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Last year, Liam Ross, Sean Killeen and Drew Dirksen came together to form new band RØYLS having previously been part of Over Atlantic and The Tide, with Liam and Drew from America and Sean from the UK. The band have released the music video for their debut single Savages, which was co-written with John Feldman, and have recently announced a headline show at O2 Academy2 in Islington, London. Chatting to RØYLS early this month, Liam, Sean and Drew talk about starting the band, releasing Savages and appearing on Radio Disney.

How did RØYLS come about?

John Feldmann reached out to us last year and wanted to work together, and we’re so grateful for that day. We ended up flying out to his house for a month and writing everyday together and slowly brought RØYLS to life.


You’ve all performed in other bands previously, do you think this has helped with getting the band started?

Massively! Especially since we all met playing a show together so RØYLS wouldn’t have happened without them. Also just general tour experience, the ups and downs of being in a band and the life lessons it’s taught us. We appreciate our past bands and what we’ve taken away from them.


What’s the reaction been like to RØYLS from the fans of your previous bands?

They’ve been so supportive and just incredible in every way. Couldn’t ask for a better reception from everyone on our socials, we love and appreciate you all.


How long was your debut single Savages in the making?

We wrote it last September! So I guess it was in the making for a decent while. We waited until April because we wanted to make sure all the fundamentals of RØYLS were exactly how we visioned before releasing our first piece of music.


What has the response been like to the release?

We’ve been blown away! The amount of time people have given us already is so heartwarming and the overall response to Savages has been great. The fans have been streaming and sharing daily which we appreciate so much and we’re thankful for the love Apple and Spotify have given us via playlists and Radio Disney putting us on rotation! To think our first single is playing on a national radio show daily is insane.


What was it like being directed by Erik Rojas for the music video?

We’re a big fan of Erik’s work, so it was such an honour that he was down to shoot the music video with us.


How much fun was it to film and what was it like watching it for the first time?

Yeah, it was a lot of fun! We love downtown LA and all the dope spots it has so it was perfect that we had the opportunity to shoot there. Watching it back for the first time was cool because it’s the first visual piece we’ve done as a band, so it was extra special to us.


How is it working and writing music together while being from different parts of the world?

The time zones don’t make it easy when it comes down to sending each other song ideas haha! But we click so well as writers together so when we write it just feels right, which is so important to us in order to create music we truly believe in.


📷 : Alex Bemis

What’s it like writing with John Feldman and have any of you worked with him previously?

John’s an incredible musician and person, it has been nothing short of an honour writing with him and there are many more songs to come together! His talent and way of life inspires us so much and we’re grateful to be able to call him a friend.


Can you tell us about appearing on Radio Disney?

Love the Radio Disney guys!! They’ve been so, so supportive of us from the start. It was fun going into the office and doing our first interview as a band with them.


Will you be doing any promotional work in the UK and do you have plans for any shows here?

We do have some shows coming up!

We have our first ever headline show on Wednesday 21st August in London which we cannot wait for! We actually can’t wrap our heads around the fact that we’re playing Reading & Leeds Festival and we’re also doing a UK run supporting the very talented Stand Atlantic!


What do you enjoy about touring?

Love meeting everyone that comes to the show! Love the feeling of being on stage and playing our music to a room of people who share the same love for our music, the travelling, the caving in to eating fast food after the show, regretting it then repeating that every night dilemma. All aspects of touring are great in their own way.


Drew, can you describe Sean in three words?

Saucy, British, determined.


Liam, can you describe Drew in three words?

Flippy, funny and frisky.


Sean, can you describe Liam in three words?

Lovable, top-shredder and curly.


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