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With his long-running acting career seeing Daniel Anthony have roles including Eastenders and Doctors, he went on to star as Clyde Langer in The Sarah Jane Adventures for a number of years, before finishing the role in 2011. Daniel was also a regular character in Casualty playing the role of Jamie Collier and has also had stage experience on numerous popular productions. Taking time to answer our questions, we find out about filming for Brotherhood, his time in Casualty and playing Clyde.

Can you tell us about the experience filming for Brotherhood?

I had a great time filming Brotherhood, I had worked with Noel Clarke when I was a lot younger and just getting started, so it was nice to be on set with him again. To be part of that trilogy of films is something I’ll always be appreciative of.

How is your character Royston Peel involved in the storyline?

Royston Peel is the younger brother of Sam Peel. The character is actually featured in all three of the “Hood” films. He chose a different path to Sam, turned over a new leaf, and decided to pursue a career in music. He is in a band with his best friend Henry, and one night at a gig, he’s shot in an attempt to draw Sam out of hiding. This opening moment is the catalyst for the future events of the film.

What was Jamie Collier like to play in Casualty and do you have a most memorable moment from playing him?

I really enjoyed playing Jamie. He was the calm one, the voice of reason, and his relationship with Robyn was very important to him. One of the most memorable moments for me was when Jamie came out to his dad. It was a tough moment for him, but he knew it had to be done, and to be finally accepted by his dad was very special to him.

You’d previously guest-starred in Casualty, what was it then like joining the main cast in 2012?

I always remember when I went in as a guest on Casualty and having the most amazing time there. I didn’t want to go home! Being asked to go in as a main member of the cast was a great moment. Obviously, I was extremely nervous on my first day, but it was a group of us that all started together as trainee nurses so it was nice to have people in the same boat as me.

Did you have to do any research or training before playing Jamie?

I went and spent a day in a hospital and shadowed an A&E Nurse. It was a very interesting day. I remember someone coming in with a dislocated shoulder and I had to leave!

Was it difficult leaving the character behind?

It’s always difficult leaving a character that you’ve been used to playing for so long. That was a very memorable part of my life and career so I was grateful for the opportunity but was also excited to work on other projects.

What was it like being nominated for a British Soap Award and were you able to attend the ceremony?

Such an honour to be nominated, unfortunately I was touring with a theatre company at the time so I wasn’t able to go. I did sit and watch it in my digs though!

You played Clyde Langer across all series of The Sarah Jane Adventures, what was it like working on this show?

Working on The Sarah Jane Adventures was definitely the best five years. The amount of love I have for that show, and every single person that worked on it, is insane. I made lifelong friends and learned so much. One of the best things about it was we all grew as people, and actors, and it set us all in good stead for the future.

How would you describe your character Clyde?

I would describe Clyde as the joker of the group. He always has an answer for everything, even though 99% of the time it was probably wrong! I really enjoy playing comedy so, for me, this character was a dream.

How different was it being on this set to previous shows you’d filmed?

I always have fun on any set I’m on, but this one in particular felt extra special because it just felt like a massive family. The cast and crew would be together every day for four months a year so we all knew each other really well. I remember having a spring in my step when I knew I was going back to Cardiff to film with them all every year.

What was it like recording The Attic: Sarah Jane Adventures 10th Anniversary Reunion?

I was actually filming The Money Tree at the time so I couldn’t make the reunion. I was genuinely gutted, but I did speak to Anjli (Mohindra) and Tommy (Knight) that day and told them to send everyone my love.

Can you say more about The Money Tree?

The Money Tree was something I worked on for up and coming writers and directors. It’s about a boy that finds a little plant on his doorstep in the middle of the night, and discovers that it grows money. It explores the idea of whether having all the money in the world can truly bring you happiness.

Having performed in theatre, what shows have you appeared in and would you like to do more?

When I was younger, I did a fair bit of theatre, which I really enjoyed. I’ve done Oliver, The Lion King, and a few more shows in my teens that involved a lot less singing! I would certainly do more theatre. There’s a certain buzz you get from being up on stage, and it’s different every night. I enjoy the process of rehearsing, trying new things and getting different reactions.

Are you currently working on any productions or have any coming up?

I’m auditioning at the moment and waiting to hear back on a few things so hopefully there’ll be something I’m working on soon!

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