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Kiddyzuzaa actress Scarlett Archer is most-known for voicing characters on the WildBrain KiddyzuzaaLand series including Malice and Esme, which has given her chance to interact with the young viewers at a number of events. Scarlett has completed work on new drama film Lighter, where she’ll be playing the role of Sophie and she previously made her professional stage debut at the age of five and has now a joined a theatre production company. Scarlett recently answered our questions about appearing in Kiddyzuzaa, her stage debut and her future roles.

What do you remember from your professional stage debut?

I was five when I was playing a little girl in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, it was so fun. Everyone was so kind and caring and really took care of me on and off set. I remember singing so much and I loved it when the audience clapped and stood up at the end.


Do you have plans for more stage work?

I have just signed up to work with the amazing actors, dancers and singers at Sheffield Performing Arts this summer and will be training with them throughout the year and putting on many thrilling shows.

You’ve filmed numerous commercials, can you say what these were like to do?

I love filming commercials because they are so quick-paced and fun. I meet so many interesting people when we are filming. I loved doing Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster as we got to see all the animals and interact with them on a very cool guided tour. Food adverts are fun because you get to eat your favourite foods all the time like Haribo and Sunpat Peanut Butter.


How was the experience voicing the role of Istella in Assassin’s Creed Origins?

Istella is a very cool character to voice. I have never worked on a video game before. She is a rebel leader and a strong character. I loved the challenge of learning the Egyptian accent.

How was it being directed by Kenneth Branagh in Murder on the Orient Express?

Oh, Kenneth Branagh was amazing. He is such a good director. He was very funny and so good with children. The set was so big with hundreds of people everywhere.


Can you tell us about the short movie Aleppo’s Child?

We filmed in multiple locations and even travelled to Italy. I had to portray some very emotional scenes and I was so happy with the way it turned out. Oh, I loved eating all the Italian food and practicing speaking Italian.

Is there anything you can say about your upcoming production Lighter?

Lighter was another great, emotional film. Once again, in this film, my mother dies. I love portraying different emotions and I met a new screen family that I have worked with in a commercial for Photobox.

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How is the experience working on a WildBrain series?

I love working with WildBrain Kids TV. I am in my third year of being on the popular show Kiddyzuzaa. The show is so modern and follows the antics of four princesses and one naughty, fun witch. The princesses are great role models for little children between three to eight years old. Each princess has a great personality that helps them with everyday life. The show is the most popular show on the WildBrain channel of over 200 shows. I love playing the characters Malice, Esme and Liliana the best. Malice is the naughty one but fun loving, Liliana is the smart science princess that invents loads of different devices that helps the other princesses with their dilemmas. Esme is the kindest princess and very spontaneous and looks for situations that are fun all the time.

The comments from fans are so wonderful and meeting fans at the Digital Kids show in Manchester and London has been amazing as we never see fans and they are really interested in how we solve all these problems.


What’s it like voicing the roles of Esme and Malice in KiddyzuzaaLand?

The animated series KiddyzuzaaLand is wildly popular on YouTube and super cute. The show is like the live action series but with so many more possibilities because it’s animated. I love voicing Esme and Malice as they are completely different characters so I have to change my voice and pace in every episode.

How often do you work on the WildBrain series?

The WildBrain Kids TV team is great. They allow us to work a lot during the holidays and space out our filming to every few weeks.


How does it feel having a huge following on the shows you’re involved with?

The fans of Kiddyzuzaa are amazing. They simply love the show and can all relate to the different princesses.

How did you get into acting and voiceover work?

I started acting when I went to a Stagecoach Class in Sheffield at four years old. Sheila, the Principal, put me forward for Joseph and the rest was history. After, I learned a Turkish accent for Murder On The Orient Express.

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What are your career plans for the next few months?

I have just joined a theatre production company in Sheffield and would like to do more theatre work as well as continue in the YouTube series and animated series. I was successful at my recent auditions and secured a part in a new television show and will be filming over the summer, I really can’t say much about the details yet.

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