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Twins Bianca and Chiara D’Ambrosio have had many roles in film and TV, most recently being seen together in the new release of To The Beat! Back 2 School and will be playing the lead roles of Regan and Frankie Sanders in yA, the upcoming spin-off to the multi-Emmy-winning drama The Bay. Separately, Bianca has filmed as Becky in Lady of the Manor, and Chiara has appeared in Disney+ series Diary of a Future President as Cassie. With their YouTube channel, Bianca and Chiara regularly upload videos including challenges, vlogs and covers, and are passionate about giving back to the community and are involved with a number of charities. Speaking with us, Bianca and Chiara talk about their roles in the upcoming yA series, filming for To The Beat! Back 2 School and their upcoming projects.

What can you tell us about your upcoming roles in yA?

Chiara – I play Regan Sanders on yA. She is a shy person at first. Once she meets her new friends she starts to open up and shares details about their past.

Bianca – In yA, I play Frankie Sanders. She is a very outgoing and fun character. I don’t want to say too much to spoil the character, but let’s just say she finds herself in some crazy situations.

How excited are you to be leading the spin-off to the multi-Emmy-winning drama, The Bay as Regan and Frankie?

Chiara – I’m so grateful to be leading in the spin-off with my twin sister as Regan and Frankie. We have dreamed for this moment since we were little girls and now it’s here and we can’t contain our excitement.

Bianca – I am so grateful and blessed to be a part of The Bay family. Every single person in the cast and crew have been so amazing to work with. I can’t wait to share to the world all of the hard work from everyone.

Was there anything that drew you to the script?

Chiara – For me, Regan and I are similar in many ways as you’ll see in the season. However, there are certain aspects and dimensions of her character that drew me to the script and urged me to find out more. At that moment, I knew I had to bring Regan to life.

Bianca – The character I play, Frankie, has so many layers to her. When I read the scripts, I was so excited that I got be her! Working with Emmy-winning writers like Gregori J. Martin and Wendy Riche is a dream come true.

Who do you think yA will appeal to and had you watched The Bay before booking your roles?

Chiara – yA will appeal to anyone because we have veteran actors like Gilles Marini, Ian Buchannan and Vivica Fox to name a few and we have a young adult cast too. I feel that The Bay followers will enjoy the show and cross over. I did watch The Bay previously before working on yA and all of the actors prepared me mentally on how to play Regan.

Bianca – When preparing for yA, I watched The Bay to understand her family’s dynamic. I think watching the show helped give me more information on her family life. I think yA will appeal to everyone. Our show gives everyone something to relate to. I think that is what makes our show so relatable.

How was it filming for To The Beat! Back 2 School as Macy and Lacy and working with the rest of the cast?

Chiara – Working on To The Beat! Back 2 School as Lacy was a blast! I was able to work with a few of our friends and got to meet new ones! It was great to work with Casey Simpson again. We worked with him on Nickelodeon’s Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn.

Bianca – I had a blast filming To The Beat! Back 2 School! The entire cast and crew were so fun to work with. The director Jillian Claire was great! She let us improv a few parts and she kept them in the movie.

Later this year, you will be appearing in Sci-Fi production The Code, what is this like to be part of?

Chiara – The Code is a futuristic movie that makes you think about immortality. When reading the script and being twins it was interesting to think about if someone decided your immortality but not at the same time!!!

Bianca – Working on The Code was so insightful. I got to work with and learn from the other actors. They gave my sister and I advice and helped us if we ever needed anything on set. Working with everyone was a blast!

How was your time filming alongside a cast including Katherine Heigl and Harry Connick Jr, in the future release of psychological thriller Fear of Rain?

Chiara – We really love psychological thrillers and this movie deals with mental illness and awareness. I got to work with amazing actors like Madison Iseman and Israel Broussard too.

Bianca – Filming Fear of Rain was amazing! I got to explore Florida for the first time, meet new people, and work with such amazing actors! I can’t wait for everyone to see it.


Another project you have coming out this year is Slapface, who will you be playing and what was it like to film?

Chiara – I had the pleasure of playing Rose on Slapface. It’s a character that’s nothing like me so it was fun to challenge myself. All the kids had stunts to do and they had an amazing stunt coordinator. Working with August Maturo and Mirabelle Lee was amazing because we created such a bond on set and you can tell while watching Slapface. Also, I got to work with the director Jeremiah Kipp for the first time and he was remarkable to work with.

Bianca – In Slapface, I play the role of Donna. She is a bit different than characters I have played in the past, which was very exciting. I got to perform stunts for the first time and explore Fishkill, New York with my fellow cast members. This movie gave me a great experience and friendships for life.

Chiara, what can you say about your role as Cassie in the Disney+ series Diary of a Future President?

Chiara – I played Cassie who is Monyca’s best friend on the show. This was the first time I got to work with Disney+ and I had a spectacular time on set. The cast members and I still talk to this day and I’m grateful that this project brought us together.

Bianca, we understand you are filming for Lady of the Manor as Becky, what can you tell us about this?

Bianca – I just came back from Tampa, Florida where we filmed Lady of the Manor. It’s a very, very funny movie written, directed and starring Justin Long. It’s a female buddy movie that also stars Melanie Lynskey, Judy Greer and Ryan Phillippe. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

How did your careers come about?

Chiara – Bianca and I’s career started when we were about three years old. I always loved Hannah Montana when I was younger and I always wanted to be like her. It’s crazy to say a fictional character encouraged me to start acting but she really did. After a few years we really started to love acting and ever since it’s been history.

Bianca – My sister and I grew up watching Hannah Montana. We always loved her message and what she pursued. When we were three, we started auditioning and landed the role of Summer Newman on The Young and the Restless and ever since then we have loved acting.

Can you tell us about your YouTube channel?

Chiara – Our YouTube channel is basically an insight on the days of our lives. We love to interact with our subscribers and show them what we do everyday.

Bianca – We love to post challenges, vlogs and covers. We have a vlog series called A Day in the Life where people can see the behind the scenes of our everyday life.

We understand you do charity work, can you tell us more about this?

Chiara – We have been a part of the Boo2Bullying organisation for years to spread love and share ways on how to stop bullying. This organisation is really important for us to be part of since we were bullied. Also, we give back to the Best Friends Animal Society and share posts about ending Animal Abuse and Puppy Mills. We feel very strongly about giving back to the Alzheimer’s Association since our grandmother was diagnosed a few years back.

Bianca – We love to give back to the community. We also give to ASPCA, St. Jude Children’s Hopsital and many more. Everything helps big or small. It’s important to give back and if you cannot do it financially, then volunteer.

How do you like to spend your free time?

Chiara – I like spending my free time hanging out with friends, playing tennis, and swimming. We also read a lot. We each read thirty novels last year.

Bianca – I love spending my free time with my family, friends and my dogs. I also love to play tennis with Chiara, play the piano, and work on my screenwriting.

What are your upcoming career plans?

Chiara – This year, we hope to see our projects come to the big screen. To the Beat! Back 2 School is out now on Amazon and iTunes.

Bianca – We have a few projects we are so excited about coming out this year, which we can’t wait to share with everybody! We have been working on some new music and have already recorded a new version of one of our old songs.

Bianca & Chiara – Thank you so much for the fun interview xoxo B & C

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