India Brown

India Brown
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India Brown started her role in Hetty Feather on CBBC in 2018 and has continued playing Lizzie in the show across the latest series, and in the same year, she could be seen as Amber in the David Walliams TV film The Midnight Gang. Last Christmas, India starred alongside Mackenzie Crook and Thierry Wickens in the remake of Worzel Gummidge and this year, has appeared in the new Netflix mystery series The Stranger, based on Harlan Coben’s novel of the same name. Chatting to India, she tells us about playing Lizzie in Hetty Feather, her recent lead role in Worzel Gummidge and being in the David Walliams TV film The Midnight Gang.

How did you find your time playing Susan in the new BBC series Worzel Gummidge?

I thoroughly enjoyed playing Susan in Worzel Gummidge because we got to work in the countryside which was a refreshing change and it was lovely to work outside in the fields surrounded by nature.

What was it like working with the rest of the cast and crew, which includes Mackenzie Crook?

It was very fun because it felt like we were all a big family and you always had someone to talk to on the long shooting days. I learnt a lot from Mackenzie because he was a very good director who always had an answer to any questions that we had.

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How did you find the experience starring in a remake of a much-loved classic?

It was quite an honour knowing that this was a popular series with a huge following in the past, and knowing that I would be able to participate in a new version with a modern twist was a great challenge. I was very eager to start learning more about my character.

You joined the cast of Hetty Feather on CBBC in Series 3, how did it feel booking the role?

When I found out I had got the part I was very excited because I had followed the programme up until Series 3!

Can you tell us about your character Lizzie?

Lizzie is a nervous, young and inexperienced scullery maid but deep down she is a sweet, caring and thoughtful character who would do anything for her friends. As her character progresses through the series, she opens up to the people around her and becomes more confident and I found her shyness very humbling which helped me really understand her.

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With Jacqueline Wilson writing the Hetty Feather novel, have you read any of her books?

Yes, I have read some and they are brilliantly written.

This year, you are appearing in The Stranger on Netflix, what are you looking forward to for viewers to see the series?

I had a challenging scene in The Stranger that I am looking forward to seeing. I hope that it comes across to the audience as I intended.

You appeared as Lysette in the Lift Up Your Hearts episodes of Silent Witness, what was this like to do?

It was a great challenge for me because it was highlighting some of the problems in society today. In addition to this, it was aimed at an older audience than I’m used to so I wanted to keep it as real as possible.

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Can you tell us about playing Amber in the screen adaptation of David Walliams’ The Midnight Gang?

Amber was a bossy (I’m in charge) character, which was fun for me to play as that is very different to my own personality so I tried really hard not to laugh many times because of how sassy she was in speaking to the new boy Tom when he came into the ward. As it turned out, she was very caring in the the end.

What was it like on set of the production?

Being on the set of the production was fun as all the cast got on really well. It was great working with David Walliams.

Who was your character Lena in The Athena?

Lena was the sister of the lead character Nyela played by Ella Balinska in the show.

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What do you remember most from your time filming for Topsy and Tim?

Ahaha, Topsy and Tim was a really long time ago! All I remember was the cast took a long time to put on my leg and I also remember in one of the scenes my mask had fallen over my face while walking with crutches, and I walked straight into the door. I wasn’t hurt but it was definitely one of my funny memories of Topsy and Tim.

Was there anything or anyone that encouraged you to get into acting?

My mum had encouraged me to pursue acting since she saw how much I enjoyed taking part in my primary school play, and I was also encouraged by my uncle and was supported by my headteachers.

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What TV shows do you enjoy watching?

I like to watch comedies and drama programmes.

Are you able to tell us your plans for the next few months?

I have some exciting projects coming up and I can’t wait to start them, but I can’t talk about them yet!

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