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With Andrew Patrick-Walker announced last year to be in the cast of CASES, which was due to open at The Other Palace before the pandemic closed theatres around the world leaving the show unable to open, the musical have recently released a cast recording. Just before theatres closed, Andrew appeared in the Queer Collective’s production of Housewerk and his previous musicals have included the European premiere of Brooklyn the Musical, the revival of Jerry Springer – The Opera, the world premiere of Bat Out of Hell and Hair at Hope Mill Theatre. During the pandemic, Andrew has been involved in the streamed concerts The Road To Prominence and Break Free, and he has also written his first solo EP which will be released this summer. Speaking with Andrew, he talks about recording the CASES album, being in the European premiere of Brooklyn the Musical and what he’s been up to during the pandemic.

Before the pandemic closed theatres, you were scheduled to open in CASES at The Other Palace, what were you looking forward to most for appearing in the production?

I was really looking forward to performing with an amazing cast and creative team, Sabrina Aloueche, Adrian Hansel, Maiya Quansah-Breed, Grace Taylor, Dominic Powell and also performing at The Other Palace as I hadn’t had a chance to until this show.

The CASES cast recording has recently been released, what was it like to record and what’s the response been like to it?

To record has been amazing, in a time where there’s so little work. It was amazing to be asked back to this project and collaborate with everyone. The reaction’s been amazing, so many people messaging and enjoying the album and connecting with the work is always so exciting!

Can you tell us about performing in Housewerk last year?

Housewerk was a queer-focused community theatre project discussing queer nightlife and the role it plays in growing up. It was a very collaborative piece, with Alistair Wilkinson at the helm, we wrote and discussed personal stories and important topics around safe spaces, drugs and acceptance. It was a really rewarding project to be a part of.

What was Street Singer like to play in the European premiere of Brooklyn the Musical and what was it like to be part of?

It was a dream to play, and I loved singing that score! Originally I was cast as the male understudy but after performing at West End Live I was given the role, which was an amazing upgrade to be fair. The music in the show is phenomenal and to get the chance to sing it every night really was amazing. Also, working with our amazing cast, Hiba Elchikhe, Emily-Mae Walker, John Addison, Sabrina Aloueche, Ayesha Quigley.

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You appeared in the revival of Jerry Springer – The Opera at Hope Mill Theatre, can you tell us about playing Tremont?

It was an amazing experience. A really difficult show to sing for all the parts. To play that part and to also go in and discuss the landscape of the world with trans-rights and try and incorporate that into the revival was something very important to me and the team. An amazing show that needs to be brought to London again!!

How was your time in the world premiere of Bat Out of Hell at the London Coliseum?

It was an amazing time. A whirlwind. I learnt a lot on that job from working with amazing people like Sharon Sexton, then also travelling the world and mounting the show in Toronto. It was great to be the original cast and really be part of creating a brand new show.

What did you enjoy most about playing Margaret Mead in Hair at Hope Mill Theatre?

The collaborative process that the creative team made. It was a really special show to be a part of. Not only was everyone extremely talented but also really lovely and wanting to push one another to make the best work we could. That was a really special show.

What is it like working on the streamed concerts The Road to Prominence and Break Free?

It was great to be back doing some singing and just be collaborating with people again. This time away makes you appreciate it even more.

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Where does your love of performing come from and how did you get into it?

I always sang as a child, I was very shy but I did always sing. I think part of my performing came from learning how to navigate as a queer child in a working class northern town. You learn to perform to get through life unscathed and to read the room to be safe. Intense but on reflection, I think true.

What do you enjoy doing away from your career?

I love writing, reading, socialising, going to new places and coming up with the next project I want to conquer and achieve honestly.

Do you have any favourite TV or theatre shows to watch?

Cabaret and Hedwig and the Angry Inch are my favourite musical films, then I love to watch documentaries and Almodóvar films.

How have you been keeping busy in the time theatres have been closed?

I’ve been trying to be creative, writing my first solo EP which is out this summer as well as writing with other artists. I’ve tried to let myself rest, taking this time to recuperate as well, I think feeling like we need to be productive all the time isn’t helpful either. Just being has been hard but great when I achieved it.

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