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Last year, Adelynn Spoon could be seen on screens around the world in the award-winning HBO superhero drama series, Watchmen, playing the role of Emma Abar alongside Regina King and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who played her parents. Adelynn booked her part on Watchmen from her first ever audition, and has since filmed for TNT’s Tell Me Your Secrets, along with setting up Serving Spoons which helps the homeless and children in need. We chatted with Adelynn about playing Emma in Watchmen, working with her on-screen family and running Serving Spoons.

You booked the role of Emma Abar in Watchmen with your first ever audition, can you describe how this felt?

When my agent called my mom and said, “She did it! She deserves the biggest ice cream cone you can find!”, I started jumping up and down! I was SO excited. And I got a gigantic ice cream cone. Cookies and cream – it’s my favourite. It was three scoops – as big as my head! I shared it with my brother and sister.

How did it feel being on set for the first time?

The entire cast and crew were SO awesome. We had the best time every day on set. We practiced our lines together, played lots of games, and even had dance parties! And they always have the best bacon 😉.

What is Emma Abar like to play?

She’s a lot like me! She loves her family, and enjoys spending time with them. She’s very inquisitive, and loves to learn new things. She likes to smile, and always has fun.

How are you finding working with your on-screen family?

I love them all! Regina King plays my mom – she is just amazing! She’s pretty much like my real mom. She also plays a superhero in the show, but I kind of think she’s one in real life too 😀. Yahya (Abdul-Mateen II) plays my dad, and he gives the best hugs! We have plank competitions in between takes. Chiselling our abs 😉. I love hanging out with my brother and sister on the show – we always have the best time. I have a brother and sister in real life also!

You attended the premiere, what was this like?

It was fantastic! I wore a princess gown in my favourite colour – pink. I got my hair done, and enjoyed the day getting ready. Walking the red carpet was a lot of fun, and when I saw Regina, Yahya and Frances Fisher again, I ran up to them for huge hugs!

The show’s been nominated for awards and won ‘TV Program of the Year’ at the AFI Awards, will you be attending any of the ceremonies and what’s it like seeing the show have success?

It’s all truly amazing. I hope to attend some of them soon! The show has really touched a lot of people, and I’m so thankful I’m able to be a part of it.

What can you tell us about your character Freya in Tell Me Your Secrets?

My character is a really fun little girl, and likes to do some of the same things I do! And guess what? Freya looks just like me 😉 …with a surprising twist!

What encouraged you to get into acting?

I’ve always loved the stage. I started dancing at my studio VDA when I was two years old. I’ve had a jazz solo since I was four. Performing is in my blood, I think! My older brother is also an actor. When I was five, I told my mom that I wanted to try acting as well. I enjoy every minute of it, and appreciate the team I have so much. From my agents, manager and publicist, to all of my dance teachers, instructors, and family that encourages and supports me… it truly means the world to me!

How do you prepare for auditions and learning your lines?

I read through the lines with Mom. We talk about the scene and what the feelings/emotions are. Then I try to put myself into that scene. Instead of just playing a role, I try to become that character. It allows me to portray that character and really bring them to life! I have a really good memory and can usually memorise lines very quickly.

How do you like spending time away from acting?

Outside of acting, I’m just a normal seven-year-old girl! I love my family, and we have a lot of fun together. I dance and tumble, play the piano and sing, play soccer, and enjoy any kind of arts and crafts! We like to travel and make memories 😀.

What are you enjoying most about having an acting career?

It’s truly doing what I love. I get to bring characters to life! It also gives me a great platform to make a difference.

Can you tell us about Serving Spoons, and how important is it to you?

Our parents have always encouraged us to help others in need. We hold sandwich drives and invite the community to join in. So far, we’ve made over 2,775 sandwiches for the homeless. We’ve collected hundreds of blankets and school supplies (including over 1,000 pencils!) for children in need. We save our own allowances and buy Christmas presents for kids at a local orphanage. We even opened a lemonade stand, and in just one day, we earned over $500 that was donated! We earned gold presidential service awards for our community service hours. We’re very passionate about it, and want to tell kids that no act of kindness is too small – you CAN make a difference!

What are your plans for 2020?

We have some BIG things on the horizon! ❤️ Be sure to follow me on Instagram.

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