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With the HBO series Lovecraft Country premiering in the UK today on Sky Atlantic, Chase Brown will be seen playing the role of Young Atticus Freeman across the series, sharing the character with Jonathan Majors who plays the adult Atticus. The new thriller will follow lead character Atticus Freeman searching for his missing father in the 1950s and will see him face racism and other struggles along the way. Earlier this year, Chase appeared in a few episodes of Ruthless, where he was directed by Tyler Perry, and along with working on two major series so far in his career, he has also filmed a couple of commercials. Recently, Chase answered our questions about filming for the release of HBO’s Lovecraft Country, playing the role of Young Atticus Freeman and working with Tyler Perry on Ruthless.

How did you feel booking your role in Lovecraft Country?

When I booked my role for Lovecraft Country I felt really excited because this was my first TV role. It was the first time I had ever been on a TV set. I got to meet a lot of new people and see how they prepare for television shows behind the scenes.

What was the show like to film?

The show was really fun. I got to spend my day with some great actors. I got a tour around the set and I got my own trailer.

How was the experience working on a HBO Original production?

It was a great experience working on a HBO Original! I learned a lot of new things and met a lot of great people! Being a part of a HBO series is exciting to me because it has been around for a very long time and many great actors have been a part of HBO. Their viewers look forward to their upcoming shows and HBO has been known to have some great series that are produced at a big level.

What are you able to tell us about the upcoming series?

I can tell you that this upcoming new series Lovecraft Country is a thriller, it’s going to be a must-see and it is about a man named Atticus Freeman travelling to find his father. However, that travel is not going to be easy!

What are you looking forward to for the release?

For the release, I am looking forward to seeing the finished result and how everyone likes it.

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As Young Atticus Freeman, can you tell us about getting into character and working with the rest of the cast?

Getting into character I had to get comfortable wearing glasses and not being nervous. It was great working with the cast members I worked with because they were really nice and helpful. They were helpful because they always encouraged me and told me “good job”!

How did you prepare for your role?

To prepare I had to cut off my hair I had been growing three years and I loved my hair. I had to get comfortable wearing glasses, work on not being nervous and listening at all times. Michael K. Williams told me not to worry about my hair, it will always grow back, and that changing your hair sometimes is a part of acting. He was right because it grew back fast.

How long were you on set and how did you spend your time in between filming?

Because I’m still a minor, the time I was on set was within the guidelines for minors. When not on set, I sat in my trailer, ate food and did homework in my summer learning book.

How was it filming for Tyler Perry’s Ruthless?

It was a fun experience. I got to watch Tyler Perry direct the show and see him in action.

What was your character like to play?

My character was fun and interesting. My character got to have fun on set. I did not have to train much for this role. I got to learn how fight scenes were made which was very interesting and I got a chance to take direction from Tyler Perry.

📷 : Michael Justice

Can you tell us about some of the commercials you’ve worked on and what do you enjoy most about working on them?

I worked on a Belgard commercial and a commercial for asthma. I enjoyed them because they were easy to film and my set hours were short.

How did your acting career come about and is it something you always wanted to do?

I didn’t think much about acting at first because I loved basketball but my acting career came when I started doing speeches at school. I also liked watching actors’ expressions on TV, so my parents thought it would be great for me to try acting as well. I also love to read!

What do you love most about your career?

I like meeting other actors and being behind the scenes so that I can one day learn how to direct.

What are some of your favourite TV shows to watch?

My favourite shows are The Loud House, Raven’s Home and Teen Titans Go!. I like them because they are funny and really interesting to watch. They tell really good jokes.

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