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Model Elena Ramona has been announced as a finalist for Ms Great Britain with the event being held next year, and has received sponsorship from Aveda ahead of the competition to help with her journey. Also a singer-songwriter, Elena has released her single That Fire and has recently performed at London Pride along with having her music be played on local radio stations. Elena chatted to us about releasing her single, her sponsorship with Aveda and becoming a Ms Great Britain finalist.

What inspired your modelling career?

Growing up, I did not see any women on the catwalk I could relate to, I wanted to become a model to promote a healthy and positive lifestyle.

You’ve reached the Ms Great Britain finals; can you say more about this?

Sure, it has been a brilliant experience so far! I am so excited to attend the finals event in February 2020, meet new people and continue to spread a positive message within the beauty industry.

My main reason for entering this competition was to promote mental health awareness and a healthy body image.

How did you get involved with your sponsor Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford?

I was looking for a sponsor for the competition with the same values and beliefs as me, Aveda fitted perfectly, I have been a client of theirs and have always believed in their ethos, so it was a perfect match.

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What other modelling work have you been involved in?

I have been a freelance model for over three years now, I have also done modelling for local photographers and clothing lines.

I am signed to an agency in London called Models Plus Ltd, and I am looking to work with more agencies in the future too.

What are you enjoying most about your modelling career so far?

Modelling has given me a huge amount of confidence, it makes me feel empowered, I have met lovely like-minded people and collaborated on some cool projects.

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Can you tell us about your new song That Fire?

That Fire is an electro-funk song of mine that has recently been released as a single, I wrote the song to encourage anyone in a bad relationship to feel strong enough to know their worth and never settle for anything less than they deserve.

The song is available on all major digital platforms at the moment.

How did your performance at London Pride go and how did you find the experience?

Oh my goodness it was an amazing experience!! I loved performing in Leicester Square in front of such a positive and encouraging crowd.

Elena Ramona
📷 : Zoe Etter

What inspired your love of music?

Without trying to sound too clichĂ©, music has always been something I have adored, growing up I suffered with anxiety and music made me feel calm in certain situations, I did not have many friends in school and I would listen to my music and hope that one day someone would feel better listening to mine.

I have also always had a love for writing songs and telling the world my story the only way I feel I can.

Can you say more about your time on the BA (Hons) course in Vocal Performance at ACM?

The ACM gave me the tools to craft the musician I am today, I have treasured my memories there in and outside of the classroom.

As I am living in the same town, a lot of my friends are still around, and we are still all very close, I am very grateful for my time there.

What are your upcoming music plans and where can people see you perform?

I am collaborating with HMV in Guildford at the moment and will be arranging some live performances in store with them soon, my new song That Fire will be available for sale there soon too.

I am in the process of releasing a new song in October, which is quite different to my usual upbeat works, I am very excited to show you all what I have been up too.

I am going to be announcing some London gigs very soon, please follow my socials to keep up to date with my up and coming shows.


Where do you get your inspiration from for songwriting?

I get inspiration from my personal experiences and my motivation, which is to help other people through my music.

What music artists do you enjoy listening to and do you have a favourite designer or model?

I have a wide range of artists I like to listen to from Michael Jackson to Sia to The Beatles to Eminem, as long as the song is well-written, I enjoy it. As a youngster, I would listen to Pink Floyd on the way to school in the car, I think my mum still has their cassette tape somewhere!

My favourite model is Ashley Graham, she has changed the game and I would love to meet her one day and thank her for that.

Donatella Versace is my all-time favourite designer; her work is classy and unique.

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