Jada Malay

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Dancer Jada Malay choreographs her own routines to upload to social media, where she is proving very popular across all platforms and also enjoys cheerleading and performing at events with other members of her dance team. Along with dance, Jada is also a host and is hoping to break into acting and work with charities in the future. Recently, we spoke with Jada about her dance videos, coming up with her routines and her plans for her social media platforms.

What’s it like being an influencer on multiple platforms?

Being an influencer on different platforms is exciting and very special to me because I’ve always wanted to influence others and teach them how to better themselves, believe in themselves, and encourage one another. I get to influence through dance, and that makes me beyond happy. Each platform is different in its own way, and that’s what I love most.

What encouraged you to start uploading videos?

My close friends encouraged me to start uploading dance videos because dancing is my passion. I’m a bomb dancer so they encouraged me to upload because they too were putting their videos online and thought I should give it a try. It was a trend that a lot of kids my age were doing. It seemed like fun, so I tried it out, and it took off very quickly. Uploading on Instagram came at a later time because my parents didn’t allow me to have an account until I turned eleven years old, and well, I’m twelve now so you can see how quickly dancing has helped my platform grow.

Is there anyone on social media you enjoy watching?

I enjoy watching and looking up to Aliya Janell (@thealiyajanell). Aliya is a well-trained dancer and choreographer who teaches her own dance classes and performs at places I can’t wait to get to. She inspires me to dance every day. She’s consistent, bold, and amazing. A goal of mine is to become just as disciplined and professional as Aliya… if not more.

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When did you get into dance?

I got into dance when I was about three years old. I’ve always loved dancing with my family and friends but began dancing for a dance team when I was about eight years old. Dance allows me to express myself and entertain others while doing what I love.

For those wanting to know more about you, can you say more about your passion for dance?

I really enjoy and love dancing, it brings out the best in me. Dancing is not just a passion but a way of life for me. It keeps me fit, healthy, energised, and most importantly, it keeps me happy. I dance to encourage other aspiring dancers to do what they love no matter their skill level. I’m currently in the process of travelling to educate myself more in my craft and to meet the young people that support me every day. Be on the lookout for a Meet and Greet near you.

How do you come up with your dance routines?

Because I have a dance background, coming up with choreography comes naturally. Aside from dancing, I also cheer, so there’s a lot of dancing that comes with that sport as well. I watch some of my favourite dancers to become inspired and put my ideas together and VOILA. It also doesn’t hurt that I look at some of my older videos to perfect dance moves I’ve done before.

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We understand you would like to get into acting, have you done acting previously and what type of shows would you like to go into?

Unless you count the overboard concerts I have in my parents’ cars, no I haven’t done any acting on stage just yet, but I am doing drama club at my school and am hoping to get the lead role. I would love to get a role on Stranger Things, I love horror shows, and that is currently a favourite. I’m very dramatic so anything where I can showcase that talent is great lol. Every kid dreams of being on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon, and that includes me. Commercials and modelling is also something I plan to check off my list as well. I’m hoping to get my own dance show one day on a major network. I don’t think young dancers get enough shine, and I want to create that platform.

Do you perform at live events, if so, do you have any coming up?

Yes, I’ve performed at many big events. Most being with the dance team and more recently solo shows. I don’t have any upcoming shows but I will be in Atlanta October 11th-13th during A3C weekend for a meetup with a few other dancers, to network and attend a few industry events. Travelling outside of my hometown gives more people the opportunity to get to know who I am.

Can you say about your experiences as a host?

Hosting shows breaks me out of a different type of shell. When I dance, it’s a little different because it’s something that I already know. Hosting has recently become a new job for me and it has helped me be less shy about speaking and becoming more vocal and interactive. Being a host is pretty fun because I get the opportunity to hype the crowd up and be myself all while doing it.

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Are you involved with any charities, or are you interested in partnering with any?

I am looking into charities that are close with anti-bullying and helping animals. I love animals and am big on anti-bullying. I am at an age where bullying is at an all-time high, and I want to make a difference in this world.

What would you say to those wanting to get into dance?

Just go for it! Don’t be afraid to show people what you are capable of. Follow your dreams and give it your all. Practice, practice, practice, because if dance is what you really want to do, you’ve got to continue to perfect it every day.

What are your upcoming plans for your channels?

Right now, I am working on growing my audiences by giving the people what they want, and that’s dance. I have my YouTube channel launching this month, so I am very excited about that. I plan to vlog while I travel for shows, record tutorials on some of the dances I come up with, collabs with other YouTubers, but most importantly, inspire others. And… it doesn’t hurt that I’m a growing superstar right now so catch me on a TV screen near you.

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