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Adam Hill
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Eva Yacobi is well-known amongst the young audience of YouTube series Kiddyzuzaa for playing multiple princesses, with the episodes streaming on the WildBrain YouTube channel to over two and a half million subscribers. Last year, Eva filmed a commercial for Dyson, recorded a voiceover for Tellytubbies, and performed on stage at Southwark Playhouse over the summer in My Son Pinocchio with British Theatre Academy. Most recently, Eva has taken part in short film Lockdown about mental health and mental wellbeing. Speaking with us, Eva chats about being part of Kiddyzuzaa, her voiceover role for Tellytubbies and her time on stage at Southwark Playhouse with British Theatre Academy.

Is there anything you can say about being involved with Lockdown for Spirit Productions?

I was very proud to be part of this short film which highlights mental health and mental wellbeing. It has such an important message reminding people that they are not alone.

What is it like being part of Kiddyzuzaa on YouTube?

Being in Kiddyzuzaa is really fun. The production team are really nice along with the other actors, making it really exciting. I especially love the fact we get to play all of the different characters because you never know who you are going to be until you get the script just before filming. The princesses all have different personalities and I love getting to play them all.


The show is very popular, what’s it like seeing the amount of views it gets and knowing so many children are enjoying watching it?

To be honest, you don’t really think about that when you are doing it. It’s just a great thing to be involved with and I love watching them back. I am always surprised with the amount of people watching it, it doesn’t feel real. One of my favourite episodes that I filmed has had over six million viewers which I can’t get my head around at all. I love that children enjoy watching it as we really enjoy making it.

📷 : WildBrain

Why do you think the show is liked by so many and why would you recommend children watch it?

I think it is liked by so many because it brings a modern take on being a princess. The princesses are really good role models. Also, the show is funny and Malice’s pranks, that tend to go wrong, are hilarious. After watching a few episodes you get involved in the princesses lives and what they are up to in Kiddyzuzaa land.

📷 : WildBrain

Can you tell us about your voiceover work with Teletubbies?

Doing the voiceover work was definitely different from the filming I’m used to. We were in a small soundproof room. I loved doing it and I got to sing which is one of my favourite things. It was an honour to be part of this iconic programme which I used to watch when I was a little girl.

Both Kiddyzuzaa and Teletubbies are part of WildBrain, what is it like working on their productions?

WildBrain are an amazing company to work for. They make you feel very welcome and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable.


You filmed a commercial for Dyson last year, how was this?

This was my first time doing a commercial and it was such a great experience. We shot the commercial in this incredible location over Christmas and it was beautiful. The production team were great. I was allowed to make my own artwork for the set which was really fun. They gave me presents to take home after the filming as well. There were lots of sweets and treats to eat on set so I loved that! I got to meet some really lovely people from the crew and from Dyson.

Can you say about performing in My Son Pinocchio at Southwark Playhouse last summer?

This was really fun. I still remember all of the dances now. It was such a great production to be involved with. It was a very unique show and everything was so cleverly planned out, it was an incredible experience to be part of.

Eliza Wilmot (2)
📷 : Eliza Wilmot

How was it working in this theatre?

It is such an amazing theatre with such an incredible stage. For the show, we were on stage or sitting amongst the audience at all times and this, again, was very different from previous shows I have done but I really enjoyed it. During one of the scenes, one night I ended up sitting next to my family who had come to watch me. It was so hard to keep a straight face and stay in character.

Eliza Wilmot
📷 : Eliza Wilmot

You’ve done a few shows previously with Rare Productions, can you say about these?

I have been in a couple of shows for Rare Productions. My first one High School Musical, when I was eight, was the first show I had been in. I totally loved it and it gave me the love of theatre and being in shows is definitely high in my list of favourite things. Another time, I played Mollie in Annie and this was just great. I am still friends with the other “orphans” I got to perform with.

How did you get into acting?

My dance school Innovation Dance started a Musical Theatre class which I joined and just loved. I developed a love for performing and acting from there really. The school also set up an agency and they offered me representation. It all just happened naturally after that.

by Adam Hill
📷 : Adam Hills Photography

Can you tell us about your training?

I attend weekly ballet and piano classes and have had singing lessons with the incredible Monica Acosta. I am a part of West End MT which involves five and half hours of acting, singing and dance training weekly. We get masterclasses with West End performers, directors, choreographers, musical directors and casting directors. It is phenomenal and my favourite part of the week. I have also recently started 1:1 acting classes and I feel these have really helped me.

What do you like doing in your free time?

I love doing art projects and my mum says I wake up singing and don’t stop for most of the day! My current obsession is watching Stranger Things! I also like bike riding and going for walks/jogs with my family.


What do you enjoy most about acting?

I love portraying and getting into the personality of other characters and learning their backstories.

Eva Yacobi is represented by Daisy and Dukes https://daisyanddukes.com

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