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Having both a stage and voiceover career, Caoimhe Judd has appeared in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Matilda The Musical as Amanda Thripp, School of Rock as Summer Hathaway and made her West End debut in Les Misérables in 2013. Caoimhe is the voice of The Princess of Barkingburg in the Paw Patrol series as well as the two films – Paw Patrol-Mission: Big Screen and Paw Patrol: Ready, Race, Rescue! along with being part of the Puppy Ensemble for the Disney Channel series 101 Dalmatian Street. In 2014, Caoimhe was cast as Evey in live-action feature film The Quiet Ones, and last summer, she travelled to Los Angeles to study Acting for Film, TV and Theatre. To further her skills, Caoimhe has recently completed courses on makeup and sign language whilst the country is in lockdown. Chatting with Caoimhe, she talks about voicing The Princess of Barkingburg in Paw Patrol, working on 101 Dalmatian Street and her stage roles in the West End.

Can you tell us about voicing The Princess of Barkingburg on Paw Patrol and more about the character?

Voicing The Princess on Paw Patrol is so special to me because it was my first ever voiceover experience. When I am recording the show, I am talking to the team in the studio, but also to the team in Canada! I like how with voicing you can experiment and try new ways of saying lines to make them fresh! The Princess’s character is so bubbly and fun and she also looks a lot like me! She’s dramatic and funny and loves all things royalty!

📷 : Paw Patrol

You’ve recorded for a couple of Paw Patrol films, what were these like to be involved with?

The Paw Patrol films are excellent! They are super fun to record as the films are longer than the episodes on television. The team are so creative and I always have fun with them in the studio!

Have you attended any events for the franchise and what is it like working on a Nickelodeon production?

I attended the BAFTA screening when the Paw Patrol episodes were new to being aired. It was so cool to meet some of the cast and to talk about the show and celebrate it. Working on a Nickelodeon production is fun! I love seeing and meeting such dedicated people to their craft. The newer series of Paw Patrol are now available on Netflix! Which is amazing too! My favourite episode is Series 4, Episode 4!

📷 : Jimmy Judd

What’s it like recording your role in 101 Dalmatian Street?

The whole recording process is great. I get to be a dog! I like experimenting with my voice, making it lower, making it higher! Lots of barking too!

How long are you typically in the recording studio for this role and what does it involve?

Typically, I’m in the studio for one to two hours. The process involves experimenting with my voice, from lines in the script to just simple noises.

📷 : Jennifer Evans – Disney Channel – 101 Dalmatian Street

What do you remember about being on set of The Quiet Ones and working with the rest of the cast?

It was such an amazing experience! I had four days filming on set, working alongside Sam Claflin, Jared Harris and Olivia Cooke. Everyone off set and behind the scenes was so welcoming and so lovely. Looking back at the time working on the film, I remember giving Sam his birthday cake!

📷 : The Quiet Ones

We understand you studied TV and Film in Los Angeles last year, can you say more about this?

I travelled to America last summer to Los Angeles to study Acting for Film/TV/Theatre. There I met the kindest coaches and the best of friends! I stayed at the AMDA campus and spent two weeks there on Hollywood Boulevard. There I filmed my showreel and learnt new techniques I’d never tried before! I learnt some behind the scenes roles too. I learnt how to use the boom mic, slating and even being a camera woman! When we would walk down to the acting studio, we would walk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame (the brass stars on the floor). I will always cherish that memory. Another memory I will always remember is the two earthquakes I experienced (A 7.1 and a 6.4 magnitude). That was scary for my mum and dad watching the news in England!

What was Summer Hathaway like to play in School of Rock and can you say how you felt when booking the role?

Summer Hathaway was super fiery! I enjoyed playing her characteristics because she’s a lot different to me in real life. I loved telling the story of School of Rock, it felt so relatable and I loved rocking out and dancing to the songs! When booking the role I was overjoyed! It was my first lead role in the West End so I was super excited to start!

📷 : Daisy Galforg – School of Rock

Can you say about your time in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Matilda The Musical as Amanda Thripp?

The Royal Shakespeare Company’s Matilda The Musical was very rewarding! I loved playing Amanda as I was swung around by my pigtails! I had never professionally danced before I got into the show, so dancing on stage was super exciting and new! In the show, there is also a gym scene. I had never done any type of gym either so that was fun too!

How was the experience being part of the cast of Les Misérables and making your West End debut?

Les Misérables was my first West End show which holds a true place in my heart. I had the most loveliest chaperone, her name was Elaine, and worked with such a talented cast. I made good friends with my Jean Valjean, Daniel Koek. He invited me to sing at the Royal Albert Hall for his album launch, also to perform at West End Sessions and we still talk to this day.

A memory I will always remember is one of my first shows. On this specific show, my mummy was sitting in the sound box and the man turned round to her and said “Caoimhe’s mic has failed!”. The orchestra lowered the volume of their instruments and I just sang my heart out!

Les Mis has been in the West End for thirty-two years. It was amazing to be a part of such an iconic and loved show.

📷 : Inge Ballard – The Quiet Ones

Do you have a favourite theatre show to watch of all time?

Very iconic, but Les Mis. I love the storyline and the beautiful songs and harmonies. I recently watched the new production of the show a few months back and fell in love with it even more! A beautiful set with a talented cast.

How have you found the experience learning sign language while the country is in lockdown?

When I was around ten, I filmed a short film called With or Without. It was based on a real life story, about a girl called Samantha and her childhood of being deaf. In the short, I had to use sign language, but only a few sentences. Since filming With or Without, I have always wanted to learn sign language and I thought what better time than now! I am so glad I have completed the course, even though I am still very basic, because it’s such a good skill to have.

📷 : Inge Ballard – With or Without

You also completed a makeup course, what was this like to do?

I am not one for wearing makeup, I keep my skin very natural, but I thought it would be fun to learn how to properly apply it to others. I love colour so I wanted to create fun and creative looks!

What encouraged you to have an acting and voiceover career?

Ever since I could watch and truly understand TV, I’d always asked my mum “how do I get on the other side of the TV screen?”. I was around six years old and my mum and dad were both working full-time jobs. We all knew that we didn’t have the time to fully dedicate ourselves. So, when I turned seven, my mum had changed her job and it was less full on, so I asked and asked until they finally gave in! I got myself a brilliant agent, Michelle Kirby at Daisy and Dukes and it all started there! In recent years, I have looked up to Anne Hathaway and Julia Roberts. Their versatility in roles is what I admire!

How do you like to spend your free time?

I love all things adventure, travel and fashion! I love hanging out with my best friends and my family. As I am an only child, I love to hang out with my mum and dad, we always have a laugh and have the best time together. I play my ukulele and love to bake too! I love going to new countries and experiencing different places.

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