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Only The Poets’ latest single Waking In The Dark has been released today (June 5th) on all streaming platforms, a song about mental health which was written on World Mental Health Awareness Day last year. The band sold out their UK headline tour, which included a date at London’s Scala, and during lockdown, they have been hosting geo-locked private livestreams for their fans around the world. Before venues closed for the foreseeable future, Only The Poets were supporting Louis Tomlinson on his world tour, which they will recommence for the rescheduled dates. We spoke to Only The Poets about releasing Waking In The Dark, their geo-locked private livestreams and touring with Louis Tomlinson.

Your new single Waking In The Dark is released today, can you tell us what the song is about?

It’s all about mental health and my own experiences of it. Writing it really gave me some comfort when I was at the lowest I’ve probably ever been. I want the song to help people realise that if you do struggle with it, you absolutely aren’t alone.

How long were you working on the release and did the song change over time?

This song was written very quickly to be honest and didn’t really change much from when it was first written. At the time of writing the song, I was really struggling with my own mental health which inspired me to write it. I was on the way to write and feeling really unmotivated on the day. I was having a bad day mentally and coincidentally it was World Mental Health Awareness Day, which is October 10th. I was scrolling through Twitter and reading so many inspirational pieces from people who suffer/have suffered and so much of it made sense to me. Up until this point, I had never really told myself I was suffering. The same day I wrote Waking in the Dark, and it felt like a huge weight had been lifted.

Why did you choose to release this song as your new single?

Obviously with what is going on in the world right now, lots of people are struggling because of the pandemic for various reasons. I hope this song can give people some kind of comfort and hope.

What’s your process of writing new material?

I always write about exactly what is on my mind. Whether it be a reaction to something happening in the world or about something directly linked with my life at that moment.

You sold out your UK headline tour, including a date at London Scala, how was it playing to sold out audiences and interacting with your fans?

Incredible. Our fans are our fifth member. Selling Scala out is the most special memory of mine to date. We love going around the UK and playing in all the different places, where two shows are never the same. Each city offers its own vibe and that is why we love what we do so much. Interacting with fans from all over is a really special thing.

Before lockdown, you were touring with Louis Tomlinson, how was this and what was the first night like?

Unbelievable. Barcelona was one of the best shows we have ever played. We were completely blown away with the support from the crowd and how many people arrived early to come see us play, it was pretty much full which every band knows is rare when supporting. Also, a huge shoutout to Louis for the incredible opportunity, and for being one of the most down to earth blokes ever!

What are you looking forward to for continuing the tour at a later date?

Every aspect to be honest. Going back out to Europe with your best mates, doing what you love in front of huge crowds we have always dreamed of playing in front of.

Can you tell us about the geo-locked private livestreams you are doing?

We wanted to make each livestream different and thought it would be a great idea to do them for fans from seperate countries, offering people a way more personal experience! We were so blown away with the amount of people that tuned in to the different streams from all over the world.

What do you enjoy most about performing at festivals?

The crowds, the vibe, the sun, the beer, the music.

How does it feel being an unsigned band having fans listen to your music around the world?

Pretty crazy and something we are so grateful for and still trying to get our head around!

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