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With NatWest MoneySense Commercial, Tallulah Conabeare stars as the young girl collecting the pound from a supermarket trolley across all social media platforms and TV. Tallulah has filmed other commercials including for Hilton Hotels alongside Anna Kendrick, and she is well-known to children over the country as the voice of Candy Cat in Peppa Pig on Channel 5. For her first feature film, Tallulah voiced the role of Evan in The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales where she worked alongside a cast including Giles New and Celia Imrie. Chatting with us, Tallulah talks about filming the NatWest commercial, voicing the role of Candy Cat and working with Anna Kendrick for Hilton Hotels.

You voice Candy Cat in Peppa Pig, how is it voicing this role?

It’s great, and also funny, because I watched Peppa Pig when I was little and I always liked the character Candy Cat, and now I’m her. It’s great fun, the people are really nice. It’s exciting seeing my name on the credits.

How would you describe Candy Cat?

She’s a bit mischievous, loves her parents, she’s inquisitive and loves playing with her friends.

📷 : Peppa Pig

How often are you in the studio for this role?

Well, they tend to put all of Candy Cat’s lines together for lots of different episodes, so I can get a lot done in a few sessions.

What’s the best part about being involved with the Peppa Pig series and how did it feel booking the character?

Every time I’m having a nice chat with someone, and they ask me about what I do and what I’ve done, I say I’m Candy Cat in Peppa Pig and they get so excited because everyone knows who Peppa Pig is. It’s a fantastic show to be a part of. My mum picked me up from school and told me that I’d got the part of Candy Cat, and I thought she was joking because that stuff doesn’t happen every day. I was really chuffed.


What TV shows do you enjoy watching?

I watch a lot of American TV shows on Nickelodeon like The Thundermans, and Liv and Maddie and K.C. Undercover on Disney, and my mum has just introduced me to Glee. I loved watching His Dark Materials and Worzel Gummidge. Also, Operation Ouch! and Horrible Histories are fantastic.

Can you tell us about voicing Evan in The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales?

Evan was kind of the cool, feisty chick of the three, who at times could be mischievous, for example calling the Big Bad Fox names. It was really amazing to play her, and really fun too. I worked a lot with Giles New, who played the fox, and he was a wonderful actor who I learnt a lot from.


What do you enjoy most about voiceover work?

I love that you get to do several episodes, and it doesn’t take as long as filming. The room is cosy and it’s fun having the equipment all around, and seeing my voice come to life in a character.

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📷 : A P Wilding www.apwildingphotography.com

You’ve worked with Karrot Entertainment in Tish Tash and Jade’s Jammies, what can you tell us about these?

I love working with Tim O’Sullivan who directed both, he makes it so fun and exciting. Instead of just reading the lines, he makes it into an imaginary rollercoaster, I can really see my character doing all the things I’m saying. We almost create the character as we go along. We recorded 52 episodes over six months on Thursdays after school. I play Tash, the blue bear, she’s Tish’s imaginary friend who makes everything fun.


How did you find the experience filming the NatWest MoneySense Commercial?

This was so much fun, as I got to strut around and pull lots of different facial expressions. The director was really encouraging and seemed to really like what I was doing. There were fireworks exploding, that I had to ignore, it was just me and my coin. The camera was on a track and I was literally chasing it, it was exhilarating and sooooo much fun.

📷 : NatWest MoneySense

How long were you filming and what did you enjoy most about your time doing it?

We shot for two days filming, and then we had a day for stills. I enjoyed flipping the coin and the magic trick, I got pretty good at it. It was freezing cold, if you look closely you can see my pink nose.

B&Q onset

You’ve appeared in other commercials including Hilton Hotels with Anna Kendrick, can you tell us about some you’ve worked on?

I’m a huge fan of Anna Kendrick, as I’d seen her in Pitch Perfect and Trolls, so I was thrilled to be working with her. I had to have an American accent and she helped me with it, she was really sweet to me and encouraging. She’s really funny and kept changing the lines. We were shooting in Amsterdam and it was really hot, we also got to have a look around whilst we were there. My mum and I rode our bikes to Anne Frank’s house, its so cool shooting abroad.

I’ve also shot a couple of adverts with my younger brother Wilbur, for B&Q and F&F, it’s nice working with him, I usually tell him what to do.

📷 : F&F – Fashion at Tesco

How did your career come about and is it something you always wanted to do?

My mum is an actor and was a kid actor too, so I was kind of brought up around it. I’ve always loved performing, and went to The Globe to see my first Shakespeare play at four, as our friend was performing in it. I remember getting a badge saying “All the world’s a stage”. At school I love science and art, so it would be great to combine this with acting too.

Why would you recommend young actors get into voiceover work?

Voice work is amazing. I’d recommend it as it’s great fun, and it gives you some amazing opportunities to work with fantastic people.

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📷 : A P Wilding www.apwildingphotography.com

What are your upcoming acting and voiceover plans?

I’m currently auditioning a lot at the moment, there’s a film I’m really excited about, but I can’t tell you about it just yet, however fingers crossed! Voiceover wise – Tish Tash should be coming out soon and I can’t wait for people to see it.

Tallulah Conabeare is represented by Hero Talent Group https://www.herotalentgroup.com and Loud and Clear Voices https://www.loudandclearvoices.com

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  1. What a brilliant little actress, I love this advert, her expressions are so good I would think she has a great career in front of her.


  2. The nat west ad is one of the best on TV, and it is down to this fine little actress. Makes me smile every time. I think the combination of her talent and a very skilled director makes it the best. I hope to see her career bloom, with film and major TV serials; there have to be great things in her future!


    • Yes, she is so talented, her face is so expressive, she will go far. Everytime I see that advert it makes me smile, I could watch her over and over again. I’m looking forward to seeing her future bloom, good luck little one. X


  3. Great fan of this girl absolutely blows me away I Asda advert so glad it’s back look forward to seeing her in the future all the best to her, please be sensible and good luck for the future! 😀


  4. We love this advert, the young lady is just great in this part, expressions perfectly timed, we hope to see a lot more of her in the future .


  5. I agree with all that’s been said. A real credit to her parents. Talent,intelligence,and looks, I am sure she will succeed in anything she wants to do.


  6. I love that ad, Tallulah has got such a sassy attitude. I always feel sorry for her when she doesn’t get to keep the pound. That lass will go far.


  7. I end up stopping what ever i am doing to watch the advert on the TV, The personality this girl gives out is fantastic , the strutting and faces pulled makes for compulsive viewing, all the best on your future work


  8. What can I say about this advert that has not already been said before. It is without doubt the best advert I have seen on T.V. for a long long time and it is ALL down to this young girl. Nat West have unearthed a true diamond here, a girl with superb talent. May she go on to have a super career, I certainly wish her all the luck in the world


  9. I live in Canada and see this advert on UK TV. The advert is one of the best that I have seen, and she is very cute. I wanted to find her name, so I Googled the ad! Surely she has a great future!


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