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After making his West End debut in Everybody’s Talking About Jamie at the Apollo Theatre as Swing and cover Jamie in 2019, Adam Taylor has since gone on to join the touring cast of the production as Sayid and, once again, understudying the leading role of Jamie, with the tour having to be rescheduled due to the current pandemic. Adam has previously played one of the Little Pigs on the UK Tour of Shrek the Musical and covered the role of Donkey, as well as being part of the cast of MAMMA MIA! for the Royal Caribbean and, after deciding on a career in musical theatre at fifteen, he completed his training at Bird College. We found out from Adam about touring with Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, making his West End debut with the production and being in the cast of Shrek the Musical UK Tour.

You’re currently in the cast of the Everybody’s Talking About Jamie UK Tour, how had it been going before theatres closed?

The tour had been going really well. It was just a shame as we only managed to visit three venues. Hopefully the show will be back on the road very soon.

Do you have a favourite aspect of touring with the musical and have you had chance to go on as Jamie New on tour?

I think my favourite part about touring is visiting all the different cities, I love it! Yes, I was lucky enough to go on as Jamie for the last two shows in Northampton.

What is Sayid like to play and how would you describe him?

Sayid is a fun character to play, he’s completely different to what I was like at school. I’d describe Sayid as a bit of a try hard. He likes to try and fit in by playing up to classmates, but it doesn’t always go down very well.

You joined the West End cast in 2019 as Swing and cover Jamie, how was this?

Joining the West End cast in 2019 was very daunting as I had never swung in a show before, also covering the lead added on that extra pressure. It was a very exciting time for me as it was my West End debut. I loved every minute of my time on the show working with the amazing cast and team.

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Can you say about making your Jamie New debut at the Apollo Theatre?

I can honestly say it has been the biggest highlight of my career, getting the chance to lead a West End show. It was such an overwhelming experience. I remember finishing the show and thinking did that really just happen?

What was it like being a Swing in the show for your West End debut and how different do you find being in both productions?

Being a Swing on the show I found very difficult in the beginning as I couldn’t get my head around the fact of learning multiple tracks, I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it. In the end it became second nature and it made me laugh how worked up I would get after a long day of rehearsals. I have to thank my boyfriend for helping me through rehearsals.

It was very different being in both productions as we had different directors. It was challenging joining the touring production as I had to leave everything I’d learnt for the show in the West End at the door, apart from the dancing and vocals. It was a fab experience to recreate the same story.

You were Little Pig in the UK Tour of Shrek the Musical, can you say about your time in the role?

Being one of the Three Little Pigs in Shrek was so much fun as we were able to be silly and have fun on stage. The one hard thing about being one of the pigs were the costumes, they were so big and heavy you had to work extra hard to move in them.

While in the show, you also covered the role of Donkey, how was the experience?

Covering the role of Donkey was great. It was my first experience covering such a big part. I also got the chance to play Donkey which, again, was fun but nerve-racking at the same time. He’s such a fun-loving character.

What was it like being part of the cast and touring with the show?

Being part of and working with such a talented cast was amazing. It was my first time touring so I absolutely loved that side of things and visiting new places. At times it did get hard moving from venue to venue as the show was physically demanding, but overall, I enjoyed my time on the show.

What was it like being part of MAMMA MIA! for Royal Caribbean?

MAMMA MIA! on Royal Caribbean cruise ships was such a great experience, travelling the world and doing what you love is a great combination. The show, again, was so much fun to be a part of. You’re basically having one big party on stage.

Can you tell us about your training at Bird College and had you always wanted a musical theatre career?

My time at Bird College was very eye-opening as I had only decided I wanted to pursue this as a career at the age of fifteen. I didn’t realise how intense training would be, but I absolutely loved it. It helped me become a lot more independent as I had moved away from my family in Wales. Having a career in Musical Theatre wasn’t always on the cards for me. I loved performing, but I was set on having a career in sport until I was fifteen.

How do you like to spend your time away from acting?

I like to spend my time away from acting with family and friends, I also like to travel in my spare time.

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