crafts! I love painting, drawing, making friendship bracelets, crocheting, and sewing! I also like to skateboard and play video games!

I have much more music coming out this year! I already have two songs ready to release and have another eight to ten in different stages of development!

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