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With Christmas animation Klaus being released on Netflix worldwide last week, Sky Alexis voice recorded for the film and attended the red carpet premiere in America where Zara Larsson performed her new song, Invisible, which features in the Netflix film. Award-winning Nickelodeon series Bubble Guppies returned this year with Sky voicing the role of Deema, and she will be seen as Rachel in the upcoming live-action Sci-Fi film Let Us In, due to be released in 2020. Answering our questions, Sky talks about her voiceover work, being part of Klaus and filming for Let Us In.

How did your acting career start?

When I was five, I was watching a hockey game with my parents and a girl came out and sang the National Anthem. I looked at my mom and said, “I want to do that”. She said, “of course you can, honey”. I said that I wanted to do it now. So, we went home and my mom taught me the song and taped me. We sent the video in to the stadium and by the next Friday, they had called me and booked me to sing the National Anthem. Once I got out there and felt the feeling of performing, I was hooked. That started my passion for acting and performing.


How was the feeling singing the National Anthem in stadiums?

When I first started singing, when I was five, it was really exciting to sing in front of all those people. My biggest stadium was of 11,000. I went from never singing in front of anyone then to singing in front of my family, to singing to a sold-out holiday hockey stadium of 11,000. I didn’t really focus on the crowd, I just sang the song.


What was Klaus like to be part of?

Klaus is Netflix’s first animated movie and it was also directed by the amazing Sergio Pablos, so I was very excited to be a part of something so magical. Any time you voice a character, you’re just seeing where you voice, not the entire movie or show. When I got to see the premiere of Klaus in the theatre, surrounded by my family, manager and agent, that was just really rewarding.


You attended the premiere recently, can you tell us how this went and what the experience was like?

Attending the Klaus premiere was the best experience ever! I loved my dress and I woke up super early to get my hair done. Walking on the red carpet was really fun and better than I had imagined. I loved sharing the day with my agent and manager, just celebrating everything. The movie was played in a beautiful theatre and they gave us lots of goodies to eat.


How did it feel booking the role of Rachel in Let Us In?

I was incredibly surprised and it was so amazing because my first day on the job was my tenth birthday and they sang me Happy Birthday in a cave, it was super cool! This movie is going to look really awesome.


What’s it like being part of the cast and had you worked with any of them previously?

I feel really grateful to be a part of the cast of Let Us In. I hadn’t worked with any of them before this movie so it was cool to get to know them. My favourite part of shooting the movie was shooting in a cave on a big movie ranch, it looked so real! We actually shot in two different caves. I also got to have a stunt double and do some really cool things that I can’t tell you… yet. I can’t wait for the Let Us In premiere.


📷 : Chris Evans Photography

You voice the role of Deema on Bubble Guppies, can you say more about this?

I do voice the role of Deema in Season Five, Episode One and Two, which is a Bubble Guppies special called A Royal Mess. I absolutely love the show and loved voicing Deema and I’m so thankful to Nickelodeon.


How are you involved with Marvel’s Ant-Man on Disney XD?

My very first voiceover character was voicing the daughter of Ant-Man, Cassie Lang, on the Ant-Man Marvel shorts on Disney XD. You can currently watch it on Disney Plus, which is very exciting! This character was super fun to voice because they just allowed me to be me.


What do you enjoy most about voiceover work?

I really like putting together my own characters by looking at the character and thinking about how they would say or do that. I also may add a little of my personality into the character. I also love that in voiceover I get to be someone else, a drawing and sometimes not even a human, I was once the voice of a chicken for two seasons. I was a singing chicken and she was very cute.


We understand you recorded a music video for your cover of Tik Tok, what was this like to do and would you like to film more covers for your YouTube Channel?

I had a blast filming and recording my cover of Tik Tok. It was my dream song to cover because it was so fun to sing and dance to! I had two of my really good friends in the video with me and the best production I will definitely be making more videos, but I think I will write my own song next. I’m looking for time to do that in 2020 and I’m already putting together a team.


What upcoming projects do you have that you can talk about?

Some projects that I have coming out are, of course, Let Us In, coming to theatres soon. I am part of a series coming out in 2020 and I am so excited for it because it is so fun, I know everyone is going to love it.


What are your plans for the next few months?

Well, Christmas is coming up soon so I’m looking into enjoying the holidays and getting ready to do some PR for the new year for my projects releasing soon.


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