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Halfway through his Northern Joker tour, Justin Moorhouse continues the show until early 2020, which includes a date at Brighton Komedia on 16th November. Justin also hosts podcasts, has written a Radio 4 sitcom and as a comedian and actor, has appeared on TV many times including Celebrity Mastermind and Celebrity Haunted Hotel. Answering our questions, Justin talks about hosting his ‘About 30 Minutes Never More Than 45’ podcasts, his current Northern Joker tour and playing at Brighton Komedia.

What can audiences expect from the Northern Joker Tour?

It’s a rollicking ninety minutes of brilliant crafted stand up – those are my words, it is funny though.

How has it been performing the tour so far and how are you preparing for the upcoming dates?

It has been going very well – I’m slap bang in the middle of the tour now, so it’s all ticking along very nicely – I’m really happy with the show.

Have you changed the show in any way since the start?

It morphs and changes early on, now though it’s locked in. Any new jokes I consider I’ll save for the next show.

You’re playing at Brighton Komedia on 16th November, what do you like about this venue and the Brighton comedy scene?

The Komedia is an absolute jewel – one of the UK’s best comedy spaces, can’t wait.

How different do you find performing at Edinburgh Fringe to touring?

The five-minute walk to the venue beats a four-hour drive.

What do you find the best aspect about performing to a live audience?

Instant approval and gratification – I am very shallow.

When did you decide to start your ‘About 30 Minutes Never More Than 45’ podcast, and can you tell us about it?

It’s been going a few years now, it’s very simple. Just me and the people I meet during the week, bus drivers, comedians, my dentist, my daughter, could be anyone. No agenda – just a chat.

You’ve written and starred in Everyone Quite Likes Justin on Radio 4, how was this and do you have plans to write more sitcoms?

Loved it. We did two series and gave it a go for a TV pilot. It didn’t quite make it. Always planning on writing a new one, got one bubbling away currently.

Is there a way to still listen to the show?

Not sure – it’s repeated often on 4 Extra.

What’s it like appearing in TV shows such as Celebrity Mastermind and Pointless Celebrities?

Good when you win (Mastermind). Awful when you don’t (Pointless twice).

Can you tell us about filming for Celebrity Haunted Hotel?

Ghosts aren’t real. My only fear was I wouldn’t get paid after saying that on the show.

You’ve also taken on acting roles over the years, what do you enjoy about being on set opposed to being on stage?

It’s nice to pretend to be someone else, though it’s not anywhere near as good as doing stand up. I love stand up comedy with every fibre of my being.

What comedy shows have you attended recently and what comedians did you grow up watching?

I watch loads. Trying to watch a special on Netflix or something every other day – you always can pick up some knowledge or technique which you can adopt. I loved Les Dawson and Billy Connolly as a kid, and Bob Monkhouse.

Apart from Northern Joker, are you currently working on other projects?

I need to sort my fence out at the back. Creatively, I’ve got an idea for a play, and I’m thinking about next year’s Edinburgh show and tour all the time.

NORTHERN JOKER is currently touring the UK and heads to Brighton Komedia in November.

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