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For his first regular lead role in a TV series, William Moseley played Prince Liam across all episodes of The Royals, which aired for four series from 2015 to 2018. William will be seen in the future releases of Land of Dreams, Medieval and Pencil Town, and over recent years, he played Dook Adams in In Like Flynn, played his first villain as Agent Bryant in The Courier and starred as Cam in The Little Mermaid. Having had his first major acting role in the film adaptations of The Chronicles of Narnia as one of the lead characters Peter Pevensie, William reunited with some of the cast for the Narnia episode of Prop Culture, which aired on Disney+ last year, featuring some of the props from the films. We caught up with William recently to talk about playing Prince Liam in The Royals, filming as Cam for The Little Mermaid and his time on set as Peter in The Chronicles of Narnia.

You’ve recently filmed for Land of Dreams, what is this like to be part of and what are you looking forward to for the release?

I had wanted to work on an artistic film for some time. When the Land of Dreams script came to me I knew I wanted to be a part of the story. Shirin Neshat, the director, is an Iranian visual artist. She is well-known for her photographs and her short films which have featured Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett. I met Shirin on Skype and we instantly connected. I spent two months in the Southwestern United States and had an incredible time there. The film is currently in the editorial process. I am looking forward to seeing it later this year.

One of your other films is due for release this year, is there anything you can tell us about playing Jaroslav in Medieval?

Making Medieval was a really fantastic experience. The director Petr Jákl is from the Czech Republic and had wanted to make the story of Jan Zizka for many years. He assembled a strong cast including Ben Foster, Michael Caine and Matthew Goode. I play Jan Zizka’s brother Jaroslav. I felt connected to the character in terms of having a brother in my own life and drew on that bond. The film is set to release either this year or next year depending on the pandemic. It will be an epic adventure for sure.

You will be appearing as Michael Peterson in Pencil Town, can you say more about this and your time on set?

The director, Jay Silverman, had wanted to make an ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ type of film and when he read Pencil Town he was set on making it. The writer Van Billet had lived Michael’s life before becoming a screenwriter. We talked a lot on set about his experiences in helping to save companies. The story really moved me and I felt it had a timely feel about workers’ rights. The film is set for a release later this year.

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Having played Agent Bryant in The Courier, what did you enjoy most about working on this?

When I was asked to play Agent Bryant in The Courier, I looked at the time frame the character has to complete his orders. He has almost no time at all and so the stakes go from high to extreme very quickly. I therefore made sure I did a lot of press-ups and jumping jacks on set in between takes. I also kept myself in the character’s mind frame while I was shooting. At a cast and crew screening I saw the film and was very pleased. It was cool, slick and very high energy. I hadn’t played a villain before so that was interesting how the character translated.

How was it being part of In Like Flynn and filming on location?

Filming In Like Flynn was great fun. We were on the Australian Gold Coast which has some of the best surf in the world. Safe to say I got out and made the most of it! My brother was there with me so we both found lots of things to do. I met some great friends there and still stay in touch with them. Errol Flynn was a man cloaked in mystery and legend so it was fun to bring some of those stories of his to life!

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What was it like filming as Cam in The Little Mermaid and how much did you know about the character before your time on set?

I really enjoyed making The Little Mermaid. We filmed in Savannah, Georgia which is a beautiful town on the south east coast. As soon as I read about Cam I knew I could bring him to life. He reminded me a lot of Peter in the Narnia films. They have a similar love and responsibility for their family. The filming was a fantastic process and we premiered the film in Florida to an audience full of children. One child asked Poppy (Drayton), who played the mermaid, whether it hurt to transform into a mermaid!

You played Prince Liam in The Royals, what was he like to play and what was it like returning to set for each series and reading what was next for your character?

I loved playing Liam in The Royals. I was very blessed that story came into my life. Every script kept me on the edge of my seat! I liked Liam because of his evolving nature. From playboy prince to an almost detective-like hunter, finding out who killed his father. We were fortunate that we filmed in such beautiful places like Blenheim Palace and Greenwich Naval academy. The show will always have a special place in my heart.

How was it having this as your first regular lead role in a TV series and seeing the viewers’ response to the show?

I was really excited to see how people would respond to The Royals. The show was loved by fans who found the excitement, drama and scandal unmissable. There will always be a fascination with Royal life and I’m glad people found a real connection with the show.

Was there anything that drew you to the role and what do you miss most about the character?

When I first read the script I knew people would love it. It felt like it was jumping off the page. Eleanor’s antics, Liam’s love triangle and the Queen’s connivances. It was fun and full of life. I miss being on set with the cast and crew and miss bringing the energy that Liam needed in every scene. It was a joy to be a part of.

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Your first major acting role was playing Peter Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia films, do you remember how you felt booking the role and can you tell us what the films were like to be part of?

I remember the moment I got the role and knew I’d be going to New Zealand to film. It was definitely a pinch me moment and I literally couldn’t wait to get on the plane. I’m really grateful that the filmmakers put a cast together that got on so well and felt like a family. We’re all still really close now. I would like to go to New Zealand again as it is an absolutely beautiful country.

What are some of your favourite memories from your time on set of Narnia?

My favourite memories are always when I was sword fighting or horse riding. I also just loved hanging out with the other cast members as we always had a laugh. We got to do some fun stuff like bungee jumping and whitewater rafting.

How was it reuniting with some of the cast for Prop Culture which was aired on screen last year and what was it like seeing the props from the film again?

Seeing the shield was pretty epic. I hadn’t held it for probably thirteen years so it brought back a lot of memories. It was cool after we filmed the episode as we met up with Andrew, the director and Ben (Barnes) who played Prince Caspian.

Can you tell us about some of your other screen roles which have included Tyler in Friend Request and Andreas Gruber in The Silent Mountain?

I loved playing Tyler in Friend Request, I wanted to make a college horror film as they’re kind of a classic thing to make. We filmed in Cape Town which is truly a stunning part of South Africa.

I filmed The Silent Mountain in the Dolomites in Italy, it was an incredible experience and not least because I got to work with Claudia Cardinale who is probably my all-time on screen crush. Once Upon a Time in the West, 8 1/2 and The Leopard are epic films.

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Was there anything that encouraged you to have an acting career and was it something you always wanted to do?

When I was ten, a casting director, Pippa Hall, came to my primary school and auditioned a bunch of kids. I thought the process was really fun and couldn’t believe this was a job. So I knew then that’s what I wanted to do.

What do you enjoy doing away from acting and what are some of your favourite TV shows and films to watch?

I love to surf, it’s always been a kind of meditation. I like running and biking. Films and TV shows; I’ve been watching Ozark, which is incredible. I saw American Gangster again recently, wow, what a film!?

Do you have anything planned for 2021 that you can tell us about?

There is talk of a few things but for now just have to wait and see.

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