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Carma Hylton is best-known for her role as Candi-Rose in The Dumping Ground, a character she has played since joining the show in Series 5 in 2017 and which she is continuing in the current series with each new episode airing on CBBC every Friday. During Series 6, Carma acted with Dani Harmer who returned to the show as Tracy Beaker for Mike’s Wedding, and alongside filming for The Dumping Ground, she continues training at D&B Academy of Performing Arts and has appeared in commercials. Answering our questions, Carma talks about joining The Dumping Ground, playing the role of Candi-Rose and what she enjoys about acting.

How did it feel booking the role of Candi-Rose in The Dumping Ground?

It was the most unbelievable feeling as it was unexpected and it had always been my dream show to be in.

What do you remember from your first day on set?

I remember everyone being really welcoming and kind.

How would you describe Candi-Rose?

Bubbly, OTT, overexcitable and a very imaginative, away in the clouds kind of character.

Have you had a favourite storyline to film?

Probably one that is coming out this year in Series 8. Without saying too much, it’s where Candi meets her idol.

How do you spend your time in between filming scenes?

Hanging out with the rest of the cast, usually playing games.

Can you tell us about filming Mike’s wedding and having previous cast members return including Dani Harmer as Tracy Beaker?

It was so exciting because Dani Harmer was my childhood idol so getting to meet her was a surreal experience. I also loved getting to meet all the other old cast members who returned.

What was the atmosphere like when Connor Byrne/Mike Milligan left the show?

Although everyone was sad, it was something he wanted to do, so I respected his decision to leave.

How does it feel returning to the set to film each series?

It’s really exciting because you find out what’s in store for your character and you see all the crew and cast who you haven’t seen for six months.

Have you attended any events or award ceremonies while in the cast, and if so, what were they like?

I’ve attended a few events but the most special one was a Christmas party for children with cancer. It was really special as you could see how much they loved and enjoyed seeing you.

Was there anything that drew you to an acting career and what do you find most enjoyable about it?

I never thought I was going to be an actor, it was my first audition and I just ended up being perfect for the role. The most enjoyable thing I find about acting is being completely different, wearing clothes you’d never wear, doing things you’d never do. I’m usually quite shy so each acting role is like a different persona and it’s really fun to explore how that character would feel.

What do you enjoy doing when not acting?

I enjoy dancing, although I’m not the best at it, singing and I also enjoy baking.

We understand you’ve filmed a couple of commercials, what were these like to do?

Commercials are really fun to film as they’re usually only a day’s filming and you gain publicity and experience from doing them.

Do you have a favourite TV show or film?

I don’t have a specific favourite film or TV show but comedies are my favourite to watch.

What plans do you have for the upcoming months?

I’m currently focusing on my training at D&B Academy of Performing Arts, then I will be working on something exciting in a few months time which I’m unable to reveal at the moment.

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