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Whigfield has recently released her new single SUGA which hit Number One in the Music Week Upfront Chart and Top Three in the Cool Cuts, having first launched the song anonymously as I.D. Over recent years, Whigfield has released music under her birth name Sannie Carlson before making the decision to go back to Whigfield for SUGA. First releasing music in the 90s, one of her hits Saturday Night was recently used by Dublin residents for a lockdown video which went viral. We spoke with Whigfield about her new single SUGA, returning to the music scene as Whigfield and the difference between releasing music now to the 90s.

For those that haven’t heard your new single SUGA, how would you describe the sound to them?

It’s a fresh upgrade from my older stuff. Both for club and very radio friendly (the clean version) 😃.

What made you decide to release the track anonymously as I.D first?

After releasing house music under my birth name, I just wanted to test the grounds and have people listening to the music before any judgement.

Was there anything that helped you decide to release this single as Whigfield instead of as Sannie?

The song was different from the other tracks I’ve released, and I thought it had the right sound for a Whiggy comeback.

How does it feel being back with new music as Whigfield?

It’s awesome! I’m having so much fun working on fresh beats and today I’m much more aware of what’s going on musically.

What’s the feedback been like to the release so far after it was revealed to be your new single?

So far, the feedbacks have been surprisingly good. I don’t think anyone thought I’d come back with something like this. Both DJs and radios have been treating me really well.

SUGA - single sleeve (3000x3000) copy

How did the single come about and how long were you working on it?

I was living in London a few years back and got two great producers together, Gigi Canu from the Italian band Planet Funk (Chase The Sun) and Sonny Reeves. We just clicked straight away and had such a laugh working together. SUGA was done more or less in a day’s work.

How different is it releasing music now to releasing music in the 90s?

Nowadays there’s a lot more competition. Everybody’s releasing new music every single day and it’s harder to break the market. But on the other hand, you’re closer to your fans by connecting via social media which is quite fun.

What plans do you have for future releases?

I’ve got a few ideas on my laptop, so as soon as the lockdown permits me to travel and co-work, I’m on the next plane to London for more studio work.

While in lockdown, some Dublin residents went viral when they danced to your 90s hit Saturday Night, what was this like to see?

Sky News contacted me because of that so it was pretty awesome. It was so funny to see all the people respecting the social distance to do the dance.

What music do you enjoy listening to and who would you most like to collaborate with?

I hardly listen to any other music when I’m working on my own. My dream would definitely be a collaboration with the Vengaboys. I admire and love them so much.

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