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In 2018, Hayley Tamaddon toured the UK as Millie Dillmount in Thoroughly Modern Millie and also played the role of Susan in Hope Mill Theatre’s production of Closets before joining the cast of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie in the West End as Miss Hedge in January last year. Amongst her screen roles, Hayley played Andrea Beckett in Coronation Street before leaving in 2015 where she then toured as Roxie Hart in Chicago and last year, she made her film debut in the release of comedy Eaten by Lions. Hayley competed on ITV show Dancing on Ice in 2010, which she went on to win alongside her skating partner Dan Whiston, and returned to the show four years later, where the couple finished as runner up. We caught up with Hayley to talk about appearing as Miss Hedge in Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, touring as Roxie Hart and her film debut in Eaten by Lions.

How was your time in Everybody’s Talking About Jamie as Miss Hedge?

I loved it! It was my first time back to the West End in twenty years! It was such a brilliant iconic show to be a part of and told a very important story.

What did you enjoy most about the show?

The cast. What an incredibly talented bunch! And the die hard fans were amazing! They were so supportive of the show and everyone in it.

You starred as Susan in Closets at Hope Mill Theatre, how was this?

Ah, the Hope Mill. I love this theatre so much. Built from scratch by two friends of mine – Will and Joe… to work there was a joy. Closets was just a brilliant show. I loved playing Susan, a totally different character to what I’m used to playing.

Having toured with Thoroughly Modern Millie as Millie Dillmount, what was this character like to portray?

This show was a dream come true! The cast… the role… I honestly didn’t think I could play such a huge role but I worked extremely hard to prepare for the part as it was so demanding on my voice and my body too.

📷 : David John

In 2016, you toured as Roxie Hart in Chicago, can you tell us about the experience of this role?

I saw Chicago when I was sixteen with Ruthie Henshall playing Roxie and I said to myself… one day I will play this part. And I did! It was a dream role and I feel so lucky to have done this show!

What do you enjoy most about appearing in pantomimes?

Panto is just a great thing to do! I love Xmas and I have been going to see pantomimes since I was child. I was in my first Panto at the age of four! And I’ve been doing them ever since! It’s such a family oriented piece of theatre where all the kids can join in!

Where does your love of musical theatre come from?

My grandad I think… I never met him but Mum says he loved to sing and dance. I’ve always loved it and since I was a little girl I’ve always been performing. I used to tap dance for the old ladies at the bus stop outside my mum’s cafe when I was six… they used to give me ten pence a dance!

Can you tell us about playing Sara in Eaten by Lions?

Eaten by Lions was my first movie… and wow, it was amazing! Such a great film with a great team! Sara was the mum of the family, she was a great character.

What was this film like to work on?

It was interesting to learn more about how film differs from TV. The director Jason Wyngard was amazing… I’m hoping he writes a sequel!!

📷 : David John

Do you have any favourite moments from playing Delilah Dingle in Emmerdale?

Oh so many! She was a great character! And I had so many brilliant storylines. Working with Lucy Pargeter was always brilliant fun, and Charlie Hardwick. I laughed a lot during my time there and it taught me so much.

You joined the cast of Coronation Street in 2013 as Andrea Beckett, what was this character like to leave behind a couple of years later?

I didn’t want to leave! I could’ve stayed forever. I loved my time at Corrie and I still see all my friends I met there.

After winning Dancing on Ice in 2010 with Dan Whiston, what was it like returning to the show in 2014?

Much harder! Haha! But what a dream to get to do that amazing show twice! And have Dan again to skate with! I was more confident the second time around… but it took its toll on my body!

Have you been watching any TV shows recently that you would recommend?

Oh so many… Noughts + Crosses was brilliant and In My Skin is a brilliant coming of age drama focusing a lot on mental health, and the cast and writing is brilliant. And of course, Corrie and Emmerdale!

Having recently given birth to your first baby Jasper, how have you found spending the first few months with him?

Ah little Jasper! He’s amazing but it really is the hardest job I’ve ever had! But the most rewarding! He’s got a proper little personality already and laughs all the time! I’m so lucky to have him… he’s completed our world.

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