Caden Conrique

Over a number of years, Caden Conrique could be seen in the role of Tim Sharp in Brat series Chicken Girls after he had appeared in another Brat show Attaway Appeal as the same character, with the shows then crossing over. Most recently, Caden was on screen as Roland Doe in the documentary The Exorcism of Roland Doe, and he has appeared in a number of commercials including for Nerf. Caden was part of the Boys of Summer tour, and he runs a successful TikTok account with over one million followers. Chatting to us, Caden talks about being part of Chicken Girls as Tim Sharp, playing Roland Doe in this year’s documentary and running his TikTok account.

You had a recurring role in Chicken Girls as Tim Sharp, can you tell us about the character and what was he like to play?

It was easy to play Tim Sharp as I related to him in real life. He was a nice guy who liked a girl. Typical teenage life story. It was fun to watch his character develop through the series.

How was it seeing the response to your character and was there anything that drew you to the script?

It was great. I was happy to see other people that could relate to his character. I was already on another Brat show, Attaway Appeal that did a crossover into Chicken Girls.

What was the Brat show like to work on and do you have any highlights from your time working on set?

Working with Brat taught me a lot about being on camera and working with other cast and crew. I became friends with everyone at Brat and on set. We all got really close on and off set. I will always be thankful for the opportunity and never forget my time working on the show.

Earlier this year, you were seen as Roland Doe in the documentary of The Exorcism of Roland Doe, how was this?

This was really a great documentary. I had never done anything like this before so this was cool to experience. The story was to correct the original story as it was a boy and not a girl who this really happened to. The house we filmed in felt very much like what he would have felt during his experiences and was known to be haunted. Learning about the story was fascinating.

You’ve also worked on a number of commercials, can you tell us about some of them and what do you enjoy most about commercial work?

Commercials are great. I love working on them. They are usually a day or two shoots so they are pretty quick unlike a series or movie. My favourite would be the Nerf commercial as I had Nerf guns growing up and I got to keep the one in the commercial.

Where does your love of acting come from and how did you start?

My sister, Dylan and I grew up on a small ranch. We had room to explore and make up stories and pretend we were other people. We used our imaginations to pretend and basically acted like we were someone else. We eventually went on to Hip Hop, and danced competitively mostly in Northern California. I think it was a natural progression to start acting. We attended an industry showcase that was put on each year in Los Angeles and both agents and managers go to recruit new talent. We were offered meetings by both and won awards in commercial and theatrical sections of the event. My parents then decided to move to Los Angeles and give it a go.

Do you have any favourite TV shows or films to watch?

I really like the crime/cop shows. SWAT, The Rookie (my sister, Dylan is guest-starring in it Season 3) and The Chicagos. I like action movies, loved Transformers, love anything with The Rock and Kevin Hart in. I also watch Netflix shows depending on my mood.

How did you find the experience being part of the Boys of Summer tour?

Boys of Summer was great. Travelled for about four weeks across the US and back. Every day was a different state and show. I got to meet so many supporters and met a lot of new people who are now my friends.

Can you tell us about your TikTok account and what encouraged you to start uploading videos?

I started with TikTok when it was and liked the short form videos I could create and share. It’s really fun to collab with friends on there and you can just be yourself. You don’t have to be perfect or act perfect, it’s real and authentic.

What’s it like interacting with your viewers and seeing their response to the videos you upload?

I love when they show love under the videos as it motivates me to continue making them. My hope is that they make them laugh or make their day. I wish that I had time to engage with everyone more. Sometimes the videos I post that I think aren’t so funny are the ones that do the best and people love. It’s a fun crazy app that I am on daily.

We understand you are doing acting, dance and vocal training, can you say more about this?

Since acting is my main focus, I take weekly acting classes and work with my scene partners when I can. I dance with my sister, Dylan for content but don’t take any official classes. I do some vocal training so if I am asked to audition for something that has singing in it I am ready.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time and what plans do you have for 2021?

I hang out with my friends and my family in my spare time. Now that things are opening up we try to get out and enjoy life again. I am hoping that 2021 is my year to book something big and exciting.

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