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As a director and writer of many short films, Kelly Needleman is currently working on his debut feature release, Lost Visibility, with work currently in the pre-production stages. Along with his career as an award-winning filmmaker, Kelly has acted in a few shorts and is also a keen photographer. Taking time out to talk to us, we chat about being recognised for his filmmaking, his passion for photography and his upcoming production, Lost Visibility.

Where did your interest in your career stem from and how long have you been in the industry?

I grew up in an artistic environment and was encouraged by my parents at an early age to experiment with different forms of art. This led me to find my passion for filmmaking and directing. My surroundings have certainly helped shape who I am. I have been in the photography industry for the past two years and recently transitioned into the film industry.

Can you say more about your debut feature film Lost Visibility?

The logline for my feature film Lost Visibility is: Maybe they weren’t as close as they thought they were. Three friends share intimate dreams that bring their secrets to reality. The movie is in the genres of Teen drama, mystery, and psychological thriller. I am currently in pre-production for the film.

When did you start working on the production?

I started writing the script in September of 2018.

Do you know when it will be released and where audiences will be able to see it?

The plan is to have the film completed by the end of 2019. Currently, the platform for people to watch the film is not established at this point. To keep updated, follow @LostVisibility on Instagram and Facebook.

What are you most looking forward to for the release?

I really am looking forward to sharing a piece that I have dedicated myself to for the past year. I want the film to provoke a conversation about dreams and lucid dreaming.

đź“· : David Needleman

Will the film be able to be watched overseas?

Hopefully, yes!

How different are you finding this production to the short films you’ve previously worked on?

It is a completely different beast. The process from pre-production, to filming and editing, is an amazing journey. I have been extremely fortunate to have a talented team of professionals to learn from and absorb their feedback and talent.

What’s been your most recent short film release and can you say more about it?

I released Lucid Visions, which is a short film regarding dreams turning into reality through a magical journey. This short film sparked the idea for creating my feature film Lost Visibility.

Where’s the furthest from home that you’ve worked on a production?

I have created various movies in Europe. Some of my favourite countries to film in are Iceland, Italy, and Norway.

How long have you been a photographer and what’s the best element of a photoshoot?

I have been a landscape photographer for the past two years. I believe that the best element of a photoshoot is the anticipation of what nature has in store for me. I learned that the best shots come from having patience. Sometimes nature doesn’t perform when you would like her too.

Do you have interests other than your expertise?

Yes, of course! I am really invested in fitness through weightlifting and tennis.

As an actor, director and producer, which do you find most challenging?

Every aspect is very challenging, but I would say directing is by far the most difficult because you are looking at the big picture as well as the details. The director is responsible for the mood or tone of the film which to me is most crucial.

Can you give an insight on life as a director and producer?

For me, it is exciting. I love every aspect from developing the script, finding talent, and visually bringing my idea to reality. The most important aspect is collaborating with industry professionals.

How does it feel being recognised for your work and being nominated for and winning awards?

I am extremely flattered and fortunate to have received accolades for my work which motivates me to continue on my journey in the film industry.

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