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Earlier this year, Lucie Jones performed her headline concert at London’s Adelphi Theatre alongside the London Musical Theatre Orchestra (LMTO) which was recorded for her debut album Lucie Jones – Live at the Adelphi, due to be released this Friday 25th September. The album includes a new arrangement of her 2017 Eurovision Song Contest entry Never Give Up On You and also features duets with John Owen-Jones and Marisha Wallace. Lucie had recently been performing at the Adelphi Theatre as lead character Jenna Hunterson in Waitress the Musical, a role she was due to return to until theatres closed around the world for the foreseeable future, and reunited last month with her co-star David Hunter for their livestreamed concert. Amongst her previous roles, Lucie has played Elle Woods in Legally Blonde and Maureen on the 20th Anniversary Tour of Rent. We caught up with Lucie ahead of her debut album launch about recording Lucie Jones – Live at the Adelphi, working with LMTO and her time as Jenna in Waitress the Musical.

What are you looking forward to most for the release of your debut album Lucie Jones – Live at the Adelphi?

I have wanted to make an album like this for a long time. For it to be coming out this year and have 1500 audience members on the recording is really quite special. I am so excited to share it!

How was it recording at the Adelphi and what can listeners expect from the release?

Recording at the Adelphi was the most incredible feeling. I had been playing Jenna in Waitress the Musical at that venue for the best part of a year and loved every second of it. To go on stage as “Lucie” and have the audience with me was one of the greatest experiences of my life! I am so thrilled we recorded it so I can listen back in 50 years time!

Can you tell us about how you found the experience of hosting the concert?

The audience at the concert were so warm and welcoming, it was a joy to talk to them and share stories and songs together. I was TERRIFIED before the gig but as soon as I went out I felt very comfortable. They were fab!

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How did you decide which songs to perform for the album and how was it having John Owen-Jones and Marisha Wallace involved with a couple of tracks?

The set list on CD1 from the concert and CD2 from rehearsal etc are really quite personal to me. We literally sat together (myself and Freddie Tapner of LMTO) and talked through our favourite memories and songs from my career so far and put them together with tunes that we’ve never had the chance to play together before. It was a no brainer to add Marisha and JOJ to the album – they’re both good pals of mine and incredible singers. It was not a difficult decision!

Can you say about working with the London Musical Theatre Orchestra (LMTO) on the album?

LMTO are, simply put, a complete thrill to work with. The skill level of every single musical in their company is astounding. Their ethos of “we love musicals and want to play them well” makes for a fantastic atmosphere and a passionate playing style. I love working with Freddie – he is full of passion and energy on and off stage! The LMTO team are second to none. I love working with them and I can’t wait to do it again.

The album includes a new arrangement of your Eurovision song Never Give Up On You, what was this like to perform, and how did you find the experience competing for the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017?

This was a moving moment of the live concert for me. Never Give Up On You is a song that holds a very special place in my heart and to hear it being played so lovingly by such incredible musicians brought a lump to my throat! Eurovision was a great experience. The team from the BBC who were with me throughout ESC were at the concert at the Adelphi and knowing we were there celebrating that in that moment was really cool.

📷 : Darren Bell

How was it performing as Sporty Spice at the Spice World drive-in concert at the Troubadour Meridian Water?

SO MUCH FUN! People beeping their horns and flashing their car headlights instead of being able to applaud out in the open was a highlight for me. Something about lockdown I will never forget!

You’d recently been playing the lead role of Jenna in Waitress the Musical, how was this and what was the show like to be part of?

Jenna is a dream to play. Playing a real human, with flaws and real relationships is so rewarding. Her story is heartbreaking and really amazing to explore as an actor. The music is STUNNING. Sara Bareilles is a genius. I love that show so much.

How was the atmosphere on stage at West End Live?

Unbelievable! The electricity from the audience at West End Live last year is something I will hold on to forever! Tens of thousands of like-minded musical fans enjoying a moment together in the sunshine – everyone was buzzing. The videos from that day will go down as some of my faves ever!

📷 : Darren Bell

What are some of your favourite memories from your time in the musical?

Working with David Hunter, as the Dr, is something I will cherish. Dave and I have become really good pals through the process since the first audition and had such fun on stage together! There were a lot of laughs on and off stage with the whole company. We had a great time!

How was it seeing the response to your livestreamed concert with your Waitress co-star David Hunter and how did the event go?

So brilliantly. Although I did accidentally knock the Wi-Fi router plug just before we went live… apologies to the audience for the delay in start! It was soon forgotten though. We had a brilliant time reminiscing and singing together again!

Can you say about your time as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde at Leicester Curve and on the UK Tour?

Elle Woods is a fantastic role to play. Her qualities as a human and the struggles she faces in her story through the show are really great to play but also important for an audience to see. I would play her again in a heartbeat. Especially if they reran the season at Curve – Nikolai and Chris run an incredible building there. I would go back without hesitation!

📷 : Darren Bell

What was it like being part of the Rent 20th Anniversary UK Tour as Maureen?

BONKERS! Maureen is a force to be reckoned with. The production was one of my favourite things I have ever done. Bruce Guthrie (director of Rent 20) guided us through the script and the story with full heart and incredible passion.

Where does your love of singing and acting come from and how did you get into both?

I have always loved music and musicals. My mum says I used to sing before I could talk (classic!) and I can never remember wanting to do anything else. I have taken every opportunity to get involved in both disciplines since I was a kid.

What do you enjoy most about performing to an audience?

I love connecting with an audience. Especially in a musical. If you can get to the end of your performance in a musical and you have moved people with your story, made them feel something or given them a moment of escape from reality, you can see it all over their faces. It is an incredible privilege.

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