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Eliza Jackson and Jamie Lambert

Eliza Jackson started up a theatrical production company with Jamie Lambert, called Lambert Jackson showcasing events such as West End Women and Sunday Favourites which have included Joe McElderry and Marisha Wallace. This Friday, 31st May, Lambert Jackson’s event Main Men of Musicals will take place at London’s Cadogan Hall featuring a wide range of theatre music and stars Luke Bayer, Ben Forster, Trevor Dion Nicholas and Liam Tamne. Talking to Eliza, she tells us about starting Lambert Jackson, hosting events at Cadogan Hall and the upcoming show Main Men of Musicals.

How did Lambert Jackson come about?

Jamie and I have been great mates for years now and we’ve always talked about setting up our own production company. There are so many brilliant companies working in the West End and around the UK but we’ve always wanted to leave our own mark. We have so many exciting ideas for the future and we think now is the perfect time to start introducing the world to the Lambert Jackson style!


Is this your first time working as a Creative Director?

Yes, this is my first time as Creative Director and it’s such a fun role. My favourite thing is if Jamie and I are ever debating anything on the artistic side, I almost always win, as Jamie will always say ‘well, you’re the Creative Director, you would know!’


What can you say about your upcoming event – Main Men of Musicals?

I am SO excited for this concert. Having worked on two similar shows but focussing on women’s roles in musicals, it’s fun to explore the men now. We have gone through and picked some of the greatest, most loved songs but also thrown in some really unexpected, different choices to keep everyone on their toes. It will be a really special evening and I keep pinching myself that Jamie and I are lucky enough to be working with such an exceptional team again.


How are rehearsals going for this?

Well, all I can say is that I’ve already cried multiple times, and that was just in the first rehearsal. The guys are just beyond talented and then combine that with the wonderful orchestrations created by our amazing arranger and musical director, Adam Hoskins – it’s feeling like it’s going to be a pretty memorable night.


Who do you feel the show will appeal to?

Anyone who loves musical theatre. We have songs from Les Misérables to Dear Evan Hansen, Guys and Dolls to Jesus Christ Superstar. Whether you like the more traditional musicals, or you’re more into the modern shows, this night will have something for you.


What can the audience expect?

Main Men of Musicals is a celebration of all the best male roles in musicals – so expect an extraordinary night filled with top class performances and spine-tingling moments. Each of our stars will be singing songs you’ll know them for singing, as well as songs you probably won’t hear them sing anywhere else.


Have you worked with Luke Bayer, Ben Forster, Trevor Dion Nicholas or Liam Tamne previously?

This is my first time working with any of our amazing Main Men and so far, I have just been blown away by not only their talent and professionalism but also their genuine love for the craft. It’s been so fun to see them get excited in the rehearsal room. You’d think these big names would get a bit bored or even complacent, but they’re so passionate – it fills the whole room with energy.


For those that aren’t familiar with the performers, can you say something about each?

Each of our leading men have been extremely successful and had amazing, varied careers and we’re so lucky to have them involved. Ben is probably best known for winning the ITV show ‘Superstar’ but has gone onto play The Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera as well as star in Elf – The Musical, Evita and so much more. Luke is probably best known for his role in Everybody’s Talking About Jamie for which he won the 2018 Broadway World Award for Best Performance by an Understudy. Trevor originated the role of Genie in Disney’s Aladdin on the West End for which he won the 2017 WhatsOnStage Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical and Liam has played roles from The Rocky Horror Show, to Les Misérables. And that is just to name a few! So, as you can see, we’ve been pretty lucky with this cast!


How did you decide on these four and what do you think they’ll bring to the show?

Whenever we start creating these shows, Jamie and I sit down and write down our dream list of cast members. We have been pretty lucky so far, and again, all our top picks said yes and wanted to be involved. They each bring something so different to the others… Ben has his epic tenor belt; Trevor his stunning full, luscious tones; Liam has his beautiful classical timbre and Luke has all the youthful, gorgeous poppy-mix just to mix things up. The combination of the four guys is absolutely electric.


What are you looking forward to for the finished event?

I can’t wait to see it all come together. At the moment, we’re in the rehearsal stages which are a special time. But there is nothing like seeing the whole show come together on the day – with the leading men, the choir, the band… And don’t forget our two competition winners. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it!


What do you think makes Cadogan Hall the ideal venue for your shows?

Cadogan Hall is the perfect venue for this type of show because even though it’s big and grand, it still feels intimate. It’s designed for every audience member to hear and see the show as if it’s being performed only for them.


How did the company’s debut go with There’s Nothin’ Like a Dame?

We were so thrilled with our debut show. Not only did we get five-stars across the board, but we were also nominated for a Broadway World award for ‘Best Theatrical Event of the Year’ – pretty cool for our first production!


How long does it take to plan and prepare each production?

We start planning each of our shows at least six months beforehand. Booking venues, nabbing our all-star cast (they’re all so busy it’s hard to find a date they can all do!), planning set lists, having musical arrangements written – a lot goes into the planning of these shows, even if they are only on for one night!


Have you considered creating a tour of a production with Lambert Jackson?

Yes! We would absolutely love to tour our productions. It’s all about the right timing and the right venues… But we may even have something in the pipeline now – so watch this space!


Apart from running this company, how do you spend your time?

Jamie and I put so much time and love into this company, it’s starting to take over our lives a little bit (in the best kind of way!) but when I’m not living the Lambert Jackson dream, I’m also performing myself. Both Jamie and I come from a performance background and we love the insight it gives us when we’re producing our works.


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