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📷 : ITV (Wild Bill)

New ITV series Wild Bill airs its first episode tonight at 9pm where Aloreia Spencer (Alphabet Management) makes her professional acting debut playing the role of Kelsey Hixon. The show stars Rob Lowe as Chief Constable Bill Hixon and Aloreia will be seen as his fourteen-year-old daughter, who have moved to Lincolnshire from the US together. We spoke to Aloreia about making her screen debut in Wild Bill, playing Kelsey Hixon and her experience filming for the ITV series.

You can currently be seen playing the role of Kelsey Hixon in new ITV series Wild Bill, can you tell us about your character?

She’s a spitfire. She’s really really fed up with a lot of things in her world, and she’s gone through a lot of big changes, so she just wants some stability in her life.

What’s it like playing Chief Constable Bill Hixon’s daughter and how much did you know about the actor Rob Lowe previously?

It’s a really fun experience, even though Kelsey isn’t heavily involved with his work life. I knew Rob Lowe from Parks and Recreation, but I obviously haven’t had the exposure to him that other generations have.

How did you feel when booking the role and what do you remember from your first day on set?

I spent the whole time thinking I wouldn’t get it. There was a gap between my first audition and my callback and I just assumed I hadn’t gotten it, so when it came to me, I was really surprised. I think filming started a week after I got the job, but my first day wasn’t for two weeks. I remember everyone being super nice and super helpful, and honestly feeling like I was in everybody’s way, because obviously so much goes into a day on set. But yeah, everyone was super accommodating to the fact that I was new to this.

Where did you film and how long were you filming for?

We filmed a couple of shots up in Lincolnshire, then everything kind of north of London. You’ll have to excuse me, I don’t know English geography very well. I think we did a day in Chesham? I didn’t have a lot of days on set, so I was usually there all day, close to twelve hours.

Aloreia Pages from ITV PressPack_Page_ lq
📷 : ITV (Wild Bill)

Is there any part of filming that you found most enjoyable?

When the director starts beaming. It’s really fun to know you’re helping them create what they have in their head.

What’s it like having Wild Bill as your screen debut?

It’s absolutely surreal. Every day after set I would come home and feel like I was waking up from a dream.

How do you think you’ll find watching the series on TV?

I don’t know! It’s my first thing, so I’ll have to figure out if I’ll be the type of actress to watch what I do or not.

Do you feel what you’ve learnt on set will help with your future acting career?

I mean, you learn from everything, don’t you? I’ve come to understand a lot more from this.

Do you remember how you felt at your first audition, and how do you prepare for auditioning?

At my first audition, I was forty minutes early and stressed beyond belief, but I always like to remind myself that whoever I’m meeting wants me to succeed, and that helps a lot with nerves. Obviously they don’t go away, but you become a bit more comfortable every time.


How did you get into acting and is it something you always wanted to do?

I’ve always loved telling stories. I did ballet for a long time and performed a lot of those classical stories, and I’ve always acted scenes of books out in front of my bathroom mirror because I love feeling immersed in stories. I transferred from ballet over to theatre when I was about fourteen and instantly loved it.

Have you had any training or previous acting roles?

I did a summer course with Guildhall back in 2017, and I’ve done little workshops with different theatre groups that were in the area, but Kelsey Hixon is my first role.

What are some of your favourite TV shows to watch?

I enjoy a lot of stuff. Anything from kids cartoons to crime TV shows. I’ve recently started American Crime Story, and I like to watch Steven Universe on relaxing evenings.

What do you have planned for the summer?

Reading, mainly. And sleeping.

Are you able to say what career plans you have for the upcoming months?

I’m not sure what I’m able to say. Keep an eye out though. I’m excited.

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